"Maybe it was a dream, you know, a very weird, bizarre, vivid, erotic, wet,
detailed dream. Maybe we have malaria."

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My 2010 New Year Resolutions…

By: Guest Blogger on 01/7/10 @ 6:34 pm

From time to time we like to publish posts from guest bloggers… This is one of those times.
Stop google searching topless photos of 17 year old Taylor Lautner (of Twilight fame) as I’m sure doing so automatically puts me on some type of government watch list.

Read more. Correction, read more things that are not [...]

The Gift That Keeps on…………Giving

By: Guest Blogger on 12/24/09 @ 8:02 am

(From time to time we here at Pointlessbanter like to open up the floor to a guest blogger. Today we have Uncle Finstock dropping in and giving some words of wisdom.)
Let’s see… I have an iPod, iPhone, Bose headphones, laptop, table top and everything a grown child could want, receive and temper tantrum over. [...]

The Self-Importance Of Being Social

By: Guest Blogger on 12/15/09 @ 6:59 am

(From time to time we like to show off the work of other bloggers, thus the guest blogger category. Enjoy…)
Is Social Networking Breeding a New Culture Of Self-importance?
So, you’ve got 200 Facebook friends and 20 Twitter followers. You feel important – right up there, in celebrity status, alongside Tom Cruise, Pope Benedict XVI and… Susan [...]

Jon and Kate plus hate-orade.

By: Guest Blogger on 10/27/09 @ 6:57 am

(There was one post that I totally missed from when I went on vacation. Here is a guest post about everyone’s favorite couple…)
I’m sure I don’t have to convince you to hate these people, they have the charm of airport security personnel but without the community college education.
Asian babies are built in the same way [...]

An excessively unfunny comedian

By: Guest Blogger on 10/16/09 @ 7:20 am

I caught the train to work today which was a first. Train rides home are usually boring affairs. The train was quite busy and I had to stand near the door. Compounding the experience I had left my headphones at home.

At the next stop a decidedly average looking man jumped on board who was to be anything but average. Imagine if you will someone with a stock car driver frame, a holden hat and a suspiciously bent looking nose.

Five reasons why ‘Transformers 2′ was the worst movie since ‘Gigi’ and one reason why it was awesome.

By: Guest Blogger on 10/15/09 @ 7:28 am

Megan Fox is hot, so is robot sex.

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