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If you are an adult and excited to see Twilight you are an idiot

By: Bobby Finstock on 11/22/08 @ 1:56 pm

(Today I got into a little tiff with a few friends on Facebook when they were posting how excited they were to see the new Twilight movie. I basically feel that if you are over the age of 20 and are getting excited about seeing Twilight you are an idiot. People got upset, things were said, and deletions were immaturely made. So I invited one of the pro Twilight people to come here and state her case in a point/counter point style.)

The Pro-Twilight Argument from Nina

Forbidden Vampire love how unoriginal

Forbidden Vampire love how unoriginal

So, there’s this big debate going on amongst my friends on Facebook. People are defending their love for the Twilight series and others, most of whom admit to not having read the books, are pondering why grown ass women are swooning for the movie. One said that she was going to risk the wrath of a bunch of women to point out that she found the book cheesy.

What’s wrong with cheese?

Since when was it law that once you become an adult you can no longer participate in adolescent things. Ok, so there’s the whole sex with minors thing but, besides that? I was the first to admit that Twilight would never be considered particularly great writing or high intellect reading. But it was a decent story told well. It tapped into that stomach fluttering experience known as first love. And if you dig vampire stories, and I do, then the rest was a bonus.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate certain things. That you don’t feel the need to experience certain emotions again. Should I never watch The Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka again? Just because you read and happened to enjoy the Twilight series as an adult, doesn’t make you stupid. That’s just as bad as assuming that anyone who professes, “I only read non-fiction” lacks imagination. Or anyone that watches a lot of television doesn’t read as well.

Taste is subjective. The same person who hails Twilight as cheesy might have tacky ass curtains hanging in their living room or still rocks the fannypack. Who cares? There are plenty of adults reading intellectually stimulating history, non-fiction, etc., books that are douche drippings.

I will say that I draw the line at grown ass women with children sleeping outside for movie tickets or chasing the young male actors through a mall. And women with children have no business sitting in a movie theater at 1am getting their “Cullen” on.

I don’t think anyone reading this can claim to have the most intellectually stimulating book, movie, or CD collection. There’s a little fluff in all our lives. A little cheese.

And that’s not a bad thing.

(You can read Nina’s daily blog here.)

The Anti-Twilight Argument from Me

Before I start out I want to make it clear that you if are a teenager/tween and are excited to go see Twilight more power to you. Enjoy it, have a great time, you will eventually grow past this stage in your life and look back at your pop culture choices with disappointment. We all do it… It is part of growing up. (I owned a Vanilla Ice CD…)

However if you are an adult shame on you, you have the IQ of a squeezable ketchup bottle and deserve to have a car battery shocking your testicles or ovaries. By supporting a lame book that is the literary equivalent of High School Musical 3 and a movie that looks like a low-grade snuff film maker shot it you allow these crappy trends to continue.

Kristen Stewart couldn't hold her lipstick

Kristen Stewart couldn't hold her lipstick

The cultural production geared towards teens is at an all time low. Millennials are having the worst shit ever produced for their age group. Worse than any other time except for the late 70s/early 80s. Everything is prepackaged, targeted for a certain market, and will have zero lasting cultural impact. Unlike other eras that brought us Elvis, the Beatles, John Hughes movies, rap, and Molly Ringwald, there is nothing lasting that is being produced today. The fact that adults are buying these items and lining up for midnight shows of a movie that has a 44 rating on Rotten Tomatoes is sad to me.

There is nothing wrong with liking cheesy shit. Soap operas, reality television, romance novels, NASCAR, anything written by Dan Brown, and the music of anyone ever associated with the band Creed all can be justified on some level. Cheesy crap meant for adults… It is all good. Watching classic movies that bond you with your childhood like ET and the Wizard of Oz or reading books like Bunnicula is understandable. They are timeless classics with wide appeal. But when adults fall for cheesy shit designed to tug on the heartstrings of a 14 year old tween girl I lose faith in humanity. Why not just go buy a Jonas Brothers Album and watch Gossip Girl while waiting for your phone to ring and someone to acknowledge your empty existence.

Now excuse me while I go and sit down to watch the entire “Charles in Charge” series box set.

BTW, you shouldn’t brag about reading Harry Potter either.

Twilight… pure shit or just tween shit?

About the author

Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

366 Responses to “If you are an adult and excited to see Twilight you are an idiot”

  1. Jessi says:

    Twilight is disgusting, simple as that. I don’t even think teenagers should like it, and this is coming from a 14 year old. It’s horrible. It’s not well-written, it is not good story-telling, and the way the fans and even the way the author acts makes me want to kill babies. It’s utterly awful, and I felt this way before it got popular, and I have read it. Not the whole series, but from what I hear, it only gets worse after the first book. I immediately lose respect for people who tell me they enjoyed it.

    The Gods of literature wept when this book hit the stores.

  2. Nik says:

    Did you REALLY put Elvis Presley and Molly Ringwald in the same category?



  3. Christina. says:

    WHY are you people even letting these “haters” get to you? They aren’t going to stop ANYONE from liking Twilight. They are miserable, old fucks who think that Stephen King actually writes good books. I mean, Carrie? Come on? Stephen King is OVERFUCKINGRATED. Stop letting them get to you. TWILIGHT FUCKING OWNS.

    KTHANKS. :)

    • AndrewD says:

      Yes, an author who has made such a wide spread contribution to the science fiction/horror/fantasy genre that it’s impossible to say where his influence ends is overrated because he called your favorite author/book crap. I’m pretty sure those “miserable old fucks” don’t think Stephen King writes good books, they know Stephen King writes good books (I’ll give you that Carrie may not be everyone’s favorite but blasting his entire work kinda has the opposite effect of removing you and all your future generations). Not only does he write good books, he didn’t need the massive marketing machines of today to validate the quality of his work/fill the void where quality should be (in twilight’s case).

    • David says:

      I’m pretty sure this girl has a youtube channel all about pissing herself over Twilight. She made the exact same argument that this one is making. In fact, here it is:


    • lol says:

      Stephen King would break you with his mind

  4. ... says:

    i agree that this book is not good at all… but if you dont care and think it is shit, why do u bother writing about how much u hate it? dont get me wrong, i agree with u, but y waste time on something you dont even care about?

  5. twilightsucksass says:

    twilight fucking sucks the only thing it’s good for is…waaaiiit a second… why yes I do believe it is nothing.The buyers/fans of this failure are pretty much all made up of twelve year old girls who wet their pants over the thought of a pretty boy who would doubtlessly jump at the chance to get some of that prepubescent ass…not to mention is a hundred and eight year old fucking virgin. Take a look at some *real* vampires like lestat and the original dracula they aren’t a bunch of whiny emo bitches who like to fuck equally brain damaged high schoolers. Vampires have fangs. Vampires suck blood from and kill humans. Vampires die in the sunlight THEY DON’T FUCKING SPARKLE.

    • Bob says:

      Shit man, Bobby sorry dude I’m back. I was just reading your things I like list. I only got as far as one and realised your a freak. Gas/petrol? fucking issues there. Binders? at no. 2? Seriously Bobby, Freaky. “The Bunnicula series- This was one of my favorite series of books as a kid. It is a story that is told from the family dogs perspective about a vampire rabbit.” Shit no wonder you don’t like Twilight, you didn’t get to meet the Cullen’s pet rabit. Oh poor Bobby, let down your dream didn’t it? Seriously, any one else but Bobby, don’t listen to this guy he’s a freak.



  6. alina says:

    i don’t think twilight suck..!
    i think twilight is great n shouldn’t tell bad things about it anyway i love twilight n nobody can stop me frm liking it!!!
    well at last i want to tell 4 all twilight haters that i m only 13 years old but also i think it rocks..!!![no offence 2 anyone]

    • White says:

      “no matter what” ?

      See this is what pisses me off, it’s not a no matter what scenario, you should like something because of its own merit, not because of your whatever bias reason you’ve chosen.

      Are you saying you’d still “OMGLOVELIKETOTALLYALLTHEWAY” love the series if it turned out Bella was a guy, or that the whathisname vampire was into anal or something along the likes of that?

      I honestly don’t understand how anyone can enjoy something so poorly written, let alone “no matter what”

      • Hell, I might even be down with it if there were some vampire hookers and pimps and…what the hell, Bella has a cock is OK too. THAT’S writing folks.

        As it is? Sorry. It ranks right down there with “Crossroads” and “Failure To Launch”.

  7. Kelli says:

    Simple fact is Twilight is available. You like, hate it, or just don’t care… doesn’t matter.

    I believe Stephanie Meyer has a talent for telling a story. Does that make her an excellent authour? absolutely not. Does that mean you can not enjoy a story written by a new authour? No.

    I am 30 years old, have an extremely high IQ and carried a 4.0 all through high school and college. Did I enjoy the Twilight series? I would like to say no, the writing was a bit choppy. However; I found Meyers story telling to be catchy. As much as I hate to admit it, I liked the series. The sad thing is the ignorance on both sides of this fight. Why use nasty language, and resort to name calling. In my experience those who do typically are insecure with themselves. Using curse words to emphasize what they are saying to get attention. The truth is these books are fictional, and no one has a right to determine whether or not they are worth reading except the reader themselves.

    • White says:

      Really? I mean I wouldn’t let someone read something if it was bad writing, we have editors and proofreaders and things to ensure stuff makes sense, hell countries even ban books for different reasons. The point is these “fans” just take the whole fandom thing too seriously and ignore whether the books are actually good or not.
      If they publish another twilight book most of their fans will run to the store, buy it and read it, and no matter now incredibly bad it turns out to be, love it. People just don’t think anymore.

    • buffyfan2billion says:

      Thank you Kelli,

      Yours is one of the few mature responses on here. I too am a slightly over 30 :) woman, have a decent IQ and maintain a good GPA – I’m working on my MBA right now. I don’t feel the need to apologize for totally loving twilight though. It’s called entertainment. Life is pretty boring. That’s why as human beings we tell stories, we fantasize. I don’t dispute that the books lacked a certain brilliance as far as the quality of writing, but it is a very beautiful story. I love the first movie and think it was wonderfully crafted. If anything, I think the attraction to this story is the fantasy element. As women we love romance -that’s no big secret! We love the idea that love can be powerful and all consuming, not to mention a little dangerous and a little sexy. Also in my library are Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake novels and in a recent magazine she was quoted as saying that she didn’t understand the Twilight phenomenon because it’s pathetic that women still fantasize about a man rescuing them. What, it’s not good enough that as post-suffrage/post women’s-lib women of today who work hard all day, hit the gym, hit the grocery store, come home, cook dinner, do homework, take care of the kids, take care of our man – WE DO IT ALL – BUT NOW EVEN OUR FANTASIES ARE UNACCEPTABLE? …even to other women like Laurel Hamilton who make a living selling fantasies? She and the writer of this blog appear to be taking issue with the idea that grown women have simplistic fantasies. The fact that this series is popular to me (and many of my peers) simply goes to show that at the end of the day, when it’s MY TIME and I’m curling up with a book or choosing what movie to watch for MY entertainment, I’m getting excited about the things that carry me away, make me laugh, make me cry and just plain make me feel good. No, I don’t apologize.

    • HegelCries says:

      “I am 30 years old, have an extremely high IQ.”

      Considering yourself as a person with an “extremely high IQ” in a blog comment pretty much negates that possibility in itself.
      It is a very immature gesture that fits perfectly into the (far too often adequate) box labeled “idiot”
      Apart from the fact that IQ tests are useless.
      (Lest of all the internet test you probably took)

      On topic:
      The worst thing any critical mind might find about Twilight is that it is just not relevant enough to be fighting about.
      It is just another soulless product like detergent and deodorant.

  8. Victoria says:

    Hmmm… “Bobby”, go eat shit and die.

  9. Scott says:

    Americans are stupid, you don’t even have your own language losers. By the way Stephenie Meyers American, She’s stupid, your stupid, the books stupid, the films stupid. But hey we could geuss that coming from America. LOSERS

    • Az says:

      Because all Americans are the same right, fucktard?

      Maybe you’ll feel better once you scrounge up something to eat in that third world country of yours.

  10. Scott says:

    “nobody gives a shit about what you have to say. Thanks for cutting into the top with your shitty comments you worthless twat.”

  11. Scott says:

    Well an important lesson for us all here, mini-Hitler likes forcing his views on all of us. “Any adults who like twilight should be put in the death chambers” I think that’s a bit strong, but hey, that’s what u sound like, maybe before u give your overly opinionated outlook on anything else u should realise there will always be people who don’t like what u say and there’ll always be a bigger fish. In this case I’d say the million or so twilight fans who u would not dare get up in front of and personally air your views in front of. You like your swollen ego to be nursed behind your computer screen because that’s what makes you think you matter in this world. When u realise u are just as insignificant as me, or anyone i can imagine u slitting ur throat due to rejection. Sad really, perhaps you’ll suffer an Oedipus complex and kill ur dad so u can shag your mum. Perhaps because your such the literature genius you have another Greek tragedy-inspired literary come back to that? I doubt you know what Oedipus is you little child, perhaps now you are starting to feel that insignificance creeping in, excluding you or then again you could be on a search engine frantically looking for Oedipus and “insignificance”. After all this website is called pointless banter and i’d like you to remember that all I’m giving now, is pointless banter. Your banter is pointless, any other banter you may have, is pointless, and most of the banter here is pointless. And, finally for you contemplation, banter regards only the lighthearted in this context because your wit matches that of a small child, alone on the computer, who thinks everyone even cares about the individuals opinion. Just for your contemplation. P.S i don’t even like twilight but you sound worse. Guten tag mein herr!

  12. Scott says:

    bobby seriously?

  13. Scott says:

    bobby, did u know your mums in twilight? she’s the one they had as robert pattisons ass cleaner. EVERY TIME he pooed, your mum was there cleaning it up, with her tongue. And then bringing it home for food for the family. Sweet little sister bobby, brother bobby, mother bobby and papa bobby, all around the table shovelling shit.

  14. Scott says:

    I was going to get onto your gran but i don’t want to make you cry, chin up bob.

  15. Bob says:

    I think the problem is just American’s. You can’t just think something’s o.k can you? You just have to love or hate something. It’s a shame really, if you weren’t so convinced of the superiority of YOURSELVES you’d see your arguing over opinions. Opinions; let that reflect upon yourselves now, opinions. What are you all nazi’s? I know Edward was never a Jew but fuck, he gets treated like one doesn’t he? Maybe you should think Bobby and other Pointless Banterians, this is POINTLESS BANTER. COMPLETELY POINTLESS. YES I AM WRITING IN CAPS BEAUSE YOU ARE ALL DUMB.
    Really, I would love to see a few Nobel prize laureate’s give an in-depth analysis on Twilight. Perhaps maybe contrast it with Stephen King’s books. Then, I would listen to the opinions they have. Perhaps if any of you were educated your opinions would be rational, objective and precise. But no. I do enjoy the fact that google’s predictive search will find Stephanie Meyer before Stephen King, makes you wonder where the online interest lies. Perhaps that’s why S.K was so pissed, the ratings have probably been down.
    Why hasn’t anyone referenced Harry Potter either? Child’s book, written by a woman, characters drawn from imagination? Why is it that one is loved all over and a far more popular film with all the ages (H.P), and the other is slated abound everywhere? Could be because of the British element? Probably not though. It’s probably because Twilight is aimed at a female teen audience. Not much scope for marketing then. Harry Potter has appealed to everyone, probably due to the large amount of books, films, characters, themes, etc.
    Now considering that Twilight was aimed for girls, I am worried about Bobby that he takes the book serious enough to get so worked up over it. I like his “eat shit and die” comment. How grown up Bobby, You’ll definitely make it in the world telling those who disagree with you that, won’t you? Perhaps in the Third Reich anyhow. But hey if your Mum’s surname’s Braun then who am I to argue with an authoritarian and totalitarian cocksucker? Slash that, even without the surname your still a cocksucker for being a giant girl. Caring enough to tell us your opinion on a book, that you hate, on a website that is completely pointless?
    Just to put out there, we all know S.M work is not the best written, but are prepubescent teens the best readers? Do we compile our English Dictionary’s on the prattling’s of little girls? No, so why does it matter then? It doesn’t. No one is saying Twilight is great literature Bobby, just a good book. Maybe if you stopped worrying about when your period was going to show up and realised you were a boy you find better things to do (have done) with your time. In case you want to write back to this I’d be greatly appreciative because my summer hols are going to be long, i need something like you Bobby, it makes me feel so much better about myself to just rant at you all day. But hey, that’s just how you feel to shit your opinions on here.

    • Az says:

      What problem is just Americans? You don’t even know, do you? You’re just using this as an excuse to bash America because you’re one of those idiots who was force-fed “Amerikkka sux lololol” and feels the need to soliloquize upon it at the drop of a hat. Sorry your country sucks ass. No need to be bitter about it.

      I love how you throw in Nazi references like they’re actually relevant. Oh and it gets even better when you contradict yourself like the idiot you are by saying “HURR YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID BECAUSE YOU’RE ARGUING OVER SOMETHING INCONSEQUENTIAL.” (Oops, you would never use a word that big. My bad.) Newflash: You are arguing about something inconsequential too, dumbass.

      A few more things before I leave you to wallow in your stupidity:
      1. Popularity and google search results mean nothing. Twilight is still shit.
      2. I love how you say “OMG YOU’RE SO IMMATURE FOR SAYING PEOPLE SHOULD ‘EAT SHIT AND DIE,’” then you call him a cocksucker. Way to be a hypocrite, moron.
      3. “Caring enough to tell us your opinion on a book, that you hate, on a website that is completely pointless?” LOL. You’re doing the same thing.
      4. “No one is saying Twilight is great literature Bobby, just a good book.” Oh wait, you think Twilight is a good book? Yeah, that invalidates anything you have to say. Enjoy your shitty taste in literature and single digit IQ.

    • twilight_sucks_ass says:

      dude, get a life. then die and go to hell.

  16. Alz says:

    Twilight sucks so bad it should never of been written
    my cousins got really angry when i told them we were having a bombfire and i told them to bring their twilight stuff when they asked why they should bring it i told them i need some trash to burn
    we burnt a couple of books we bought for the sake of burning them

  17. Anna says:

    What if ur an adult that reads it, likes it, respects it but doesn’t obessess over it?

  18. An says:

    Twilight is beautifull
    i like it
    and the books are great and so romantic
    why are you saying its stupid?
    you’re stupid

  19. Heidi says:

    Ha Ha Ha…. You SUCK!!!

  20. stvnx says:

    I understand why people hate the film/book. It gets attention that it really doesn’t deserve. I’m not telling anyone not to like it but there’s too much hype about this movie<< it just goes to show the kind of society we live in today. I believe this is the kinda thing where it's here today gone tomorrow, but good movies will be remembered forever.

  21. The soft pink truth says:

    Don’t get me started on that film! I kept hearing good reviews, so I rented it. To say it was shit is an understatement. I would rather spend a Saturday night locked in the bathroom with my da, then have to sit through that wank again. If you are over 20 and enjoy the film, you have special needs.

  22. Niki says:

    Bobby…who keeps the name bobby after 10?
    Great job on showing how much of a stupid foreign loser you really are!!! Pathetic but just another reason people keep moving here to the Good Ole USA. freedom of speech, religion, interests and all.
    you are an idiot! Really…what grown up picks on other grown ups for liking a book…or movie?? Really you should get a hobby, like maybe you could put all that energy you use in your foul mouth to make money on a corner where it belongs!
    Get a life loser! Oh and by the way…never heard of you. I googled you and you played in Teen Wolf! What a crap movie and one book that no one has read! Please! No one cares what you have to say and probably wont until you have some sort of evolved intelligent conversation to contribute! Although for you I’m quite sure this is not so much about “Twilight” as it is about your impotent conversation in your own life. Do you really believe that someone is stupid because they enjoy something that you do not? Maybe you need to re-examine your upbringing! There may be something there that is retarding you mentally. Just a thought.

    BTW…I lived through the 80’s and Molly Ringwald SUCKED! 16 candles… what a joke. whatever >:P

    XOXO from an American Army Wife <3 <3

    • Niki…. are you that pop culture stupid that you don’t understand my name is a reference to a movie?

      Ah an Army wife… Explains the poorly constructed statement you put together. Very rarely does a guy in the Army marry a girl that isn’t just good for breeding. Women with careers and intelligence don’t marry military guys until they are out.

  23. HA! says:

    Did I see somebody say Twilight>Steven King??? WOOOOOOOOOOOW……really? You do know there are people that can’t read who want to….I wish you could give your ability to read to them. Carrie? Read one of his books instead of watching a movie and then form an opinion….like an adult. That response PROVES that you are in fact, another one a’ them stupid 2000 era kids that they keep crankin out. Go swallow a bread bag…..it totally OWNS!…..waste if fuckin skin…..

  24. ? says:

    Ok Im no die hard, flag flyin, Hank Hill type, but if you say fuck America *news flash* America says fuck you too. You can hate our elite for fucking up global economy,being haughty,self absorbed or whatever. I, for one, am a middle class american scraping to make a place for myself in this world.
    Hate America, fine. Fist though, dig reeeeeal deep and see if you dont hate America because we are the most prosperous country with amazing natural resources…..Oh yea and the thing about GIVING the rest of the world yer Guess Jeans, Michael Jacksons,INTERNET(yea that was a American invention) and from what the guy said on Talledega Nights…the missionary position.(To which said man says “Yer Welcome”)
    Do I think by virtue of being squeezed out in the states makes me better than anybody? No, because elitist pricks don’t live in one country. Do I think the US is better than any other country? I can’t form an opinion on that yet as I haven’t traveled out of country much. So that is still up in the air. It IS however a DAMN FINE place to live.

    ……Now do I think I’m better than some hateful fuck from some unnamed country (Where’s your fuckin PRIDE man?) Yea. Cause I don’t hate anybody for where their from or any other shit they can’t control. Because Im not a complete asshole, and *SUPRISE!* not all of us are. You sir, are a biggot……and for a bunch of posts….you were talking to yourself. GO OUT AND ENJOY YER LIFE MAN!

  25. jbscythe says:

    FUCK YOU ALL!! you are all idiots. yes, twilight is retarded and all those who follow it so religiously need a real life. however, regardless of age, do you have any idea what a so called “vampire” would be? they would fucking kill you without any regard to you or your personal life. and the sure as hell wouldn’t be a bunch of faggy lookin pretty boys. so, stupid assholes who claim to “dig” vampires would do well not to worship them like gods. i am a real vampire, myself, as in i drink human blood. not for nourishment or eternal life (although i have not aged in 15 years) but as a sexual thing. it’s true, i suck blood through the flesh. so, if any gorgeous women out there want me to feed on them, go ahead and drop me a line. otherwise, get off the whole twilight kick. it’s a phase that will be short lived just like everything else

    adios, losers

  26. jonas brothers says:

    This is a very good read. Im gonna be tweeting this post. Jonas Brothers are awesome!

  27. sprite says:

    twilight is a joke. Nosferatu for the win

  28. Falconeddie says:

    Alright, I’m with you entirely on the Twilight thing. But you just sandbagged Harry Potter. The weight of the world in shame upon thee! Harry Potter in the very least is quite clever. Twilight is not (yes, I even tried reading it as I’m of the opinion you can’t put smack on something until you’ve proper looked into it). I’m saddened beyond all medical help to see you put the two series in the same article even. Have you, pray tell, read Harry Potter (watching the movies does not count!)?

  29. Joel says:

    Fucking rights. Douchbaggery all the way. I even look at my wife like “what are you thinking stupid”? Hell FUCKING NO I WILL NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Vampires don’t glitter like fags in the sun, THEY MELT!!! GOD I WANT TO PUNCH THE LEAD FAG IN THE NECK WITH A KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE GAY GLITTERING VAGPIRE!!!!!!!!!

  30. Joel says:


  31. oh snapp says:

    yes, twilight is a load of shit. a vampire that doesn’t die during the daylight and sparkles like piss under the light isn’t a vampire at all, they’re called emo. not only did the book suck donkey balls, the style it was written in resembled “where the wild things are”.
    the movie was extremely retarded and definately overrated. seriously, as if anybody would fall in love with a coke addict with a cookie jar for a head. and yes, adults who swoon over twilight either never grew up and should be working at neverland ranch, or read enough fantasy novels that gets them that delusional high, are hundred and fifty thousand percent geek idiots that pray for a relationship that works, without cutting themselves on a friday night while curled up and crying in the corner with their beloved twilight smut. the only thing that even comes close to sexual understanding is tolerating edward’s premature ejaculation.

  32. Adam says:

    Ok, what really pisses me off is that you retards actually argue about this shit, yes its dumb ass hell to stand in front of a movie theater for 15 hours for a fucking movie ticket, why dont we just show our maturity a little bit and leave the little freaks alone so society can reject them and they can look back on it and realize how dumb some fantasy shit like sparkly vampires is, we can all sit back and find our entertainment by watching the twilight idiots fail at functioning in everyday life. I have no problem with the book itself but its just the stupid publicity amongst teenage girls carrying team jacob bags or shirts everyday, then as soon as you voice your opinion on how you think its all retarded they will immediatly and immaturely try to find some way to prove you wrong which usually results in a failed attempt, once again, making them look like an ass. so i guess the sum of all this is that the 30 yr old children that have nothing else better to do with there life can go eat glass while our more respecful portion of our population can read these cursed books quietly and maturally. By the way my gf made me watch the first movie…it sucked

  33. Calliope says:

    If you have passed the legal age of majority in your country and like reading books / watching movies which approach preteen sexual tension as one of their main themes, and support, rant and ultimately debate about their right to do so, then you should cool down and have a long introspective contemplation regarding your own selves.

    No one denies your God given right to have a hobby, have an interest in life rather than your profession, search for happiness and make your life less dull, but when all of those above are treading on the fine line or normality (normality defined by physiologic and psychological parameters) be prepared to accept the fact that you probably have a problem (whatever its cause may be) and be conscious of the possibility that you will become a social pariah and be treated as one.

    However, since nowadays deviationist from reason and common sense are imposing their will upon us under the justification of good old diversity, I think it is actually the rest of us who have a problem for not revolting, not getting angry and flooding the streets, and for putting up with this bullocks. It is our fault for allowing the media giant to exploit our children and to brain wash them, using their foul aggressive marketing strategies all for the sole purpose of increasing their profit.

    And to all those of you who find it adequate and amusing to engage in rhetoric using analogies relating to Nazi Germany, in a debate about a book heavily supported by propaganda and their right to cling onto it, the following photograph will give you a better view of how things were in the time of The Third Reich.


    In case that your memory has now been refreshed, do you think that you are entitled to make wise cracks including references to Nazi Germany? Do you think you have the right to use analogies to it lightly? DO YOU?

  34. Razzger says:

    Twilight is the worst vampire shit in decades!!!! and for those asshole teenagers writting nosense shit about Stephen King just two words: GROW UP. You dont have to get so pissed just because a real writer doesn’t like the book that the Mainstream told you to like and buy

  35. shazzalol says:

    hmm why dont you all just go do something fun instead of complaining:).I dont like twilight personally but thats not reason for forcing pointless opinions upon it. So go do something fun or productive instead of hating. By the way I dont actually care if i have insulting replies to my message

  36. JJ77 says:

    Not to knock either one – but is there really such a great distinction between a molly ringwald movie and a john hughes movie that you needed to list both separately? lol seems you might have been stretching a bit there.

  37. jacqueline… because you are partially retarded and don’t understand pop culture my picture is the coach from teen wolf same with my name. I am way younger. You dumb cunt understand pop culture before you try and talk about it.

    As far as the four minutes… it was on a saturday afternoon when I was doing work… It keeps the conversation going and gets more traffic when you do that. But then again you wouldn’t know because nobody gives a shit about what you have to say. Thanks for cutting into the top with your shitty comments you worthless twat.

  38. Rita says:

    Bobby. Are you really a grown up? And actual adult? Because, brother, your mouth is disgusting. So you don’t like Twilight. Big. fat hairy deal. Who actually cares what you think? And who are you, anyway?

  39. Rita look at the amount of comments and votes it got on social media sites…. Apparently a lot of people care what I have to say.

    I am the guy that tells you that you have shit taste in pop culture.

  40. elaine says:

    I love what you have to say

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