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The Bests of the Decade- A Retrospective

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/25/09 @ 7:44 am

First of all I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and for those of you who read this blog that don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you rot in hell you non-Jesus loving assholes. (That is something Jesus would TOTALLY say… am I right?)


Over this next week the douche bags that bring you pointlessbanter.net are going to try to put a cap on the decade with our best of lists. Some of these lists are going to be your traditional pop culture “best of” lists and the other are going to be some personal ones from my own life. (Perhaps the top five places I passed out in or something like that.)

First of all I have to give a tip of the hat to Ryan over at the Communist Dance Party who probably put together some of the most extensive lists to wind down the decade. I could say that he gave me inspiration to write these or better yet I am totally ripping off the idea without putting in the amount of thought, research, or effort he did. (Seriously check out his top 1,000,000,000 albums of the decade. Just so you know Miley Cyrus is 999,999,945 for those of you who are wondering.) Joking aside you should take the time and check out his various lists.

So enjoy your Christmas and just know that rest of the week your asses are mine. You might get… gasp… multiple posts in a day.

Now off to the tree to see if I got an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle.

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One Response to “The Bests of the Decade- A Retrospective”

  1. Meghan says:

    We can’t wait to be sucking on your Best of 2009 teet…

    Happy Holidays, Pointless Banter.

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