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My Personal Problems With Back to the Future

By: Bobby Finstock on 01/9/08 @ 7:20 am

A few weeks ago when I was home sick with the worst case of the flu I had ever had I locked into HBO when they played the entire “Back to the Future” series. While watching theses films for the first time in years I noticed a few things that I would like to share because I am a sharing type of guy.

Michael J. Fox does a horrible job of lip syncing

McFly guitar

There are two things in movies that annoy the shit out of me. Number one being horribly played basketball scenes. There is nothing worse than a movie where the guy or girl is supposed to be a basketball player and they shoot the ball like a crippled, blind, mentally retarded kid with no arms and only nubs. Or when they lower the rims to make it look like the people involved can dunk… Pretty much any movie that has basketball in it that isn’t a pure sports movie has these horrible scenes. I don’t know why it bugs me so much but watching poorly played fake athletics really gets my blood boiling.

The second thing that annoys me is when actors or actresses lip sync and the recorded voice sounds nothing like what their voice would potentially sound like. This is the case in Back to the Future, where after watching Marty’s performance at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance I am left screaming, “THERE IS NO WAY HE SOUNDS LIKE THAT.” Of course that is the one thing that I find factually wrong in a movie about a time traveling Delorean that has thousands of holes in the logic when dealing with the space time continuum… Sue me.

Wait there is more than one Jennifer?

Jennifer Claudia Wells

Jennifer Elizabeth Shue

How did I not figure this out until the ripe old age of thirty? Seriously how did I not know this? The worst part is I don’t think I figured it out until like three days later after watching it, I was sitting on the toilet and it hit me that it wasn’t the same Jennifer. You know how some people all of a sudden get hit with a major message from God that directs them and tells them what to do? It was like that but only involving a girl wearing a blue shirt with a constant look of surprise on her face. Personally I never though of myself as a slow learner but this situation proves that I have killed too many brain cells by drinking.

Also while I liked Elizabeth Shue in the comedy Leaving Las Vegas, I have to say the Jennifer swap is a downgrade. For awhile I couldn’t figure out what exactly my issue was with the switch out but then it hit me. It comes down to the size of the hair. Claudia Wells, the first Jennifer, has at least 2-4 inches of more hair all the way around her head. It has to be it….

Is there anything that bugs you about certain movies?

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47 Responses to “My Personal Problems With Back to the Future”

  1. Melissa says:

    There is definitely things that bug me about movies.

    One of the biggest things is when they do a HORRIBLE job at catching things like…if a woman is wearing one earring and it’s on the left ear, and the next thing you know, it’s on her right ear. I mean, come on, DETAILS.

    And sometimes, especially in horror films, when the things aren’t logical enough. If it were a Sci-Fi movie, I wouldn’t expect logical, but come on!

    If you are running from a huge man with a chainsaw, and fall over a tree root, and you know they always fall, WHY look behind you and remain on the ground screaming? That’s not logical, that’s dumb.

    I could keep going but I don’t really want to do that to myself..

    Did you get enough sleep, Kevin? Is this what woke you up?

  2. Kevin says:

    Stuff like this does keep me up at night.

    • Melissa says:

      It would keep me up as well.

      I have one more. How about when the characters in a movie are all WOOO GAME NIGHT, GOING TO THE GAME TONIGHT, WOOHOOOOO…

      And they get to the game scenes, and it’s daylight out.


  3. Melissa says:


    Thanks for bringing out the OCD in me.

  4. DeeAGoh says:

    Good Point about the hair…. I mean what use is she if she can’t shield your eyes from the sun? or to serve as marker if on a deserted island? or even to act as a sail when your in a boat race?

  5. Josh says:

    Hmm, I never noticed mexican Jennifer either.
    The Pulp Fiction suitcase, never stops bothering me.

  6. Shieldmaiden96 says:

    Poorly executed or just plain wrong emergency medical procedures bother me. Clearly they are sometimes too lazy to actually learn how a piece of equipment is really supposed to be used…makes me wonder why they bother to pay a medical consultant on a movie. Throw some real EMTs those non-speaking rescue and intervention parts so they at least extricate, board, collar, and do CPR on people correctly. They could use the money!

  7. Matty says:

    Top Gun. The entire flick. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Karl Rove says:

    Yeah, I had a problem with the original Dawn of the Dead. One of the main characters is pregnant but in one scene she is drinking alcohol. In a movie filled with zombies eating people the one problem I find is that a pregnant woman is drinking alcohol. I’m still not sure why I pick that one thing out of a movie that is entirely fictional, but it bugs me.

  9. Nichole E. says:

    The biggest thing that bugs me about movies is probably something that bugs most people. I am a huge horror film fan. The main problem with these films (besides not being scary most of the time) is how the characters in them are so damn stupid. For example: When the “villian” comes in the house why do the victims always run and hide somewhere that is basically a trap? Don’t hide somewhere you can’t get out of, run to the damn door!!! Sorry…these people deserve to die if they’re that dumb.

  10. sir jorge says:

    I never even noticed.

  11. Nicole says:

    Yes, there are tons of things that bother me about movies, but the biggest being that my husband watches the same damn ones over and over again. His favs, why yes, the Back To the Future Trilogy. OMG, I think I have watched those at least 132 times each. Also he is a huge fan of Dumb and Dumber, all the National Lampoons Vacation movies. They are all fairly annoying after a certain amount of viewings.

  12. Well, since you asked…the other day I was watching “The Breakfast Club” on USA or TBS or some crap cable channel, and they not only *bleeped* out the most ridiculous bad words, but replaced them with other ‘acceptable for crap cable TV channel’ bad words! WTF?! It totally ruined the movie for me.

    Oh, and they cut out the part where they smoke out but show them all stoned after, like it’s ok that they are toasted and glassy-eyed but it’s not ok how they got there??

    Total bull*bleep*.

  13. Arjewtino says:

    Holy crap, I’m not sure if I’m disheartened by how the original Jennifer now looks or impressed at the fact that she looks pretty good for a 41-year-old!

    • hands off the diet caffiene free cherry coke says:

      Hey hey, 41 isn’t that old, I look pretty damn good at 40 myself. Elizabeth Shue is hot and she is like um 44!!!

  14. hands off the diet caffiene free cherry coke says:

    Remember ghost boy in Three men and a baby, and it was just a cardboard cut out?? Cardboard cutout my ass!!!!

  15. Marcia says:

    Stuff like that used to bother me, but I’m a real grown up now and I know that life is too short to worry about it. I have the Internet to bother me now. I hate the little ads that say shit like click here to get a new,”whatever.” Then you have to spend a half a day filling out all the required stuff to get it. You get a bunch of crap you don’t want besides not being able to qualify (AW-W-W) for the free prize. The third level is what always get me. Like if I could qualify for an American Express card, or a Discover card with my income, then I would just go buy the freakin thing. I’ve got more important things to do. So let it be known to the people who put out those stupid ads I just delete them, and I’m sure everybody else does too, when they are a grownup. You are not a grown up until you get past 45, in case you were wondering what a grown up is.
    The Cat Lady

  16. Jeremy says:

    Anyone who got caught and wrecked by the origional Mummy. He moved at about 7 feet an hour. Even Rosie O’donell could outrun that Toilet paper covered monster. You could start running away, stop for lunch, browse through the book store, grab a beer, and he still wouldn’t have caught up.
    Worst monster ever.

  17. Alysiah says:

    Bad stunt doubles bother me…lol
    e.g. hit the pause button during the ~drive through wall of fire~ scene in “Bad Boys” (1995 Martin Lawrence, Will Smith) and behold two over-sized caucasians …

  18. Melsa says:


    My main issue, is with the photo that he has. His oldest brother disappears first. But if time was UNRAVELING, HE was the last thing to happen, so HE would have disappeared first!!!!

    And you didn’t know about the Jennifer thing? And you call yourself a man.

  19. Dana says:

    Here I go sounding like a bitch, BUT, I believe (don’t quote me on this one)that the original Jennifer didn’t want to do the second film, so they had to reshoot the beginning where Doc comes to 1985 from the future so they could shoot the scene with the “new” Jennifer so it didn’t look like what you saw between TWO films in only one film. Like, you seeing the orig. Jennifer in the garage, then seeing the new one in the Delorean. It makes more sense. But I hate casting new people, too. Know what else I hate? In “chase” scenes, the ones that are on foot, WHY THE HELL DON’T YOU HIDE BEHIND SOMETHING. you would therein stop having to waste your breath on running, saving it to kick some bad guy (or good guy) ass. Or hide in someones house. In a store maybe, then stop looking so damn scared. be cool, and blend in with the massive crowd that’s always hanging around NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THE CHASE.

    • Kevin says:

      Actually her mother was sick with cancer so she couldn’t do the second one.

      But they did have to reshoot the end because it comes into play in the second one.

  20. Melsa says:

    Actually Kevin, you’re wrong. Completely wrong. The LAST event to occur is what would go first. You know nothing about time.

    • Kevin says:

      Bitch please… you do not want to go here with me… I might have to write a blog to lay out my case. Then slap you in the face with my penis… On principle.

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  22. sherij says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t notice the Jennifer thing the INSTANT it happened!!!

    Also, I work for Zanies (Comedy Club) in Chicago, and we just had Tom Wilson (aka Biff) for our New Years show.. Nicest guy ever! He was so nice, I was stunned.
    Sorta used to people that had a moderate amount of success being dicks, so he was a refreshing change.

    Anyway, this one made me laugh out loud Kev.
    How are those non-work pants, working for ya now?

  23. jamie (back to the future's biggest fan) says:

    Just to let you know that Back to the Future Is.My.Favorite.Movie.Ever.

    as far as movie annoyances, well I always get chills when I watch bitchy cheerleader scenes.

    It gives me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    If only I could’ve had Carrie’s ability. Now that was real…

  24. Mets Guy says:

    I think Crispen Glover’s character changed somewhere along the way, too. Did they have someone else playing the father in the last movie?

    • The Kevinator says:

      Yes, they did. Crispin Glover wanted more money and made more demands than the producers of BTTF could give him…also his appearance on David Letterman’s original LATE NIGHT show (NBC) in ‘85 pretty much cooked his goose, IMHO. I watched the show that night and couldn’t believe what I saw when Crispin Glover looked like he was going to assault Dave with karate moves.

      Anyway, Crispin Glover was replaced in both BTTF2 and BTTF3 by Jeffrey Weissmann, though there were scenes when the original movie footage was used, and Crispin Glover was in those. I think the producers did a pretty good match-’em-up job for George McFly and I believe Elizabeth Shue did a marvelous performance under the circumstances as well, but I wish Claudia Wells had still played the part and the producers could have shot around her until she was able to return. Claudia was nowhere mentioned on the BTTF DVD compilation, and I wondered whatever happened to her, and the reason why she left. A mystery solved.

  25. Jenny says:

    In “A Christmas Story” when they go to get in line to see santa and Ralphie and Randy go right to the bottom of the stairs, and the guy says,

    “…the line ends here, it begins back there”

    Is that a 1950’s midwest way of saying things? b/c to everyone I know –and we bring it up everytime the movie is on… the first person in line is at the beginning, that is the front and the start and the beginning of the line.

    If the concept is the “wait” then yes, the “wait” ends there… BUT…. GRRRRRRRRRRRR….

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  27. I saw “Back to the future” when I was about 18 and I thought it was a legendary movie for its time. I must however say that seeing it again is pretty painful. I suppose the standard has risen, just a bit.

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