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Generation Y Has No Culture

By: Bobby Finstock on 05/20/08 @ 7:37 am

One subject that I have always been interested in is the cultural impact of generations. Each generation brings different changes to the cultural landscape and leaves a lasting impact. Well… except for generation Y or “generation whine” as some cynical experts call it.

First let me define what generation Y is. Gen Y is basically includes anyone that was born after 1981. The previous generation, Gen X, is anyone that graduated high school in the 1980s. (Which puts me in this odd category because I don’t fall into either group. This allows me to criticize both without having to take sides, which is a nice bonus.)

Most of the criticisms of Gen Y are that they are distracted (always multitasking but never doing a good job), feel a sense of entitlement, they are the most marketed to generation ever (not only do they accept it, they relish in it), have chosen to date or have sex with me (which says something about their taste), and there is a gaping void when it comes to cultural contributions. I feel the first couple of points can be debated because they always seem like a typical swipe at younger generation that happens every few years. The one I want to look at is the cultural contributions because you can see some real issues there.


Generation X: Grunge, Hip-hop, and Indie Rock
There really is no debate about the lasting contributions of the music of this era. Although everyone want to distance themselves from Vanilla Ice, which everyone in generation x agrees about.

Generation Y: Pop punk?

(Fall Out Boy doesn’t make me want to beat it… )

Gen Y’s music can be defined as wholly unoriginal and the band Fall Out Boy personifies it. They aren’t original enough to come up with their own video concepts; they have to adapt stuff that was created by the generation before them. Their pop music is prepackaged Disney stars that are created by a massive marketing machine. There is no real movement here, mostly co-opting the culture of the previous two generations.


reality bites

Generation X: Kevin Smith, Reality Bites, Singles
Gen X had movies and filmmakers that helped define a generation. We are all lazy, mistrusting, weed smoking, coffee swilling, cynical smart asses… I have come to accept that personification. Oh and we all want to bang a young Wynonna Rider.

Generation Y: All those crappy comedy parody films
The comedies that are created for teens aren’t even original to come up with their own ideas. It is all prepackaged pop culture references jammed into 90 minutes. I’ll even give you Juno and you still just have a shit load of pop culture references and nothing that defines that generation.

Reality Television

Generation X: The Original Real World
We gave you a show that talked about race. That had Kevin Powell who is going on and running for Congress. Musicians who actually put out music and got signed by labels like Becky, Heather B, and Andre. Plus a founder of Gay Entertainment television. And who can forget Eric Neiss who brought us… um… uh… excellent aerobics shows?

the grind

Generation Y: The Hills and the Real World Hollywood

It isn’t a good sign that even Gen Y’s reality television turned out to be scripted and fake. Plus when you look at the shift generationally from the first few Real World seasons to the last few where the shows just include attention whores and people that want to be famous for being famous… Well it isn’t a good sign.

real world stripper

Although it did bring us the greatest episode of the Real World ever that included court, strip clubs, a guy going to rehab, threats to roommates, some of the most pointless conversation ever, and possibly cemented this cast as the one I have the most disdain for ever. So I guess I need to give them points for that.

Where does this place Gen Y? Are they just going to be known for the mash-up? Combining the cultural production of others into their own products?

Has Gen Y produced anything of value?

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About the author

Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

589 Responses to “Generation Y Has No Culture”

  1. Maria says:

    Well, I agree that my generation (Y, for clarification) does tend to spew a lot of mainstream crap, I think you’re being a bit too kind to the previous generation. Since you define generation X as anyone who graduated high school in the 80s…all I have to say is: hair metal, acid washed jeans, spandex and Corey Feldman. The use of hairspray in the 80s alone probably contributed to the massive hole in our ozone layer.

    It’s not our fault that we were born into a society that was already brand conscious, consumer saturated and just plain shitty. Generation Yers are more likely to have divorced parents, with 2 family homes full of working parents.

    However, you’re also quick to point out all the bad without mentioning any of the good. All the things you mentioned as characterizations of Generation Yers, I completely disagree with. As a 22 year old, I don’t think I’ve ever in my life consciously listened to a song by Fall Out Boy, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen a parody movie comedy. I think the generation you’re ascribing these characterizations to is better referred to en masse as “the tweens”. (11-14 year old, middle schoolers). I know when I was a “tween” I certainly had some issues (Nsync. Nuff said) But give us a little credit. By the time we finish high school we’re just as misanthropic and disillusioned as the generations before us (only a bit more technologically savvy and higher educated)

    • cm says:

      Highly educated? When you can buy a degree online it doesn’t make you highly educated. I had to figure out how to do my bibliography in APA style WITHOUT the use of a source generator. I teach school and by far the most disrespectful and the kids with the least amount of stick-to- it-ness I have ever seen.(sorry for the old lady word but thats what I call it) Yeah I think it really has to do with the fact that you have fucked up families and that none of you have an original mommy or daddy. Its really a shame that people decide to get married because they can just get divorced if it “doesn’t work out!!!”

    • Liam says:

      “it’s not our fault it’s somebody else fault” the whine of Gen Y, selfish and arrogant. But realtiy will come soon enough and hit you between the eyes and then you’ll find out you need to earn your spot in the world.

  2. Jordan Goldenberg says:

    Generation Y’er here.
    The only good things that have come from my generation is…
    Yeah I think you’re right guys, this generation DOES blow.

    • Damaris says:

      Lol…oh…there you go! Cyber language is part of Generation Y’s culture…whether it’s good or not is debatable but nonetheless, it’s present!

  3. annamarie says:

    I agree with this article. Generation ‘Whine’ has no culture and it pisses me off because being 16 and part of this dicusting generation, i feel like there is nothing real left in ‘reality’. Our personal lives seem to be yet another product of mass production in a sence that cultures that use to mean someting, such as punk, are now just a product and a ‘trend’ that you can buy into. I like to think of myself as an execption to this generation, but . . .

    • cm says:

      Annamarie you seem like a very mature and smart young lady. I am glad you don’t buy into this crap. Keep it up and you may actually be successful and create the change you want to see.

  4. gen Xer says:

    The fallacy of this blog is to blame Gen Y for crappy media aimed at it. It didn’t CREATE those TV shows or music.

    Gen Y will go down as one of the greatest generation in U.S. history, if you subscribe to the thesis of authors Howe & Strauss in the groundbreaking book “Generations”. This is because the constellation of generations will soon be ripe for a major crisis (major war usually), instigated by the moralistic Boomers, but fought by Gen Y. Afterwards, they’ll have the same mystique as the WWII generation.

    Unfortunately, it’ll be the unsung, unrecognized Gen Xers (then in their late 40’s to mid 50’s) who will take leadership roles to mitigate the apocalyptic confrontation tendencies of the self-righteous boomers and protect the Gen Y frontliners as much as possible.

  5. rose229 says:

    I would say the movie kids is THE defining movie of that Gen Y.

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  7. flexy633 says:

    It cracks me up when Gen Y’ers claim that they created You Tube, Myspace, Google, etc. and say they watch Family Guy and South Park. Guess what? Those were all created by Gen X’ers. We were running circles around our Baby Boomer co-workers in the 90’s when MS Office first came into play. So, yeah, we are also very tech savvy. God, some of you Gen Y’ers act as if Generation X’ers are dinosaurs.

    • Jas says:

      Youtube, myspace, South Park, and Family Guy are popular with members of gen y and so are associated with them. Kinda like how boomers actually came up with punk rock, hip hop, invented CDs, wrote/directed movies like The Breakfast club – yet these things are credited toward gen x. Big deal. Get over it.

      • You know Xers think of themselves as the best. Bashing boomers left and right. Bashing Y’ers left and right….BUT DO NOT FORGET that Boomers supplied you with YOUR music of YOUR teen years. Whitesnake, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen. Get over yourselves. You apathetic turds.

        • D says:

          Oh excuse me, My bad. How could anyone not be eternally grateful for Whitesnake and Def Leopard. What was I thinking?

  8. Jas says:

    Hip hop and indie rock was invented by late boomers, and listing the best of your generation next to the worst of today’s generation doesn’t prove anything.

    Could you be anymore childish? Much of generation y hasn’t even come of age yet. I know you guys are still bitter about being labeled as drug-addled, apathetic slackers, but do you really need to comparing yourself to a bunch of kids in an attempt to boost your own ego? Kinda pathetic really…

  9. John L. says:

    I think that you are generalizing Gen Y too much, being 19 years old and a member I can tell you that i personally do not like Fall Out Boy or the rest of that genre. Also, many bands do tributes to their favorite composers, do not automatically sterotype our music as Pop Punk and unoriginal. Avenged Sevenfold is one that has covered many genres and made some lyrically good music.

    May I also add that not all of us Y’ers enjoy watching the mind numbing crap that airs on MTV, VH1 etc etc.

    You are also judging us very early, we are all still fairly young and are really just starting our adult lives, when the Gens really start flourishing and making their name (why do you think that we don’t really have a name for ourselves yet besides Y?)

    You say we don’t have a culture and so on but then you say that you weren’t really born in a generation… whats that say about you?

  10. kelly says:

    I don’t know what all of you are talking about my generation picked up all of generation x off the battle field in Iraq so far you guys haven’t provided much of leadership in anyway. I think generation y brings a do the damn thing attitude to the table meanwhile generation x is to worried to make any decisions. Just the fact that you guys are worried about what movies are being made and what music is popular is the problem. When shit needs to be done Generation x is way out in left field. That is your culture all summed up!

    • Okay, whatever you say.

      Rock of Love

    • Generation Z! says:

      Too funny. I guess it was all that weed, right? Anyhow as a member of generation X… Y or some where right in the middle I’d say it means didly squat either way. It’s not a nice little cookie cutter picture that you can dissect and take credit for because you fell in the line of this generation or that one. The categories only describe the TIME period, not the twenty something’s at that time. The Y generation isn’t the only kid on the generation block with a Macintosh, so get over your pretty little techno ego. And pot smoking was around way before generation X got their hands on bong. The only true name was the baby boomers and that name was only given because of WWII and all the babies that poured out after soldiers found their way back home.

      • blah blah blah blah blah….. or you’re done speaking? I didn’t notice. I think the heroin and jammin to nirvana kept you talking for a while….. say you know your kids “Gen Z” are going to fuck up this country REAL BAD.

    • cm says:

      Kelly that doesn’t even make sense.

  11. Michael says:

    Being a member of Generation Y (I was born in 1983), I can honestly say that this generation sucks! And I don’t just mean it sucks; I mean that it blows flaming cock! My God, these people haven’t created anything of value. The music is prepackaged rap crap with the same beat to every song, their movies are formula action and comedy crap designed to make money, and even their toys are stale and unoriginal. (You guys, remember the cool stuff we had in the 80’s–like Transformers?) Generation X gave us good grunge/alternative rock music like Nirvana, Green Day, Offspring, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Bush, Live, 311, Sublime, Cracker, Local H, Seven Merry Three, and dozens of others. The music was so good when I was young that bands that would be considered “kick-ass” by today’s standards wouldn’t have even made it on the radio back then. The movies were great (remember those Jim Carrey flicks?) and TV had stuff like Married With Children and the introduction of Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy. It’s no mistake that the only good stuff today is the stuff that came out by then and is still going–like Green Day, Audioslave (mix of Soundgarden and Rage), Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. This generation has no soul, no creativity, and no respect for anyone. They’re a bunch of whiners who can only sit on the computer and play Warhammer all day. They suck, period. Even the video games we used to have on Super Nintendo and Genesis were a hundred times better and more creative than the shoot-em-up crap that they have now.

    • Audrey says:

      Michael, do you realize that all of the bands you have mentioned were all popular in the 90’s? So that would make them part of the Generation Y, not Generation X. The T.V. show Family Guy was also created in the late 90’s, which would make it also a part of Generation Y. If you truly believe that the best media Generation Y has produced are shows such as Family Guy, I question your maturity. You are clearly confused about what media comes from each generation. Your post is a wonderful example of why the generation today is looked down upon by older generations.

      • Actually most if not all of those bands are Gen X.

        • LightGrenade says:

          Good god I just realized this fucking idiot used Green Day and Audioslave as part of his “pro’s”. You can have Seven Mary Three. You can have The Offspring. You can have Local H. I bet you love Stabbing Westward too.

          I’ll take The Mars Volta. I’ll take Peeping Tom. I’ll take My Morning Jacket. I’ll take The Decemberists. I’ll take Modest Mouse. I’ll take Death Cab. I’ll take The Deftones. I’ll take Incubus.

          Some of you guys, Kevin included, I can respect your arguments and points. Other guys, like this douche and Christopher-X down there, they’ve been blabbing the same bullshit and doing nothing about it.

          Gandhi said it best. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

          • cm says:

            I’d like to take you out to get a hair cut and a real job. (look it up it was a song.)

      • Topeka Stink Pickle says:

        Audrey, you’re fucking nuts. Just because it came from the late 90’s doesn’t qualify it as “Gen Y”. It is who it was created by and for. Have you seen all the old school movie references? Do you know Seth MacFarlane is in his 30’s? The target demo is for Generation X-ers…hence, Michael is correct. Or as you so eloquently put it, “I cannot take your post seriously if you have not done enough research to back up what you are saying.”

      • D says:

        When people deifine music or movies or any other cultural touchstone as being “generation x” or any other generation they are referring to that touchstone as being influential on people who were coming of age during that period, not defining something as generation x or y by the year it was produced. Unless you were listening to that music when you were 2 you are a moron.

    • LightGrenade says:

      Seven Mary Three? Bush? Local H? Cracker? Shut the fuck up, I can’t believe you just wrote those in the same sentence as a band like RATM. You’re an example of the people that killed Generation Y before it had a chance, the people who started the whole downfall. I was born in 1983 and I know your type well.

      Caught halfway between the gimme gimme gimme of the 80’s and the fuck everything I don’t care of the 90’s. This is what opened the door for Corporate America to decide what our “culture” would be, and they decided it would be “POP” culture.

      There’s good stuff out there, if you look for it. Bands like The Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, etc. Movie directors like Spike Jones. You just have to dig through the mountains of shit piled up to find it.

      Local H? Seriously?

      • Maria says:

        Gen Xer here agreeing with Light Grenade completely on the music front. Gen Yers are making incredibly interesting original music and there is no faster way to sound like an old geezer than dissing the music of the younger generation.

        As for TV and movies though, Gen Yers have failed miserably. I hate the exhausting pop reference humor like Family Guy. It just isn’t smart or funny.

    • Trevor says:

      Michael, That was the best description of generation y that I ever heard. You hit every point. I know there were more points you wanted to touch, (like professional sports, the outside playing and creative games we would make up or add on too or sense of humor) but it was beautiful. I almost cried(lol). Oh, I had to put that(lol-laugh out loud) after I said I almost cried to let the generation y people reading, that I REALLY LIKED THE ARTICLE BUT I REALLY WASN’T GOING TO CRY. You have to spell or text everything out to them.

  12. Audrey says:

    Yes, Generation Y has a different culture and a more liberal lifestyle than those of Generation X did. You criticize the generation for have terrible taste in music and movies yet you pride yourself on being “lazy, mistrusting, weed smoking, coffee swilling, cynical smart asses”. You also mention that the band Fall Out Boy basically personifies the entire generation. How can you reach this conclusion when it is clear that you believe that all the music produced today is by crappy Disney stars? Disney is a network for children and so the music is made for children, not adults of Generation Y. I cannot take your post seriously if you have not done enough research to back up what you are saying. Nice try, though. Do you also realize that your generation raised Generation Y? If you are going to put us down for have a poor culture, remember where we learned it from.

  13. Phil says:

    Well, I will admit that my own generation Y (im about at the end of the spectrum here) is pretty low on culture. However, I think you are concentrating on entertainment culture, which I will admit, is the worst thing I have ever seen. When your favorite movie is a remake, (a dang good one, The Dark Knight) we need some serious revamping. But I would like to believe that our greatest contribution to culture will be in perspective.

    Our generation seems to be the most “okay” with minorities, gays, and other “odd” groups which it seems, that either the Baby Boomers or X seem to have serious issues with. Also, because my part of Gen Y was born with Gen X parents, we have a sneaking suspicion of Government, but we are also endowed with the feeling of reform. I belive that things need to change, and I know plenty of my age group feel the same. If our entertainment culture sucks, so what. We’re out to change the world, and thats that.

    So, you can make fun of our entertainment, hell, I do too. But dont overlook our ability to make change. When Gen Y gets into politics, believe me, things will happen. You can have my word that our words, our thoughts, and our actions will change the world. Just you watch.

  14. Christopher-x says:

    As a member of Gen-X, it is very disturbing to witness the bar being lowered so far, that it is underground. Yes, we were labeled slackers by the capitalist yuppies and power mongers, but that’s because we refused to sell ourselves out and be pimped by corporate America. Energy drinks and a deodorant that promises to get you laid? Seriously, come on, how can anybody fall for that load of crap? We are the embodiment of the indie movement. You can thank us for that revolution, but you guys swallowed all of their bullshit. In the nineties, we rocked the vote for the better of the entire country. Your generation just bashed the hell out of the party you opposed by preaching your antiwar propaganda. Just what the hell is your gen suffering from? Too much credit debt brought upon by your relentless pursuit of technology that you dream some day will think for you and wipe your ass. Easy button “everything”, hooray! You have earned nothing and have been given everything. Look back in history, the hippie generation was forced by draft to serve, unlike the volunteered forces in today’s war. Hippies stood against everything your gen embraces and they exhibited true righteousness something you could never mentally fathom. Different war, different time, different circumstances. You should be called generation “duped”. When the world has truly gone to pot and you’re standing in line to receive a micro chip implant, because you embraced trends and what you were led to believe was innovation or convenience, you will be left to fend for yourselves and the Internet won’t save your naive asses. Read between the lines: “Forest from the trees”; “Chump ‘nickels and dimes’ is coming”; “Oh no you didn’t'! Ponder that.

    • LightGrenade says:

      Oh seriously, give me a fucking break. Revolution? All Generation X did was STOP CARING. That’s not a revolution.

      Generation Y took the selfishness of the 80s and the “I don’t give a fuck” of the 90s, and turned it into 2008. If you ever want an explanation for the current state of society, all you ever have to do is go back down the timeline about 10 years.

      Generation X rocked the vote? Jesus Christ. Voting turn out was at all time lows until the “enlightened” members of Generation Y decided it was finally time to do something, and installed a president who could do something (please god let Obama be a good president).

      Credit debt brought on by the pursuit of technology, huh? Christopher-X, you’re just as fucking thick headed and retarded as your post is. The state of the economy was brought on by the housing market. THE HOUSING MARKET. How many fucking 18-20 year olds do you know with mortgage payments? What? Oh, none? That’s right dipshit, Generation X is much more involved in that market than we are.

      You’re just some fucking piece of shit, know nothing, do nothing. You DON’T know what you’re talking about, but you know you’re supposed to “Rage a against the machine” so you spit out some stupid fucking rhetoric you overheard somewhere. The saddest part is, you’ve been spitting it out for the last 10 years.

      Pop Culture runs this country right now. We had a pop culture voting movement. We’ve got a pop culture president. The only issues that will be impacted in society are the ones taken up and championed by pop culture. That’s the way of the world right now. Maybe it sucks, sorry, deal with it.

      Instead of sitting around pointing your fucking entitled, condescending singer, get out there and do something. I’m a member of Gen Y (at 25), and I was out on the fucking campaign trail. I was knocking on doors. I was talking to people about Prop 8. I was manning the phones at the campaign station. I don’t have any culture? I’m lazy?

      Fuck you and fuck your post.

      • cm says:

        Way to go to use the English language in a cerebral and philosophical way. Wow you are surely educated!@!

    • Dayna says:

      Im a X myself . Way to go !

  15. Jenny Chong Li Khim says:

    Generation Y is a junk generation! Lazy & Useless.

    • LightGrenade says:

      and you’re a stank cunt.

      • D says:

        Once again, way to articulate. Anger is a natural and healthy emotion. I’d be mad too if I was part of a worthless cohort of tweeting, girl pant-wearing, self important dickbags, too. Your gneration will bring the downfall of mankind.

  16. Elle Williams says:

    Reality Bites was an awful movie. I don’t know why you would use that as the pinnacle of film FOR Gen X (lets face it most of that stuff you attribute to generation media wise wasn’t created by that generation but FOR that generation)

  17. Dayna says:

    Hate to say this but I lost much respect for the Y generation. All I hear is a bunch of bad mouth freak’n talk. Gosh I hate that word they use ” freak’n ” . We had more respect even with our big hair and leopard pants. I have a Y generation 23 year old neighbor living with his dad coming over hear playing video games looking for food and doesn’t care about getting a job. Talk about entitlement issues ! He doesn’t even say goodbye when he leaves. Just says I’m leaving now. He started coming over to call his mom and I told him he can use the computer to look for a job. I even found him a job from a friend and that job wasn’t good enough for him. He just made him himself to comfortable. Looks sad when I don’t offer him food. WOW go get a job and a girl friend dude ! Burger king was my first job but that’s beneath this guy. He watches cartoons on MTV at 23 years old ! How sad. Gosh when I was 16 we couldn’t wait to get out of the house and get a job and a car. Most guys I met in the mid 80’s at 17 had a car, a girlfriend , and a job. The Y generation cries to mom and shows no Independence. I forgot to say some of it is a welfare thing with the Y generation and big time brainwashing. The other Y neighbor asks to barrow eggs, oil, and sugar all the time. No more lady ! Same thing went on with my sister in every neighborhood she lived in. We both cant stand the Y generation. When they say they make love with themselves 24/7 they are not kidding. That’s the self love entitlement crap. We are doomed if they are going to run this country some day ! They will just euthanize us old X’ers after they take everything we have. Just take a bus ride with a bunch of Y ’s and hear how they talk around old people. MAKES ME SICK ! Exceptions to the rule YES . I just haven’t met any of them yet. Guess they are fare and few between.

    • LightGrenade says:

      You’re a stupid cunt too. I’ll write in short sentences. Since that’s how you seem to communicate. Was that one too long? How about this one? Eat my generation Y asshole. Was that language too strong? Suck it.

      The current generation. Can only be. As strong as the last.


      • Generation Z! says:

        “The current generation can only be as strong as the last…”

        Come on now, do you really believe that?

        Try Raphael Nadel Vs. John McEnroe. By nature we learn from past generations, and we become stronger by taking better care of our selves. There is no discussion for that comment except that it is fundamentally wrong. That is the sort of thing that gives this newly emerging generation the “whine” nickname. Nothing is ever your fault. Step-up and take it like a true ‘mainstream’ champion.

        The X generation brought back existential thought. The newly emerging Y ers have sort of abandoned questioning for indulgence. Where there is no thought there is no substance.

        These so called Y ers like to take credit for just about every good thing in the modern world all the while dismissing the “crap” and superficiality of cookie cutter templates….” it’s not our fault!”

        It’s funny how the names sort of fit. X for existential and Y for whiners…. LOL.

        Oops…is that copyright to Y only?

        • LightGrenade says:

          I’ll agree that the comment might’ve been a bit overreaching. What I’m trying to convey is the fact that a generation is going to be HEAVILY influenced by its predecessor.

          I can’t buy into generation x being thinkers, or bringing back existential thought. I mean…again, the rampant selfishness and over-indulgence of the 80’s…that was all Generation X. Also, if you take into account that perception of a generation is heavily based on it’s popular culture, you have to recognize that our current popular culture is pushed out there by people from Generation X as well.

          Thinkers have always been on the outskirts of society. There’s always the existential, free thinkers at the fringes.

          I fucking hate it when someone tells me to take responsibility without making any attempt at doing the same themselves.


          • Generation Z! says:

            Well I certainly can understand the hypocrisy! To be honest I don’t really know where the distinction of X ends and Y begins. I am on the cusp of both. My parents are baby boomers, but I am not old enough to be your parent either. So I guess that puts me right in the middle. By no means should the newly emerging Y ers take all the criticism for the way they are marketed to. That is probably the biggest problem right there. There is so much attention paid to people who are not equipped to handle it. Not by any fault of their own, but by their limitations in age and development. But at some point you do “grow up” and wake up and realize that you have choices.

            With-in my own immediate family, b/c I have several siblings, we span both generation X and Y. Where my oldest sister is a true generation X er and my younger brother is the true Y generation. So that leads me to conclude that these two generations are more interchangeable and enmeshed than previous ones. I don’t see a true distinction, except that you probably had better computers in middle school where as I only had computers in High School. But at the rate at which the young Yers are becoming so saturated with popular culture, which by the way began during the X generation. I mean Madonna and Michael Jackson founded the so-called musical pop-genre in the 1980’s. Or I should say pole-vaulted it into the mainstream influence it has become. But that was largely based on the invention of the MUSIC VIDEO. And Madonna is a boomer! So the irony and distinctions are so irrelevant to put blame or credit on any one generation. They influence and interchange one another constantly.

            The biggest challenge Y ers, and every generation faces now, is that there are so many ways to get at “your” psyche today due to the innovations in technology largely attributed to baby boomers and X ers. So I think some good ol’ fashion skepticism of the 90’s could prove useful for the young Yers.

          • D says:

            Actually, the materialistic yuppies of the 80’s were baby boomers, you dumb asshole.

    • cm says:

      I know what you mean. My BIL is the same way. He doesn’t want to get a job and was offered one at 30K per year but he would have to work 12 hour days and that was too hard so he didn’t take it- mind you he’s been out of work for 1 year, lives at home with the wife and parents. The minute I turned 18 I was out of the house. These kids are staying until their 30s. What is wrong with them? (don’t give me the economy excuse either)

  18. Hoeanna says:

    Might I just add, for the record that all Gen Whiners seem to learn everything they know from the hours upon hours of the new age parent, the TV, and it certainly isnt them picking and choosing what they will be subjected to, and lord knows we can’t count on them to think or make decisions or opinions on thier own like turning a channel or GOD FORBID turning it OFF!

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  20. doug says:

    GEN Y here

    Im 22, Love anything by Tarentino and Kevin Smith, Hate Fall out boy and love Guns and Roses.

    Word, peace my brothers

  21. Kyle says:

    I’m 23, more or less a part of Gen Y and I find that our current generation is lacking a solid cultural contribution as well, but on way different views.

    It seems that a majority of our generation simply admires and tries to mimic previous generations. Stuck in the overwhelming flow of the digital age, that gives us all the feeling of connectedness while at the same time makes us feel more apart physically, we are searching for a more maeaningful existance than just our technological advances. The humor behind it is that every generation prior to ours rebelled against their predecessors – thus creating their mark.

    I feel as if our generation is overly saturated with pop… or better yet, previous culture and despite some of our generations hardest attempts in being different – by wearing eccentric/eclectic clothing, listening to indie/folk/electronic music, being more eco-concious/friendly, we’ll still never be anything compared to the previous generations. Even our generations war seems insignificant. It’s as if everything has been done before us, and much, much better.

  22. Rebel in a Minivan says:

    I’m sorry but I sincerely disagree with your post. I’m 17 years old and a solid member of generation Y. Most of generation Y is too young top have had any impact on the culture yet. Most of the people who are in power right now are either boomers or generation Xers. Give us a few years to really make an impact. You won’t be disappointed. Well you might be, but sometimes that is unavoidable.

  23. Jae says:

    This blog really is Pointless Banter, LOL. Labeling and cynicism just suck. The generations before mine (I’m Gen Y, I guess – born in 1980), I love them to death. They just seem to get in the way of themselves sometimes.

    My baby-boomer dad is an alcoholic. My Gen Y sister was addicted to speed, anorexic, and almost died from her addiction and illness. I’ve kept my sanity through practicing (insight) meditation, and recently felt that the family was secure enough for me to share it with them. They’ve all benefited greatly from it. If anything, I think my generation will bring a little more sanity to this world. We haven’t even come of age yet, give us a few more years.

  24. Jae says:

    ^Oops, meant to say Gen X sister …

  25. TheCaptain says:

    Fuck you. You want culture contributions? Why don’t you go listen to emo, ska, trance, celtic metal, or all the other genre’s of music your generation was too pussified to produce. And that stuff’s allready old by my standards.

    You want generation Y movies? You’re looking in the wrong fucking place, moron. Try watching Red vs. Blue, SuperNews, Brick, The Fountain, James Madison and the Real Doll. You haven’t heard of these movies, have you? That’s because you only watch the crap that’s fed to you on TV and Theatres.

    Reality Television? Is that what you call a cultural contribution? That’s what we call garbage.

    Here’s a new cultural category for your idiot lined post: Ametuer Manga. We have great Manga’s such as Misfile and Megatokyo. MacHall, and Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    You really should do some research before you go spouting off at the mouth about things you don’t know about, you douche with a capital bag.

  26. steeeve says:

    typical Gen X Bobby Finstock, cynical and pessemistic

    • cm says:

      I’d rather be cynical and sarcastic than lazy and drooling at the mouth playing video games 24/7.

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  28. Bob says:

    Only a cock says “Generation Y”.

  29. MrCoffee says:

    I like Phil’s quote:

    “Our generation seems to be the most “okay” with minorities, gays, and other “odd” groups which it seems, that either the Baby Boomers or X seem to have serious issues with. Also, because my part of Gen Y was born with Gen X parents, we have a sneaking suspicion of Government, but we are also endowed with the feeling of reform. I believe that things need to change, and I know plenty of my age group feel the same. If our entertainment culture sucks, so what. We’re out to change the world, and thats that.”

    And what he wrote is very true. I’m a member of Generation-X (The “Latch Key Generation”). While the latch-keys will formally reject anybody who does not fit their mold, my experiences with Generation Y have been different. I was diagnosed with a neurological condition which makes me among those who seem a little odd at times. I remember when I was about ready to cross a busy intersection, and a young teenager instinctively pulled me back because she was concerned about my safety, given the volume of cars that day. I was shocked! How could a complete stranger be that concerned about a fellow member of society, let along someone more than twice as old as they? Yes, I would have made it across, no problem. I also drove a school bus back in the late 1990s, and observed many of the same qualities in the students that I saw in that fine, outstanding young lady who helped me at that intersection. These traits were consistent among school-aged kids throughout the time I worked at church youth groups, drove field trips, and chaperoned sporting events. Unlike Generation X, these youngsters weren’t just in it for themselves. They would include ANYBODY who would accept them into their community.

    Entertainment is the last thing these young adults care about. I have a couple younger friends, and one of them I talked to has voiced a great disgust at what the Boomers did to our manufacturing base. Another one lamented about a 100 year old railroad structure that was torn down, rather than set aside for preservation as a historic structure. These people CARE about our heritage! They are SICK AND TIRED of our manufacturing and technical jobs being exported overseas, in exchange for cheap Chinese junk at the local Wal-Mart.

    This country can’t depend on debt and consumer spending like it has for the last 30 years. The health-care and education sectors won’t keep the economy going by themselves. The financial sector, while not yet broken beyond repair, is in bad enough shape where it once again needs regulation. The younger people voted in change, and they are hoping it works. And if that helps them land a job where they’re actually MAKING something that people in other countries need and can use, then it’s all for the better. I too, want to help them bring this country back to being the greatest industrial nation in the world.

    I stand behind them 100%.


  30. Jeb says:

    If i hear anymore baby boomers complainin about gen y or gen x i am goin to lose it.. what did the baby boomers give us?? Disco?? lost a war… the most self centered drug induced lazy generation ever..

    P.S Baby boomers– Thank you for using up all the oil with no regard, and bankrupting social security, and for ruining our environment with greenhouse gases, oh and dont worry about that 1 trillion dollar loan we just gave ya… I better get started figuring out a way to fix your mess.

  31. Sharpie says:

    I love how everyone is getting so worked up about this discussion to the point that they’re cursing at each other.
    I must say, reading this has been entertaining indeed.

  32. ProudRetroGenYKid says:

    We are just not very orignal and intelligent like the previous generations! Just getting tired of pompous, illiterate and world weary a-holes

  33. dave says:

    Labeling entire generations? That’s so 1990.

  34. Ash says:

    This made me smile. Funnily enough, Generation X gave us global warming & led the build up to the worlds current (bad) state today. Most of Generation Y are still teenagers, we’re too caught up in enjoying our adolecense.

    We’ve got culture. We’ve contributed to popular culture just as much as Gen X. Heck, most of Gen X aren’t even up to date with modern pop culture. I guess you’re all just pissed that your wrinkly old behinds are slipping off the throne, & all the problems you couldn’t fix have been passed on to your children. Snap. [You're probably thinking that I'm some obnoxious little 14 year old who thinks he's got the world figured out. Guess what: I DO. Period.]

    Gen X lay down the foundation for music. Gen Y built it up. We’ve combined plain genres such as Electronica, Hip Hop & Alternative Rock into the graceful sound of Nu Metal, which has spawned some of the greatest lyrics & instrumentals the world will ever hear.

    I don’t like to think I’m better than anyone by saying I feel sorry for them.. but I REALLY feel sorry for you. The fact that you can even go one sentence into depth about “The Hills” is just pathetic. Nobody watches that show, I don’t know anybody from my generation who does.

    Of course our generation is built up on pop culture, what other cultures are known world wide? You’re not going to find an American person talking in Hindi or Afrikaans.

    This article has just shown me that the ignorance my generation shows was adopted from people like you, Gen X’s scum. This is more of a rant about people born in first world countries rather than generation Y. I was born in South Africa, now living in Australia, & with full confidence I can say that this article reflects my cultural views in any way at all.

    I pray that Gen Y’s relation with Gen Z is nothing like Gen X’s poor treatment of us.

    • Ash I respectfully must say you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. The Hills is one of the highest rated shows on basic cable and the largest in the youth demo.

      As far as global warming… yeah we fucking created. Give me a break.

  35. DannY says:

    Im 21 years old, I hate fall out boy and all of the crappy mainstream punk bands that are out there today. In all honesty though, you missed a major portion of what my generation has contributed to the world of music, particularly in the club scene and rave culture. We were a generation growing up on video games and some of the most technologically advanced gadgets known to man, so naturally the music that we have heard, particularly electronica, has become almost ingrained in our daily lives, every day on the radio you can hear at least one song that has electronic sounds thrown into it. I sincerely believe that our generation’s music will be defined by at least 3 genre’s, Hip Hop, Electronica, and New Heavy Metal. That includes such artists as G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, deadmau5, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn, and many others, but you understand what my point is. In that field at least, I would say our generation has, if nothing else, re-invented the already existing musical genre’s from the previous generation and made it into our own. Generation X’ers shouldn’t be resentful of this, if anything i think they should be appreciative that we found it worth our while to take what they had already made famous and improved it.

    • It is too bad that Korn is generation X

      • Eric says:

        As a fellow Gen Xer, I must say, you’re a pretty big tool. We had our major downsides also and we were assholes as kids. Don’t kid yourself. Also, Y is 1980-1994, so you messed up on your definition also. Give them a chance, the last of them are entering college in the next few years. The 2010’s is when I will make my decision about Y because we had our dumbass moments in the 80’s and 70’s. And I must say, I can talk to today’s late teens and 20 somethings about stuff like Thriller and Metallica, but I’mnot sure about Generation Z (1995 onwards) babies.

  36. I would have to agree that Generation Y lacks a certain charm.

  37. Lachy says:

    Hehehe so true.
    As a Generation Yer I spend most of my movie time watching those cultured up films on the Special Broadcasting System (Aussies would know what I’m talking about) or listening to good rock from generations past (and lets not even go into reality TV… *cough* Big Brother *bullshit*). One thing I really hate about this generation is the conformity and what might be called ‘trash culture’: apparently it is uncool to be smart (I think this sets a dangerous precedent).
    The one thing I do enjoy though is that this is the most individualistic (self-centred) generation of all; that seems like a bad thing and I grant you there are a lot of pretentious w@nkers out there because of it, but individual expression and the “I can do whatever I want in life! [within reason]” attitude is at an all-time high. I reckon it is because of it that we have so much conformity; people never utilise this great personal freedom they have and instead follow the crowd.

  38. hambone9119 says:

    I am 21 and am a gen y but really fuck my gen y music it sucks i listen to motorhead ROCK OUT ROCK OUT

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  40. ashley says:

    After reading all of this I have to say that you guys are absolute idiots. Why are you wasting your time fighting about who is part of the best generation. You should take your anger out on the world and protest. Anyways I would like to clear up some misconceptions about generation y (which I am happily part of). The people I know of this generation are hard workers and they do not listen to bands like miley cyrus. The bands we listen to are usually alternative, rock, folk, hip hop, or old rock. Yes you are right that we steal fashion ideas from other generations, but we end up creating it into our own look. The 60s had the hippies, the 70s had the punks, and the millenials have the hipsters. And yes there are quite a bit of lazy bums who like to move to places like CO smoke weed and snowboard, but lets not forget that YOU raised us. So maybe we should blame you for our ways.

  41. Gen Y advocate says:

    Music, movies and TV shows aside, I believe it’s the Gen Y’ers who boast social networking. And I don’t want to hear that it wasn’t a result of our generation. The creator was Facebook is Gen Y. Every generation has its cultural impact. Older generations don’t fully accept/understand online social networking because they think they’re too old for it. They also think networking should still be done with face-to-face interaction and telephone calls.

    It is nearly impossible to find a new job these days without online social networks. It is about who you know and how tech savvy you are with a computer. Employers don’t want you to show up with your resume in-hand anymore. They want to receive it by e-mail first. And how many employers still print help wanted ads? You’ll see those classified ads shrink (as they already have) and you’ll see the majority go online, because that is where people are.

    Social networking makes life more effecient. AND we don’t lose touch with those we knew when we were younger. Just the other day I was able to talk to my best childhood friend, who I had lost touch with. For that, I thank Generation Y.

  42. Sam says:

    I am a Gen Yer. First off, you think we are bad, wait for Gen Z. Second, all the stuff you say we suck for was created by Generation X. That includes all the crappy reality TV whose producers are in their 30’s and 40’s. The crappy music that gets approved and licensed by people in their 30s and 40s. The one thing I will say that disgusts me about or generation is music. It’s not that their isn’t good music out there, it’s just mainstream music is so unoriginal and not creative anymore (for the most part). Look at rap, it’s gone from RUN DMC and NAS to Soulja Boy. But you have to remember, plenty of Generation Y detests that crap. No friend of mine takes Soulja boy seriously, we all have classic rock and old school rap on our iPods as well as Nirvana (and yes we used to have CD players) and we spend time reminiscing about Super Nintendo and N64. We watched TMNT and X-Men. We played outside during our youth, we know the world when playing video games with your friends meand actually inviting them your house with regular non cell phones (not XBOX Live). Just because teenage girls eat up that ringtone rap and reality TV and “M” (ha music right) TV crap doesn’t mean that’s what Generation Y is about. Remember, we aren’t old enough to have made our impact on society yet. Give us a chance. Just remember, crap movies like Meet the Spartans you insult us for, were created and produced by Gen Xers…now it’s sad we buy into it but that’ll change when we leave the 2000s.

    Again, we are the last generation to experience what Gen X did, the world before it came fully digitial. VHS, dial up internet (if we even had it), noise on our antenna TV’s, tube TV’s, VCR’s, The Simpsons.

    If anything Generation X and Y should be happy they are the last generations to experience the 20th century, be molded by it and have a strong connection to it. Kids born in Gen Z and after, will they even know who Rocky is or understand the line “Bueller….Bueller….Bueller…” And be happy we also are the last generations to live in the era of classic American sitcoms, because they are dying out. Be happy, because future generations won’t know who Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett were and why we still listen to Thriller or have beautiful red swimsuit posters on our walls (or can at least hear about it from our parents).

    Don’t hate, remember, we are lucky. The 20th century will soon fade out, the icons are already beginning to go.

  43. Cameron says:

    As a member of generation y, I feel that shooting any of us would be the equivalent of totaling a car, burning a house, exploding a shampoo bottle. We are all such products.

  44. Nick says:

    Couldn’t agree more, great post!

  45. Sarah says:

    As a twenty year old I’m getting tired of the bad reputation Generation Y is already facing. Not all Generation Y’ers are self absorbed people who lack a culture. Generation Y can also be looked at in a positive light. We are politically aware, just look at the political awareness of the last election in young people. Or the fact that people of my generation are more accepting of people of different races, religions, and living styles. Generation Y is also known to be more closely knit to their family. Also I think its important to realize all of the bad things Generation X is known for one being materialistic yuppies. Give us a break, we are just entering the workplace. I think this is nothing other then a generational gap. This article is also centered more toward tweens. I don’t know anyone who actually listens to Fall Out Boy. If you do an article you should actually make sure your references on our “culture” are up to date. Plus is Guns and Roses really something you should be proud of? Big hair, leggings, and hair spray?

  46. dale says:

    I who have been involved with all styles of painting can assure you that the only things that fluctuate are the waves of fashion which carry the snobs and speculators; the number of true connoisseurs remains more or less the same. -Pablo Picasso

  47. Gen Y hater says:

    Gen Y: narcissistic, indulged, cossetted, self-obsessed, arrogantly self-righteous, apathetic, unoriginal, dependent, lazy, uninspired… the loser generation. With any luck, they’ll all realise what a pack of losers they are and their fashionable emo gloom-doom will see them suicide en-masse before they breed. Then those who are in the mid-point of Gen X and Gen Y will have some space and opportunity now that the parasites of Gen Y are gone. These in-betweeners will produce Generation Z… the end of the Old and the beginning of the New. Well… we can only dream.

  48. Cute says:

    Can’t wait for Generation XXX

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