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Over indulgent recording practices

By: Bobby Finstock on 01/30/09 @ 6:54 am

I have to say there is nothing better than reading about a band that has had some success and then start to become overly indulgent in the recording of their new album.  When these bands were starting out they would have stabbed a homeless man for any kind of studio time but now after some success recording their new album in a studio just isn’t going to cut it.

Yesterday I was reading the new edition of Rolling Stone and they were talking about Franz Ferdinand recording their new album in a closed down drug clinic. U2 just finished recording their new album in a villa in Algeria performing in an open courtyard. Other bands have recorded in houses that they thought were haunted, in exotic locales, and just in odd places like Nine Inch Nails recording an album in the home of murdered actress Sharon Tate. (Really who doesn’t want to channel Charles Manson when recording an album?)


A lot of artists will say that it is about inspiration, that getting out of the studio gets their creative juices flowing. Others will say that they can use the ambience and location in producing different sounds on the album. Like on the new Franz Ferdinand album they used a human femur on a drum and recorded vocals in an office with lots of drapery to produce a muted tone. Yeah that is a cool story and all but absolutely nobody listening to the album will notice or even wonder about it. It was totally done out of personal amusement don’t bullshit us.

Personally though the fact that they are doing this for personal amusement cracks me up because I totally get it. What better way to show your power, be a pain in the ass artist, and make people think you are original? If I were a rock star I would totally play this card too. Here are a few locations that I would ask for:

-The bathroom where Elvis died- It’s Graceland you know the bathroom has to be big enough to fit a four piece band, perhaps put the drum kit in the shower.

-The Texas Book Depository- I heard the acoustics are superb.

-Anywhere that doesn’t currently have 19,000 feet of snow- At this point of the year I am not picky.

-The house from “Silver Spoons”- I just honestly want to ride the train.

Where would you pick to record an album?

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Bobby Finstock

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21 Responses to “Over indulgent recording practices”

  1. LightGrenade says:

    1. In the middle of the Abbey Road crosswalk.
    2. In a haunted house where I’m challenged to spend one night in return for a million dollars. There’s no such thing as ghosts!
    3. In an airplane as it crashes into the Pacific Ocean, killing all of the passengers, the only surviving artifact being my masterpiece. Oh, and me.

  2. Duane says:

    I’m thinking Treblinka . . .

  3. Robot Monkey says:

    Wow, I think about this constantly. My top picks:
    1) Aushwitz. See if you can get David Hasselhoff to guest on it, thereby causing conflicted feelings for Germans everywhere. Plus, it’s deep and stuff.
    2) Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood Set. Channel the good vibes.
    3) A recording studio. Too pedestrian?
    4) McDonald’s. Maybe the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus stop by and are guest stars on the album.
    5) The waiting area of the DMV. Get your license renewed at the same time.
    6) The Oval Office. It doesn’t get much more punk than that.

  4. bishop says:

    This one would be a nice place to start 112 Ocean Avenue

    This would also be a nice place the Biltmore house

  5. James says:

    Bands really need to start doing the things Dethklok does in Metalocalypse.

  6. Kobie says:

    I would record my album on the front porch of the house where O.J. killed Nicole and Ron.

  7. cigar smoking, beer drinking lawyer says:

    Well dude I hate to tell ya but Graceland isnt all that big. Actually the average house around here is bigger.

    I want to record on the sond stage they faked the moon landing on.

    • Well the moon landing was real… There how do you like having YOUR dream ruined?

      • LightGrenade says:

        Where do you think we get Moon Pies from? Delicious, creamy, puffy banana Moon Pies. mmmmmmm.

      • cigar smoking, beer drinking lawyer says:

        My friend should you venture into the land of the delta blues I will be happy to take you to Graceland, Beale Street and the Hollywood.

      • cigar smoking, beer drinking lawyer says:

        I will gladly take you on a tour of the land of the delta blures should you venture here

  8. Thomas says:

    My band just recorded a demo in my kitchen, on a stolen dictaphone.

    We are so fucking punk rock.

  9. Hoeanna says:

    I opt for a porn set…during filming that is. Mainly just to get to see the action live not too much to do with the sound quality or music.

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