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The Basketball Diaries Part III- The Scoop

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/30/08 @ 7:51 am

This is the continuation of my basketball diaries series, you can read part one here and part two here. This is a build up to a major event that I have never blogged about.

After the season preview issue died down things went back to normal. I wrote what I wanted and nobody seemed to care. When girl’s basketball season rolled around the Varsity basketball coach wanted to promote an 8th grader to the team that just happened to be the daughter of the volleyball coach and the men’s basketball coach/athletic director.

In protest three senior girls quit the team. They saw the politics for what it was. (Only one 8th grader had ever been called up to a varsity sport at the school and this was kind of blatant favoritism that these coaches had been known for.) The girls decided after two days to go back to the coach and ask to get back on the team because they felt that maybe they overreacted and felt that they shouldn’t throw away what they have worked for over the years. (And I think they just like showering together.)

drop the soap, please

drop the soap, please

Even with an apology the coach wouldn’t allow them back on the team. Which led to parents getting involved, nasty letters to the local paper, and even a school board hearing. The favoritism and the twisting morals of the school’s athletic program were finally getting called into question.

At this point I figured that I had a hot story and wanted to write about it. It was getting coverage in the local paper and I felt that there was no reason for me not to be able to cover it. I talked with my English teacher and composed a letter to ask all the major adults involved to be interviewed. I also agreed to have the story put before the Principal way in advance so he could review it. Here I was doing something respectable, true journalistic work that most people would be proud of.

I wrote the framework of the story and talked to some of the students and parents involved. Then I placed a letter the mailbox (at school) of the main coaches. A couple of coaches talked to my English teacher telling him I shouldn’t be allowed to write about it. One pulled me aside and very professionally told me that they had no comment. Finally the women’s volleyball coach burst into the newspaper room during lunch and screamed at me notifying that her and her husband had no comment and they would be talking to a lawyer about this story.   At the age of 17 I had my first lawsuit threat, it was a coming of age moment that I will never forget.

It is a lawsuit, it goes together

It is a lawsuit, it goes together

The entire situation had been blown way out of proportion. The school wasn’t going to let me rip them, there was a clear divide amongst coaches and teachers at the school about this and because they can’t shred each other they decided to go after me. In the end I wrote the story but it was gutted from a well-argued piece to four paragraphs. The parents I had interviewed read the piece and wanted to know where their quotes were? I told them what happened and the controversy grew.

Parents and teachers came up to me in public thanking me for trying to write the story saying it was about time someone called the AD and his wife on their shit. I had firmly implanted myself in a bullshit controversy that had been brewing for years.

Now I was on their radar as being a “trouble maker”. Instead of just walking away from the situation I apparently decided to piss them off more.

Have you ever had legal action threatened against you for no reason what so ever?

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6 Responses to “The Basketball Diaries Part III- The Scoop”

  1. Vince says:

    I was on a tenants association board at my old apartment last year and we were thretened at least 3 times by crazy tenants that didn’t want their apartment building being sold. Eventually the building got sold and everyone except 3 people were extremely happy with the deal we got.

  2. matty says:

    Never any legal action, but I have been threatened to have my ass kicked.

  3. Meghan says:

    Instead of walking away you decided to piss them off more????? Clearly you’ve learned your lesson since.

    My ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend threatened to sue me because she said I had some of HER things in my house!?

    The only thing of hers I had was him. Whoops.

  4. Albert says:

    When I was a Junior in High School, three years ago, I decided to get high during lunch as was my habit. We then went to a Pizza Buffet where I got the bright idea of throwing a fork at an old lady. She dropped the charges but I still had to go do community service.

  5. Carolyn says:

    This story’s getting good now!

    My old landlords brought legal action against me when I got evicted, because they said I owed them money. Which was bullllshit. But they were hardcore Mormon and I had let a buddy of mine paint a pentogram on the basement wall in drippy red spray paint.

    The eviction letter I got was the BEST EVER though. It listed 5 reasons…

    (I had a party the night before)

    1. Drug paraphernalia (a hookah!)
    2. Indecent exposure (a buddy of mine mooned us and the landlord happened to be walking by)
    3. Excessive noise (can’t argue with that one)
    4. Destruction of property (we were gonna clean up the beer bottles the next morning, honest!)
    5. Language use (Since when did swearing loudly become illegal?)

    I was so proud of that eviction letter I framed it.

  6. Alicia says:

    That sounds like small town bullshit? and a lot of pressure for you at that age, for sure.

    Let’s see, this lady who watched my kids one summer took me to court for owing her $60.00 for daycare. I had refused to pay because her own kids ruined some of my daughter’s toys that were worth more than that… toys that SHE asked me to bring over for them in the first place. She and the judge both went to the same church (I was told later on when it was too late for me to back down), so in the end I had to pay $90.00. And I learned a good lesson about small towns too. It’s not who you owe, but who you know. So it’s too bad you weren’t like, attending their church, LOL.

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