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The Uncomfortable Lunch, Was I That Drunk?

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/11/07 @ 8:38 am

The other day I went to lunch with a co-worker. As we took a seat at our table I looked up to see a girl that I recognized staring at me. She was there with her co-workers who populated two different tables. As soon as I looked at her she ran to the second table of co-workers who were mostly women and whispered things in their ears. It was obviously about me as they all looked over at my table with disdain. At first I didn’t realize it was disdain, I was hoping it was , “check out the cute guy at the other table.” But when they look up and give you the look you would give someone that fell asleep in their own vomit and shit themselves, the whole cute guy thought goes flying out the window.

look of disgust

I couldn’t remember her name, but I am pretty sure she hung out within a group of friends that I wrote about before in Drunken Mistakes Volume 4: The Bed Wetter and Her Friend Gonzo. As I sat there at lunch I felt her staring a whole through back of my co-workers head as he ate his turkey sub. The entire time at lunch I was trying to place her and remember what I could have possibly done to have scarred her enough to immediately run to another group of people and start talking shit about me at least a good five years since we last saw each other.   What I am saying is that I may or may not have called the girl a “twat” at some point. It was at a time in my life that I was going out a lot after I left college the first time. I don’t remember a lot about those years, mostly stories and events but the people all have kind of blended together.   This has become a disconcerting trend in my return to Western New York.

Not only do we have this uncomfortable lunch time experience I had two other things recently happen.

1) The return to the bar- I have gone out a handful of times in my old stomping grounds where I used to live. The few times I have gone out I have ran into a few people that immediately   starting talking to me. They would know my name, reference things in the past, ask how I have been. The thing is I couldn’t remember who they were, their name, or pretty much anything about them. Now if it happened with one or two people it would be one thing but it had to have happen with at least half a dozen people. It bothered me a little bit…

2) My First Night Out- The first night I went out in Buffalo when I moved back here I was out at a bar with a few friends. I recognized a girl that I knew and walked by her, at this point in the night I was slightly inebriated and decided it was in my best interest to figure out who she was.

Me: Hey did you go to college in Geneseo?

Her: Yes…

Me: Didn’t you used to go out at the Vital Spot?

Her: Yes…

Me: I used to DJ there a few years back.

Her: (annoyed) I know.

Me: We had sex didn’t we?

Her: *Sigh* Yup.

It didn’t look like we were hopping into bed again anytime soon. In fact I am still trying to figure out if the sigh and the annoyed tone was because I didn’t remember her or because she had sex with me. I am hoping it is the first one.

All three of theses situations really bothered me when I added them up. Was I that big of a lush in that period of time where I don’t remember anyone or anything? Or was it just not an important time in my life where I care to remember every detail. Has my memory been more focused on important things and not what happened every time I went out?

Ugh… I think I need a drink.

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Bobby Finstock

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30 Responses to “The Uncomfortable Lunch, Was I That Drunk?”

  1. Amanda says:

    I think it’s funny when people do the stare you down while whispering to people thing. They totally want to grab your attention so I don’t know why they whisper.

    • Kevin says:

      I know, she might have well just walked up to the table and said something to me.

      • Amanda says:

        But then it would have taken away the drama element

        • not unpreposterous says:

          sorry to elbow in here — not only does it take away the drama, but direct confrontation gives kevin the chance to defend himself. makes the girl look like a big scene-maker.

          of course, if she’d REALLY wanted drama, she could’ve gone the MASSIVE scene-maker route, stalked over and thrown a glass of something in your face! then you look jerky, and you don’t really get a chance to look otherwise, no matter what you say.

          maybe you should stick with not wanting to know more.

  2. atenea says:

    I’ve had situations were people remember me and I don’t. I usually just try to pretend they aren’t there, or if they are staring really hard, I smile, mouth Hi and then promptly leave the premises.

    But in your situation, I would have just left :P .

    I think it wasn’t that important, or you would remember them.

  3. King Steve says:

    Dude, it’s probably better that you DON’T remember all of that shit. I’m positive you would feel like a bigger asshole.

  4. Fiona says:

    I’ll have one with you…. at least you didn’t get married during your blur.

  5. Em Em says:

    Oh well, you might run into some cute girl you don’t remember that thought you were awesome and have another shot at some point, ya never know!

  6. Matty says:

    Well, if you don’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

    Either that or the sex with the one girl was not very memorable. If it were good, wouldn’t you have better recall?

  7. Sarah says:

    I have had people I don’t know start talking to me like I was their best friend at some point. And you’re right. It can be disconcerting. However, I have found that worrying about it too much will kill even more of your brain cells, and if you can’t remember that many people in the first place, you probably need as many of those suckers as you have left.

  8. supernik says:

    i vote, if you dont remember them and if you dropped them at some point, they arent good enough for you. as for the sigh it was probably that she thought she was totally awesome but you forgetting it popped that little bubble. haha psycho bitches

  9. Charlotte says:

    Maybe she wasn’t an ex-anything? She could have just been the wax-disposal girl from your last brazilian? Or maybe she was just pointing out a zit on your forehead, that was shaped like Elvis, to her friends because it was on her holiday scavenger hunt list?

  10. Too funny. I love it when I get that stare….Cheers.

  11. Jamie says:

    Cool, Kevin, you’re the male Samantha from Sex and the City when she had sex with someone again that she didn’t remember. Altho she’s really just a female you.

    Mayhaps you should find new stomping grounds. Just sayin.

    Or get nip/tucked. Get a whole new identity.

    Witness Protection Program.

    There’s many things you can do, and don’t forget the whole “have amnesia” bit, because thats likely to cause revisited sympathy sex, if you stay in your old place.

  12. will says:

    There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as running into someone who remembers you, and you can’t remember them. Perhaps she was just running off to tell people that you’re awesome, that’s what I’d tell myself.

  13. James says:

    She hasnt gotten over you. Because you moved on and didnt call her, she has become bitter. She still wants you

  14. Joyce Wojnarowski says:

    There are things I wished I could forget and not remember. It’s funny how 15 years later some of the people I dated still go up to my sister and ask her if she is related to me(she lives in the same town we grew up in). I live over an hour away from where I grew up so I’m lucky I don’t really bump into anyone I’ve dated in the past. That would be uncomfortable for sure. be happy you don’t remember some of the stuff…

  15. Amanda S. says:

    Wow…that does suck. But, like me, you have come to a revelation…but do you really want to change the behavior. I say, have fun and they can fuck their self…plain and simple. If you cannot remember their name, obviously they were not good and are not important enough to give a shit what they think. LOL!!!!

  16. Coming from a chick where in the rules does it say we have to remember everyones name that we had sex with?

    Boys and girls be a little more memorable if it is important when we run into you years later.

    Also don’t expect people who smoke a lot of pot to remember much. Seen that happen before to a friend and it’s hilarious.

    What’s that saying? Remember my name cause you’ll be screaming it later? Have a worthy name m’kay.

  17. LoneStarBrit says:

    “But when they look up and give you the look you would give someone that fell asleep in their own vomit and shit themselves, the whole cute guy thought goes flying out the window.”

    Well, I hate to ask the obvious question, but…….have you ever and would she have witnessed it? Just asking dude!

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