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Five reasons why ‘Transformers 2′ was the worst movie since ‘Gigi’ and one reason why it was awesome.

By: Guest Blogger on 10/15/09 @ 7:28 am

(I am away on vacation and so I decided to open things up to some guest bloggers. With Transformers 2 coming out on DVD next week I figured this is more than appropriate.)

Like most other heterosexual men and lesbian women, I went to see Transformers 2 this summer. Anyone who says that movie was good should be shot in the face with an M66 or stabbed in the gut with the sword from Halo. There was one good thing about this movie, but five bad things. And I do mean bad:


5. The plot sucked butt. Major butt. In the first movie, Megatron was like the shit. Can i cuss? Not sure. Anyway, he was the shit. In this movie, there was some new guy called ‘the Fallen’ and the cube was like irrelevant. Made the first movie seem kinda pointless. And, Shiola Bluff still isn’t hot! Then you had like a robot that looked like a hot blonde chick….where did that come from?

4. Why so cheesy! You know, when they like bring up the music and slow everyone down for that extra dramatic effect, when all they were doing is running. If Megan Fox was topless, I would totally understand the point, but she kept her clothes on.

3. Megan Fox kept her clothes on.

2. They made Starscream look like a punk. If you watched Transformers like as a kid, chances are Starscream was like the coolest thing since pockets and the most awesome thing since me. Did I tell you? I’m awesome. Anyway, like they just made him look like he stanked.

1. We have come to the number one reason why Transformers sucked. Drum roll….cause the parents were just plain annoying. Come on!…the mom ate one weed brownie and was high 10 seconds later. It takes a little longer than that to work. And weed doesn’t make you crunk, it frees your mind and make you creative. It also relaxes you and makes ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ the greatest movie ever to watch. Giving my mom weed would make her the coolest mom ever, not the most annoying.

The only reason Transformers was awesome is cause Megan Fox is hot. It disappointed me that she kept her clothes on, but I would still do her. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t care that I said that, cause he wants to do her too. She just doesn’t know that she could get this. I would go into detail, but I’m sure none of you guys would enjoy that ramble.

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4 Responses to “Five reasons why ‘Transformers 2′ was the worst movie since ‘Gigi’ and one reason why it was awesome.”

  1. pixelburner says:

    I pretty much knew this movie sucked without seeing it. The trailers alone were god-awful.

    And yes, I did watch Transformers as a kid, and I do remember Starscream being the butt end of the Decepticon’s internal shenanigans (especially Megatron). It was that reason why I liked him – we just had so much in common :P

  2. Laser Guy says:

    I haven’t seen this or the first one yet. However, it is sad that it was so terrible to so many people. If Megan Fox was the one upside, then Ill just check out some photos of her!! I did hear that the new movie where she does take her clothes off sucks too!! Don’t know if youve seen that one yet or not! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jason says:

    Sorry, Transformers 2 was fucking awesome. Sure the parents were gay and Starscream should have raped some more Autobots but you shouldn’t be watching TF 2 for the plot.

  4. Kenson says:

    I thought the robotic tounge was pretty hot.

    But seriously, that a pretty terrible movie.

    The only consilation was the cameo by Dwight from the office.

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