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When OJ Dies Are We Going To Think About Him As A Great Running Back?

By: Bobby Finstock on 06/29/09 @ 6:55 am

Now that the entire ridiculous Michael Jackson mourning has ended I figured that we have had a few days to talk about this logically. Last week I got into a discussion/fight/debate/death threat garnering while looking at the death of Michael Jackson. Before I get into this I want to make two points clear, two points that people will fly in here and irrationally throw around when it isn’t at the heart of the discussion:

1) Michael Jackson was talented from a young age and changed music. Although he hasn’t been musically relevant in well over a decade I will still grant you that he was a game changer. He had an impact on the childhood of a lot of people in my generation. (That was meant to be serious and not a joke, right Macaulay?)


2) It is tragic when a father dies early and leaves his kids to be taken care of by their grandmother who produced such a collection of well-adjusted children. (Okay we are going away, you are going to go stay at Aunt Latoya’s for a week.)

Now with that being said we can get onto my thoughts.

When we found out the tragic news of Michael Jackson’s death on Thursday it was like everything that he did wrong had been washed away. Like the last 15 years never existed and Michael Jackson was the Michael Jackson of the 70s and 80s. Now I know people are going to drop the “well he was never convicted” card or “the accusations were baseless”. All I am going to say to that is when you pay someone twenty two million dollars so they won’t testify against you in court that is a pretty big indication that not everything is right. Mix in another half dozen accusations and well, where there is smoke there is fire. (As far as the whole “if my kid got molested I would prosecute” reaction, look at the Donte Stallworth arrest and plea bargain. People with little means can be bought and for these people justice and bettering their life is a fair tradeoff.)

This post isn’t about if Michael is guilty or not it is about OJ. He is the only personally that I can even consider close to Michael Jackson. They have so many similarities.

1) They were both black; well originally they both were black.

2) They were both epic in what they achieved. One guy redefined the running back position in the NFL and the other redefined pop music.

3) They both loved white women.  One married Nicole Brown and the other Lisa Marie Presley… I would say that both banged numerous amounts as well but… uh.

4) They both committed horribly inexcusable crimes and got off. Really this is what sets them both apart from anyone else that could enter this debate, they both “allegedly” committed some major crimes and were acquitted.

5) They both had some chemical dependency issues.

Now when OJ dies, be it by shank in prison or natural causes or in a struggle when he finally finds the real killer… will we look past the OJ of the last 15/25 years and remember him as a great football player and as Nordberg?

Of course not, we are going to look at him as a wildly talented athlete that killed the mother of his children and some waiter that got away with it.

So why aren’t we looking at Michael Jackson as a wildly talented singer that molested a few boys and got away with it? Because we should be… or we are going to have to give OJ the same honor and distinction when he finally dies.

Now I wonder if Mike Vick comes back and has a great 5 year career run if we will still look at him with the same disdain that we do now? If he could sing and dance we very well could.

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Bobby Finstock

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7 Responses to “When OJ Dies Are We Going To Think About Him As A Great Running Back?”

  1. Caroline says:

    There is one distinction between the two, although it is slight, really. With OJ, he was acquitted of any CRIMINAL activity, but a jury found him liable for the wrongful deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. One jury said they had doubts, the other one indicated that they didn’t and ordered Simpson to pay damages to the families. It wasn’t prison, but it was a finding of liability. With Jackson, there wasn’t that finding by a jury. All there was is one jury who acquitted. It doesn’t change the fact that he paid millions and millions of dollars to children who spent time at his ranch, but there was no official finding on the record. Still, though, they were, I believe, both criminals. For me, though, I think it is possible to mourn the passing of what once was at some point in the past, versus what was at the time of his death and for many, I believe that is what is happening. I could be wrong.

  2. Meghan says:

    I think it is coming around to that conclusion. He was this, sold that, carried crazy well and got away with it. Initial shock and awe is over.

    In the end they’re all just a True Hollywood Story anyway. And both MJ and OJ already had one of those.

  3. Meghan says:

    And Yes, I hope OJs death involves a Naked Gun like fight scene where he battles the ‘real killer’ at a fancy party…they will both get poked in the eyes, land on top of one another in a suggestive pose, and he will eventually suffocate after landing in a giant cake face first.

    Or he’ll get popped by a hooker after a bad deal on Hollywood Blvd. Either or.

  4. David says:

    While none of the grandparents, aunts or uncles are fit to be the childrens’ custodian, Michael wasn’t a model of parental responsibility. Those kids are destined to be screwed up with freaky crazy no matter with whom they live.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Death has almost always absolved people of their sins. When was the last time you attended a funeral of someone that no one really liked, did you hear a single bad thing about them? Not likely. I’m an asshole and if I were to die tomorrow no one whould say shit about it, I’d suddenly be Saint Jeremy.

    I’m not gonna mind this phenommena once I’m dead but till then it’s bullshit.

  6. Rick says:

    The real question is when will people get over that whole Holocaust/WWII thing and embrace Hitler the artist?

    (Godwinned in 6.)

  7. Kobie says:

    I don’t think too many people are really mourning the passing of Michael Jackson the man (?), but rather Michael Jackson the icon. He defined a generation in a way that O.J. Simpson never could.

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