"Maybe it was a dream, you know, a very weird, bizarre, vivid, erotic, wet,
detailed dream. Maybe we have malaria."

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The Match.com Files: I need $50 to make you holler I get paid to do the wild thing

By: Bobby Finstock on 11/25/08 @ 12:43 am

After my first round of dates I decided to take some time off, reflect, and consider important questions like what is the exact ingredient difference between Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip? After giving up I decided to get back on the dating wagon. I scheduled date number 4, went on a second date with date number [...]

Another Edition of Trannie Hooker or Regular Hooker?

By: Bobby Finstock on 08/5/08 @ 7:30 am

Once again I am lazy and dip into the world of Craigslist Hookers for inspiration. I am bringing back a game that the people from Milton Bradley called, “Genius, we can’t wait to make a travel version of it.”
Is it a trannie hooker or regular hooker? The game is simple you have to guess which [...]

Crappy Arguments

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/14/08 @ 6:11 am

I received a lot of e-mail in the last couple of days about the lady that stayed in her bathroom for two years. If you haven’t read the story here is one of the posts about it.
In one of the stories was a line that said something to the effect that they were a normal [...]

Come on Elliot Spitzer, 5 Grand for a Hooker. Don’t You Know About Craigslist?

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/13/08 @ 5:55 am

Man I am disappointed in Elliot Spitzer.
Is it because after his years of hard charging and taking down big companies for illegal activities he gets busted? Nope.
I am just shocked that he spent over 5 grand on a hooker. That is amazing to me.
Sure these aren’t typical crack whores we are talking about. He probably [...]

It is too early in the relationship for me to commit to this

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/11/08 @ 6:11 am

Have you ever met someone in your life and really early on after meeting him or her they ask you to do something totally inappropriate? Like they are pushing your relationship to a level that is like forty steps away? Kind of like the whole Keith Hernandez moving episode on Seinfeld? Just to be clear [...]

The Quality of Your Cities Craigslist Hookers is Proportionate to the Quality of the Women in Your City- The Boston Review

By: Bobby Finstock on 02/21/08 @ 7:34 am

For those of you who remember I did a groundbreaking study on this subject when I moved to Buffalo in the summer, in order to understand rest of this blog you should my initial research here. There are charts, pictures of hookers, and jokes about world leaders on that page, what isn’t there to love?
Now [...]

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