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I know what I need, the scent of vagina in a bottle

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/14/09 @ 8:32 am

There are moments in life where you kind of watch something and feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately I have been emotionally scarred in the past and now brush off everything that is potentially destructive to my psyche. Nothing else registers in my brain, nothing is offensive, nothing is depressing or cringe worthy. Even the worst movie you can imagine doesn’t worry me:

“Oh the girls from 2girl1cup made a remake with four Japanese guys pissing on them before chopping off their heads? Saw it last week. Meh….”

Hell even Jersey Shore barely registered with me. (okay that is a lie) However I finally was sent something that kind of disturbed me. A promo for the scent of vagina in a bottle, make sure you watch the entire video. If video doesn’t load watch it here.  (I would not recommend watching it at work or in front of kids.)

There is something about the sniffing of the bicycle seat that might haunt me forever.

Donkeysosa wrote about this over two years ago. He knew it was coming; at that point they didn’t have the video, which really adds to the sales pitch. I wonder at what point did they determine that they needed a video?

James: Vulva is just not moving off the shelves like we hoped. I don’t get why people don’t want the smell of vagina around them ALL DAY?

Larry: James this product should be a hit. Maybe as marketers we aren’t doing something right. Apparently there was a lawsuit in New Jersey when we had counter girls spraying guys with it. I guess it led to some marital discord.

James: What women wouldn’t want synthetic vagina smell on her man all day?

Larry: We need a video that can convey the power of vagina. Perhaps we do something where a guy breaks into a woman’s gym locker to smell her panties.

James: I like the idea of a video but that is a desperate. I know… We get a hunk to stare at a lady working out. When she is done with the workout he sniffs the seat. I mean… I do that at the gym all the time, totally not creepy.

Larry: I’m calling a film crew immediately!


So who is ordering themselves up some vulva?

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12 Responses to “I know what I need, the scent of vagina in a bottle”

  1. hotdc says:

    God Steve, you smell like pussy.

  2. Meghan says:

    Holy Crap! What? Just wait, what?! So…I guess this idea came a la the insane incarcerated brain of Multiple Miggs from Silence of the Lambs???

    WHAT IS GOING ON? You have seriously screwed with my day…

  3. Wynn says:

    I can’t watch it. That makes me sad.

  4. Vince says:

    I can’t wait to watch this when I get home. In other news did you hear the Jersey Shore is taking out segment of Snooki getting punched in the face. I’m disappointed don’t know if I can continue watching the show.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Damnit, how am I supposed to get “tips” for sending along the panties I was wearing during a phone sex call when they can just splash some of this on the 2-fer panty bin at Walmart and make an afternoon of it now?!

  6. Wynn says:

    Yeah what about all those people wanting to buy your underwear? I was offered a good 40 dollars a pop if I’ve used them for like two days. Is this gonna cramp my style of living?!

  7. Melissa says:

    omg…omg…stalker perfume! Eau de sweaty crotch!

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