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Heidi Montag Pratt and her 10 Plastic Surgeries

By: Bobby Finstock on 01/15/10 @ 9:19 am

“You can get all the surgery in the world it isn’t going to fix who you are and who you are married to. That is where your real ugliness lies.”- Me, go ahead and feel free to use it.

First I am going to say that I never thought Heidi Montag was physically ugly and her Barbie doll like transformation is not only is a poor example for the misguided idiots that look up to her in some way, shape, or form but another desperate grab to prolong onto whatever manufactured fame she has. Bragging that you got ten plastic surgeries and getting PAID to do (or reveal it) is akin to Mark McGwire not only admitting to using steroids but having a sponsored brand and saying that it was the reason he, briefly, set the single season home run record.

For long time readers of my blog going back to the MySpace days you know that I have had an unabashed hatred of Paris Hilton. She was the epitome of someone that was famous for all the wrong reasons. No talent, no brains, and no real reasoning behind her fame other than the fact that she was always on the red carpet, partied a lot, and made a really bad sex video. Over the years my hatred cooled on her a little bit because ultimately she was harmless. Kind of like a yappy Chihuahua, you aren’t really worried that they are going to viciously attack you and eat your brain like a zombie.

Heidi and Spencer are totally different animals because they are so calculating that it is scary. Everything they do just about they get paid for and they turn it press attention.  (yeah I know I fell into the trap) Add their political, religious, and overall views on everything (often way ill-informed) and how they often have a platform to spew it well it means they are a hell of a lot more dangerous than Paris Hilton. You keep waiting for them to fade away but they find ways to continually get press and make themselves “relevant”.

She has a new album that is coming out that will fail just like her last recording attempt but I am sure they will figure out a way to monetize that. MTV or VH-1 will probably give them a reality television show about their next album entitled, “This album succeeds or Heidi is going to do porn”. Each week we will follow the Pratt clan as Heidi struggles with her inability to carry a tune. Spencer will be sitting in the recording studio saying demeaning and derogatory things like only he can. You know, “If you don’t hit this note I am calling Lexington Steele, start loosing up your asshole.”

My point is that I am not convinced that they will ever go away and out of any of these “famous people that are only famous for being famous” these are the two that need to go away. Well that and the fat Kardashian sister because she is just obnoxious.

What do you think about her ten surgeries all in one day?

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Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

3 Responses to “Heidi Montag Pratt and her 10 Plastic Surgeries”

  1. LOTNorm says:

    I doubt it’s the first time she’s had 10 in one day.

    I believe she is just lining up her future career as the Sharon Stone of some Vegas drag queen show.

  2. Thursday says:

    Holy fuck her boobs are huge. o_O

  3. Missygail says:

    I’m just waiting for her boobs to explode.

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