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Vaginal Wipe: Disgusting or Thoughtful?

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/2/09 @ 9:09 am

(Sorry I am on vacation this week and have made an effort to avoid anything electronic.)

This is a totally hypothetical situation that has not occurred to any of my friends recently (as in the last week). So here is the situation, you go to a party after a night out at the bar and one of the females that attended the party left their purse behind. In order to obtain the identity of said female one must go through the purse… only to find a used vaginal cleansing wipe in the side pocket of the purse. She also happened to be the date of one of the people that attended. (uh… hypothetically speaking)


Now some men just recoiled in horror, some women just said, “what’s the big deal…” Of course others have no idea what the hell vaginal sanitary wipes even existed. (I must raise my hand on that one.) Really do you know how many vaginal cleansing products exist? It was a mystery to me. There are fewer styles of cereal than there are feminine hygiene products.

Anyway, after the traditional ball busting about the wipe being in there to my friend including remarks such as:

“I’d want to wipe after having your dick near me as well.”
“You don’t seem so fresh today, perhaps you need a quick cleanse?”
“So what does Massengill taste like?”

Someone through out the idea that you would actually want to see one of those in her purse because it shows that she takes care of her stink ditch.

So I leave the question to you…

Finding a used vagina cleansing wipe in your dates purse:

a) disgusting
b) reassuring

What do you think?

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12 Responses to “Vaginal Wipe: Disgusting or Thoughtful?”

  1. clientsideshowbob says:

    Umm, disgusting. Why is she keeping it? I applaud the attempt at being clean and “fresh”, but dispose of the wipe with a simple flush!

  2. JW says:

    Why isn’t there a ball bag wipe for men? I’d say it’s a bit nasty…

  3. Uncle Finstock says:

    Guess it beats the old water bottle and 30′ of hose…of course, if there is a fire hydrant in the close proximity of said ditch…..I say let’s light that bitch up

  4. I’m with the first commenter. I don’t think there’s anything weird or even worthy of discussion that someone would use such a product, but why the hell did she keep it?

  5. bethany says:

    I am horrified that this even has a question attached to it.

    Disgusting. Absolutely. 100%.

    You shouldn’t need to be reassured that your date is keeping the vagina clean, it should be expected… I, too, am wondering – why on Earth did she keep it? That points to some possible strange “issues” that are a whole other spectrum from just “gross”. They MAKE those things to flush…

  6. Meghan says:

    Only dirty pussy tries to fuck you at a party. Send that whore to the showers!

    Seriously…if you actually need the wipe at least destroy the evidence.

  7. PokerVixen says:

    Having the wipe… good. Having a used wipe in her purse… ew. Was it really a used one or just the empty wrapper?

  8. Wynn says:

    My first thought was that it was unused and therefore totally alright. It was unused right?

    And because I am a woman, and have some of those problems sometimes like periods and other stuff that women have to live through, I carry wipes with me sometimes too. Unused. Just in case.

  9. Wynn says:

    And NOW I read that it was used. Throw those things away lady. But cheers for trying!

  10. Janessa says:

    All of them, glorified baby wipes. Even for balls. I’ll bet that the “Always” brand is totally more expensive too. And, maybe she kept it cuz she was drunk and not thinking.

  11. Ajndrews says:

    That’s sickening, I would consider them a thoughtful necessity at a party wanting to spend time with your love afterwords. What if there’s no time for a shower? Some ppl like dirty sex. But keeping it was a bit much.

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