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The Best Free Crap I Have Ever Received: Frenzied Waters

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/20/09 @ 7:14 am

I get hit up by a lot of PR firms wanting to push their products on me. Occasionally I will get something to give away like tickets or other products. (Usually I run contests for those.)

Most of the time these companies ask me to show some stupid “viral” video they created which is inherently lame but they think for some reason I am going to stop writing what I write about and post it all for you to see. (Because if they read my blog they would see I do that SO often.) Other times it will be a company wanting me to talk about some television show that I will never watch but for some reason think I am going to write a lengthy post about it without a preview or without interviewing anyone because “it just sounds interesting”. Usually when I get requests like that I send a really jerk ass reply like, “I wouldn’t watch that even if you forced me by hooking my nipples up to a battery and torturing me.” (Note: PR flacks do not respond to that usually.)

A few weeks ago I got a message asking if I wanted a package sent to me for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. The message was extremely vague with this being at the middle of it:

These “objects” are hand crafted, very unusual, and unlock….. well, actually
I really don’t want to say much more than that, as it’s going to be far more
interesting if it comes as a surprise.  But we’re hoping you’ll find it
intriguing.  We’re planning to send them out in a  couple of weeks :)

Hand crafted unusual objects? Uh… sign me up. I figured I might end up with a spear type device that I could use on my landlord from my second floor window as he rolled around in his wheelchair. (It is very sporting.)

Last week I got a box with a jar in it. (Note: I ganked these photos from the good people screenrant.com… I am too lazy to take photos.)


I was a  little worried that it was a massive jar of anthrax sent to me by my growing list of enemies. The jar was all white and the top was rusted. I thought about donning a mask or taking it outside to open it but I am really lazy and decided, “F it… who really would want to kill me?”

When opened the jar revealed numerous treasures including a newspaper clipping about my disappearance, chewed up swim trunks, a shark tooth, a boat key, and a beach closed sign with a number phone number that actually worked. The shark tooth had metal object attached to it with a link to Frenzied Waters a viral campaign being done for Shark Week. (It has cool interactive things on the site, you should go and play.)


Honestly I get a lot of junk e-mailed to me and shipped to me, 99% of it I wouldn’t write about even if they paid me. But this was so clever, so funny, and so well done that I had to plug Shark Week and their viral website, Frenzied Waters.

The only thing that can top this is the fact that I might get to interview cast members from P Diddy’s Starmakers… Because really who is a bigger Diddy fan than me? (everyone)

(Note: New popcrunch video on the homepage.)

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