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An Interview with Lauriana Mae from P Diddy’s Star Maker

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/30/09 @ 6:44 am

Last week a PR firm that represents the contestants from the new MTV Reality Television series “P. Diddy’s Star Maker”. They asked if I would be interested in interviewing any of the contestants. To be honest I laughed my ass off because I had to figure that there was no humanly possible way that a PR flack actually read my blog and if they did there was no way in hell they would put one of their clients in front of me. I replied to the e-mail not expecting much and instead got set up to speak with Lauriana Mae one of the contestants on the show.

Immediately I considered this a win and threw up some possible questions I would ask to the people that are following me on Facebook, each one worse than the other. A few people suggested some other questions that were equally annoying and I was ready to go. I figured there was no way that I was going to get through more than three questions with her before a PR Rep hung up the line or she cut off the interview.

Instead Lauriana replied to every single one of my jerkass questions with composure. She didn’t get offended at ALL and was charming, diplomatic, and downright likeable. So instead of writing a post about how I got hung up on I have an entire interview. (that has been edited slightly for length)


Here is our interview:

I read your bio and saw that you had an interesting mix of musical tastes. What artists do you consider influences?

My major influences have been artists from the 20s and 30s. Including Ella Fitzgerald, Ruth Brown, Billie Holiday, Etta James, and Ray Charles.

(I did a horrible job at writing down the names because I was looking for a pen… Rather professional I know.)

Since you have this older taste in music how will it blend with what is currently out there?

I feel like I am finally at a place with my music where I can blend classic jazz, R&B, and other styles with contemporary music. I have been told that I dress like an old lady sometimes and that is something they address on the show, “We know you look up to these older artists but you need to be hip.”

(At this point I decided to dive into the questions that I had written down… Figuring the interview would end quickly after this.)


Aubrey O’Day… whore or roadmap to success for MTV reality show contestants?

One… I would never call anyone a whore. Two, it depends on what your goals are and what you consider a success, she got us talking about her didn’t she?

Good point… Did you ever call Diddy Kayne?

No… Never called him that.

Did you try out for American Idol?

I have tried out for everything to get my foot in the door. This was the best experience by far. I got to live in a house and just concentrate on my music and was able to showcase my work every week. No contact with friends or family, which was rough, but having just my music to focus on was awesome.


Do you think auto tuning is the worst thing to happen to music?

Depends on how you look at it. I personally do not like to use or prefer not to use auto tune. Some great things have been done with auto tune this year.

(At this point I asked if they coached her on these interviews because she was so perfectly neutral. She said it was the opposite that they just gave her a list and said these are the interview times we landed for you. At that point I said she probably didn’t even know who I was and probably has never read my blog… She made a comment about the Harry Potter is Racist blog post, apparently she knew what she was getting into with me. Time to go for the big question to throw her off her game.)

Did Puffy kill Biggie?

No, no, no, no, no….

(At this point I ran out of all my jerk questions and couldn’t believe I was still on the phone with her. So I had to improvise a little bit.)

What is next for you?

Writing and recording all new music, getting my pictures done, and being ready for when the show comes out people will be able to hear my music and follow me on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.


So that was that, my first on phone pseudo celebrity interview and I couldn’t even get them to angrily hang up on me.

I am such a failure. Oh and good luck to Lauriana, Starmaker airs on Sunday Nights starting on August 16th on MTV at 10pm.

About the author

Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

25 Responses to “An Interview with Lauriana Mae from P Diddy’s Star Maker”

  1. I’m impressed with your interviewing skills. But where the hell did the “did Puffy kill Biggie” one come from? We all know it was Tupac’s boys that pulled the trigger. I’m surprised she didn’t answer it that way either.

    Did you get a chub when she said she reads Pointlessbanter? Don’t lie…

  2. Taylor Blue says:

    I am impressed with your interview skills also. And I can’t believe if you asked if Diddy killed Biggie. She must have thought you were hot and knew something about you to not hang up on you. ;)

  3. Meghan says:

    Somedays I find it incredibly disappointing when people are mild mannered and pleasant…takes the fun right out of it for me. That hood piercing really toughened me up.

  4. CarneyUGVC says:

    Contemporary music sucks. Ms. Mae, you keep doing what you’re doing and don’t blend a thing!

  5. The Realist says:

    Okfirst off this girl interviewed name is: Laurie Gidosh She used to dress like a wigger, and had jacked up teeth. Thank god se got them fixed! She comes from a small town in NJ Keansburg/Union Beach area no one ever really says they are from there considering it’s trashy! She went to Red Bank Regional High School in Little Silver, NJ. The first group she was in from making the band obviously didn’t do well! She became a nothing over it! I wish her luck this time around what airbrushing and makeup can do for a picture!

    • Come on now that is a bit much…

    • MADMAN says:


  6. Amused says:

    oh wow I remember this girl Much credit to Diddys makeup team you could never tell it was her considering her face looked like something out of a backwoods redneck type of family. Why did she change her name again??? Maybe cause of her past??!! Come on Diddy get some better artists no wonder all your signed artists are garbage and dont sell records you really dont know how to pick em!!! Good luck “Lauriana Mae” what a name kinda hickish though so its form fitting. You may get lucky and sell a little more then kevin federline??? Didnt you date all black guys what happened your a wanna be turned country singer now??? Oops I mean old soul??? You are really lying when you say who your inspirations are. Man what a joke this is lol lol lol

    • Really can’t anyone sell more than Kevin Federline? As far as her looks go until you post a picture on here for us to evaluate it is the whole people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… Or fat ugly bitches shouldn’t leave nasty comments on blogs… I forgot how that goes.

    • One more thing… I mean if you want to hate one someone don’t just change the name and e-mail address from where you are writing from. There is a cool thing that is called an IP address meaning the last two comments came from the same person. Come on now step it up.

  7. The Realist says:

    Bobby Finstock you are funny! Maybe you should step your game up and interview people that actually have something going for them. You are a worthless nobody that writes blogs about worthless nobodys don’t get upset the truth is told. There is a group of us at the same computer smart ass.

    • Bobby Finstock says:

      Wow you guys are too poor to afford your own computers. You totally must be from New Jersey…

      If you read the post, which I know might be tough for you, the only reason I interviewed her was to ask some asshole questions… Thinking they would hang up. I don’t solicit interviews, I write a humor site, I could care less about interviewing people.

      I have to ask…. what is worse. Being a worthless nobody that writes blogs or being a completely worthless nobody that uses a fake name and goes and comments on said blogs?

      You may be retarded or just from Jersey. It really can go either way.

  8. The Realist says:

    You are obviously an amature interview taker. Now hush and quiet down little man. Good luck on your new “interview” skills.

    • Amature you mean amateur?

      I’d quiet down if I wasn’t talking to someone that was raised in the ghetto or a trailer or under a rock. Go back to whatever gutter you crawled out of…

      I’d say I hope your father would slap some sense into you but we both know he is either in jail or dead. Good luck in life.

  9. Michael says:

    Thought I have known this artist for many years I can say this without a doubt. You can judge her musical influences if you may, and it is your choice to call them “wigger”. Every aspect of the musical world has lent a breath to the voice that is now Laurianna. Please understand that every artist goes through changes. And with that change not only comes physical and emotional growth. But growth within their own music. The music will speak to you, and that is all you get with hatrid remarks.

  10. Chris says:

    Couldn’t agree with Michael more. I’ve also known Laurie for a long time and can’t believe the change and growth this young woman has achieved! “The Realist” is so stuck on what they know of Laurie from years past and has no acknowledgement of who she is today. Nothing you had to say was in regard to her character or mentioned harm she’s caused to others or that shes not a good person so are we supposed to hate her because she dated black guys? dislike her because she had jacked up teeth? Write her off because she was poor? TODAY I think she looks incredible! sounds incredible! and is obviously on her road to success!! Good luck with everything Lauriana! and to the double-identitied “realist”, you are one shallow and narrow minded individual!!

  11. masterdorian says:

    great interview on a great artist! lauriana mae natarcola gidosh (hence the previously shortened lauri gidosh) is a well seasoned singer/songwriter. i am a little biased considering i’ve known miss mae since the 4th grade but i’m sure her music will speak louder than any evil/jealous comments on this blog. so her teeth needed braces, she comes from a poor town, and she’s taken several stabs at getting her foot in the door. isnt that what its about? paying your dues so you can get to where you wanna be? anyone who really knows lauriana will be rooting for her because she deserves this.

  12. Steph says:

    OMG!! This is crazy! Go Lauriana Mae!!! cheers :)

  13. Kevin says:

    Lauriana Mae has always been my inspiration. She defines the true meaning of Endurance. I appreciate this Realist for pointing out to everyone that our Lauriana Mae has truly come from the bottom, and struggled at times, but has ALWAYS continued to hold on to her dream. She has never strayed or shied away from her commitment to herself or her dream. I applaud her. I applaud the Realist for being so adolescent and naive to that fact. So why should the Realist be happy for someone who has achieved some type of success in a dream they so rightly deserve? Your negative feelings have probably developed do to years of abuse or neglect. You’ve probably never worked hard for anything, or chased any real dream. You’ll never have anything, and judging from that charming personality, you will never have anyone either. But in the end you should feel lucky. I am sure that when our Lauriana Mae does reach her dream, the first thing she will do is write a wonderful song about you. A few suggested titles might be: ‘Hater’, ‘Get a Job’, ‘Get a Life’, or ‘Use Protection You Dirty Little ….’. That’s right, Lauriana would never call anyone a Whore. You’re lucky again.

    Lauriana Mae, keep going no matter what. The people that love you will be behind you for it all. With success always come enemies and people with their mouths open and their hands out. Do you just as you have always done…and keep inspiring others to follow their dreams too…

  14. Joey says:

    I came across this girls myspace page a while ago and her music is sick..I really hope things work out for her I would love a whole CD of her music!

  15. jojo says:

    her music sounds like billy holiday over a hip hop track. it’s crazy! in a good way! get em girl!

  16. Chris says:

    I watched the Star Maker show tonight. I have to wonder who picked this bunch of untalented people. Just awful. At times, embarrassing. One karaoke performance after the next. I can’t believe Mr. Combs let this air.

  17. jojo says:

    haha chris is a hater! if you thought you could do better then you shoulda tried out! hating is embarassing bc you actually took the time out to look for this, enter an email, and type up your 2 cents. when it’s love it’s cool but goin outta your way to look jealous is pathetic. lauriana was def. my favorite!!! i knew she would be when i heard her music!

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