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If You Blog on MySpace You Are Truly an Idiot

By: Bobby Finstock on 11/29/07 @ 8:13 am

This is a long rant with some funny shit, but it is long and some people will frankly not give a shit about what is talked about in here. Now before I launch into this I want to make three points:

1) When I say “blog” I mean write seriously, care about an audience, and put some time and effort in. I don’t mean someone that throws up a post about their favorite tv show, an occasional poem, or basically has something up so four or five people can read it. Saying that you don’t really care but then talking about your numbers, whoring yourself out, or continually returning after you have been deleted shows you really and truly care, so shut the hell up and take your lumps.

2) I started out on MySpace, I owe blogging on MySpace for my current job, blog, consulting, and the reason why I am in grad school. In fact it has possibly gotten me laid, although I would like to think it is my good looks and charm. I have in fact I have blogged about how to get a large audience blog audience on MySpace, and I am not going to deny it is a good place to start but past that… well we will get into that.

four_legged_midget3) This isn’t a criticism of anyone’s writing and I don’t think I am better than anyone else, well except a handful of people. Half of the time I look at my blog and wonder if a dyslexic retarded midget with no limbs posted that day. I don’t fashion myself as a writer or have an air of superiority about me, well except when it comes to janga… I’d own all of you.

A few weeks ago I met with the professor that is probably going to be guiding me on my thesis and we talked about potential topics for me to write about. We decided on me writing about how I personally used the social web to accomplish a few different things. It is going to be a mix of my personal story with academic reasoning for certain things; bringing in marketing theory, web theory, and probably some sociology. As I started writing up the outline for this I had to go back onto MySpace and cite some different things. Being back on there and looking around made me so glad to not be blogging on there. I realized that blogging on there is pretty much the dumbest thing I could go back to. Why you ask?

From a financial and artistic perspective-

1) MySpace Owns and Profits from Your Content While Holding it Hostage- Read the terms of service hopefully that will clear up any questions about the owning statement. As far as profiting goes, I had over two million blog views in 2006 and had in general one of the most read blogs on the site. What to know what I got from it? Nothing. Now examine that against possible advertising revenue I could have leveraged and I easily missed out on thousands of dollars. Little did I know that I had cornered the market on dick and fart jokes, midget porn references, and anal fisting mentions. Think about how many craigslist hookers I probably could have gotten or the sheer amount of money I could have spent watching Eastern European girls strip for me via webcam.

As far as holding your content hostage, try exporting your blogs from there. Oh that’s right you can’t. Now go through and spend the time deleting them or copying them, kind of a pain in the ass… I wonder why they do that? Also with their delete without warning policy your entire profile could be deleted taking your content with it, well not really. The content still exists on their servers, you just can’t manage it anymore.

So the question asks, why are you helping a multi-national company by giving them your content? What do you get out of it exactly?

From having it be a limitation on my overall potential audience-

2) Why fight over a limited number of users when I can whore myself to the entire interweb- I really get a kick out of the people that brag about their MySpace numbers (page views, subscribers, etc) or that post their spot on the MySpace blog rankings on their blog or their page. First of all people that sit their and brag about their audience like my male stalker Super Douche does shows how totally stupid they are. It really isn’t their audience, it is people that are on MySpace and go to their blog, they are just providing content within a system that already exists. To give you a comparison it would be like the weather man on your local news saying that he draws a huge audience to the show. While he might have people that are interested in what he has to say and like him, the audience is already tuning into the program. If the weather man leaves, most of the people aren’t going to be tuning out of the program.

That is kind of evident with people trying to leave MySpace and blog. They can’t carry their audience and they can’t build a new audience because quite frankly they aren’t what they think they are cracked up to be.

For example, let’s look at the alexa.com (a site used to determine traffic and advertising values) rankings for a few MySpace bloggers that have left, these rankings depict your overall standing on the web:

Super Douche: 1,140,081 (plus he attempted to milk the traffic of other semi popular writers)

Zara: 708,711

Me: 135,997 According to alexa.com I have the 135,997 most trafficked site on the web… what that means I have no idea. I just know it is better than being over that million mark. Apparently I know something about extending my reach past a social networking site and not getting caught up in my own popularity on there. But then again when your only goal is to have women write balls on their bodies for you, I guess you don’t have to look past your nose and understand the world around you. (Like 10% of you know what that means, I am not going to go into it past that though.)

Some people just care about the ego stroke and the instant gratification that they get on MySpace, others understand that building an audience past there takes work, talent, and good content.

As far as bragging about the MySpace rankings, hell I used to get caught up in it and care. But then I realized that I am looking at a fraction of exposure of what I can get by leaving that website. I am losing out ultimately on search engine traffic, new readers, and a ton of other ways to expose myself.

The blogging subculture on MySpace has totally grown out of hand when you put it into context against the larger scheme of the web. People act like blogging on MySpace is the end all and be all of their existence, they care about who is gaming the all so important MySpace blog rankings, who writes crappy stuff and is yet still popular, who co-blogged with who to get there… Does any of it matter? What is at stake? Money… nope we cleared that up. The sanctity of the rankings? Please, nobody beyond MySpace knows they exist, they don’t care nor does the vast majority of people on MySpace. Bragging about where you rank on MySpace is like bragging about fucking the fattest and ugliest cheerleader on the varsity squad, sure she is a cheerleader but I mean really do you want to stake claim to that?

RootsAnd stop putting a screen shot of where you ranked in the rankings on your page or blog. Some might say that they are proud at what they accomplished so why not show it off. But what did you accomplish, think about it. It is like a slave during the 1800s bragging that he is the best slave on the plantation. He isn’t getting paid, he isn’t getting a better job, he isn’t getting a slave of the year award at the national slave convention… MySpace loves that the bloggers have fed into this and care about their rankings because it keeps members on the site, increasing page views which helps in their ad revenue generation. You are foolishly buying into it.

From having to deal with the drama-

3) Lets fight over the rankings that don’t matter, who is a fraud, and whatever petty bullshit we can muster- I should explain first what MySpace drama is for those that don’t blog on there or follow what goes on. People routinely attack other writers, create fake profiles to attack other writers because they don’t have the guts to do it from their own, create fake profiles of other writers to parody them, leave nasty comments, and so on and so forth. Basically take everything bad about high school, magnify it by ten, and make it public. The best part is most of the people that are involved in it are adults.

I have to say the drama at times is totally entertaining and a lot of the times what people are saying is valid on some level but honestly if you really don’t like reading someone or think their stuff is shit why attack them? If I took the time out to write about everyone that I came across that sucked or that was a cheater or that I thought was an asshole I wouldn’t have a blog. I would just have giant bitch list about other people, who the fuck wants to read that? What does it really gain? You can expose them? For what? To whom and who cares? Yeah there are a lot of writers that suck on there and that goes the same for everywhere else. I am sure there are some fakes, cheaters, and misogynistic assholes that you will run into them in real life as well.

Granted there are a lot of people I have tussled with in the past and I had to learn over time that it is pointless to fight on a website that is filled with people trying to make up for short comings in their life… Maybe mommy didn’t love them enough or they didn’t gain attention until they started using a social networking website. Whatever the case maybe why get into a pissing contest with someone that doesn’t impact your life in the least?

Sure bloggers outside of MySpace get into it here or there but that is usually called link baiting and it usually only happens amongst geeks. On MySpace though people get so vicious and personal over something that doesn’t matter. There isn’t money at stake, there isn’t professional reputation at stake, there is nothing at stake except people’s opinions over like a two day period, in the end what does it matter?

So what am I really saying?

I’m not saying be nice, that you should get together and sing kumbaya or even stop the throat cutting. I am trying to put this all in perspective for you. Don’t blog on there anymore, start a site on blogger, wordpress, or register a site with yahoo. Don’t piss away your writing in a place that will never let you get anywhere, that is filled with petty bullshit. And expose your work past the walls of a closed garden and to the open world. Your friends and readers, if they really care, will come… It will be rewarding, trust me.

Plus I need more people to start websites and link to me. I want the google juice.

This is going up on Humor-blogs.com even though it really isn’t funny

About the author

Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

144 Responses to “If You Blog on MySpace You Are Truly an Idiot”

  1. says:

    Hey! Ms Myrtle Corbin is MY myspace avatar. I think a girl with 4 legs and 2 (yes, only 2) crotches has it goin on, don’t you?

  2. says:

    Good points for the lemmings. Anybody who thinks a MySpace blog is going to reap them the reward of, well…anything while toiling around MySpace needs a healthy kick in the rear. They should use a Wordpress (or other) site for the material they really care about and keep MS for the social networking aspect and/or to post a quick nugget of randomness.

  3. says:

    lol. you said “expose yourself” Sorry… immature middle school giggle phase terminating. =x

  4. says:

    You’re right. I used to want to be a “top blogger” but then I realized that that takes so much time and I don’t really get anything out of it. Now I just blog mostly to update my friends on my life. Does this mean I’m an idiot though? Because I write blogs on Myspace?

  5. says:

    I thought the drama was only limited to High Schoolers. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got a Facebook, which I use to stay in touch with old friends from High School, and even then I’ll drop an occasional, “Hello.” Time for the Packers vs. The Cowboys!!! Go Cowboys!!!

  6. says:

    Well Kevin, we’ve known each other for quite a while, and during that time I think we’ve come to have a fairly good respect for one another’s points of view.

    I guess I want to go in a few directions……

    First, as far as I’m aware (haven’t looked in a little while), MySpace clearly does not “own” content posted, the TOU at one time did imply that however a year or so they were revised to clearly say the Copyright stays with the one who writes the material.

    Second, as far as “making a mark” out in the world, if one types “SteamGeek” in Yahoo, I will be most of the top 10 hits, not too bad for my “writing and self publishing hobby”

    Third, while most of what you said is true, I think the key is folks need to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Those with “bigger aspirations” need to understand MySpace may well be a “proving ground” and a place to “practice one’s craft” but they also need to think beyond MySpace.

    That all being said, I will say now and forever there are some truly gifted writer / thinkers doing their thing on MySpace, it really is what one makes of it, for better or worse.

  7. says:

    But at least you got something out of it. Imagine all the ones who toil to help provide MySpace with ways to keep people on their mega-site but don’t use it to their advantage by marketing yourself as well as you have done. One hell of a job I might add.

    Nice rant and so true :)

  8. says:

    I totally understand your point about people only reading blogs on myspace because they are already online and why not? But I have to say- in the beginning (before all the lame asses started making a contest out of leaving the first comment on your blog) I would often only log on to myspace to read what you had to say for the day… The fact is- you are entertaining. Hurry up and get that TV show so I can spend even more time every week piddling away my life on the couch… at least I will be laughing my ass off.

  9. says:

    Couldn’t agree more…

  10. says:

    I’d like to hear your bitch list… could be quite entertaining.

  11. says:

    Interesting. While I will likely pass on your sage-like advice, I think it’s still good to know and hear.
    And thanks for jabbing Balls. I HATE that guy.

  12. says:

    (Long time no see.)

    Here’s one for you. I’ve been posting a series already published in the international market. It’s mine. I wrote it. I wanted MyFriends to see it, and so I subsequently hoisted it up into the blogosphere (Who coined that phrase, anyway?) once it got to where it was going and was accepted.

    MySpace didn’t get it first. They’ve got first rights to nothing, as far as I am concerned.

    I think the wannabe powers would be shocked, eh? Think they’ll make me take it down since they didn’t publish it first?

    I am seriously considering leaving MySpace and sticking to my real businesses of writing articles for the overseas market, and publishing. I deleted my account once, in fact. I was hounded until I came back. What’s up with that, anyway?

    (How you doing?)

  13. Kevin says:

    Hey the reading rainbow guy!

  14. says:

    I just needed to vent, after going on there and spending a few days reading and analyzing I felt like I needed to vomit

  15. says:

    hey nip as you know im still kind of new to this blog thing i just made my first one yesterday. thank you for letting me know how it truely is on myspace early and saving me from getting trapped there lol I started liking blogs because of your blogs and i will follow your advice with the other sits im goin to use myspace soley as a practice field. But any advice you can give me i will listen and apply to my blogs. thank you

  16. says:

    Aw, c’mon, now…you get a kickback from pimping these other blogsites out, doncha?

  17. says:

    like a four dollar whore

  18. says:

    I linked this in a bulletin on my page. I will probably get deleted, haha.

  19. says:

    lol… nah, I am hoping to generate some sort of discussion with it.

  20. says:

    I have a feeling there is something about that is going to be discussed tomorrow.

  21. says:

    I really don’t have a problem with him, I know you dislike him…

  22. says:

    That myspace sucks and people need to get their content off of there.

  23. says:

    Huh. That wasn’t what I got from the blog AT all…. thought it was about midgets…

  24. says:

    I feel like you’re critizising people for caring about blogging when it seems like you care the most. Blogging is what you make it idiot.

  25. says:

    and anal fisting

  26. says:

    Yeah I just felt I needed to open up…

  27. says:

    Actually Michael… Nip didn’t write this… She just linked to it.

  28. says:

    I think that sums it all up.

  29. says:

    Oh no… I totally agree with you there are different reasons why people blog, for what you are doing it is fine. I am talking about some of the people that really take it seriously on there.

  30. says:

    Oh I know, there are some people that have their entire lives revolve around it.

  31. says:

    I like being called a whoremaster, is that wrong?

  32. says:

    It is a good tool to get readers and a good place to start out but there is a point where people need to break from it. Some just can’t cut the cord.

  33. says:

    Yeah, and by stupid, I mean “I clearly don’t fit in”. Some people enjoy the bickering and what not that goes on and it is funny to read, but I spend enough god damn time on here to worry about particpating in stuff like that.

  34. says:

    Oh Judd, you whore….lmao…you love us and you KNOW it….lololol

  35. says:

    school yard bickering is all it has become

  36. says:

    He’s a newbie, Kevin. Had his very first blog last night. It was called The Drama Free Room.

    MySpace decided it hated me again, and I couldn’t put code in any of my bulletins, so the pimpage didn’t work like I wanted it to.

  37. says:

    I’ll say it now. I’m an idiot. Of course I love you all and wouldn’t dream of leaving for good, I just want to post my blogs on different sites.

  38. says:

    Oh they totally could be tampered with. But I am trying to use some sort of metric to show that people that have an instant audience on MySpace can’t translate it past there. We could use compete.com, or other sites but I just went for a common one.

  39. says:

    no it is like being the leader in Lord of the Flies

  40. says:

    yeah that was huge for me to leave the site, I actually went through and took the time to delete me content off of there, even though it still exists in their servers I just felt better off doing that

  41. says:

    yeah writing for the sake of writing is much better than writing for the sake of popularity

  42. says:

    How can I not give an amen to that?

  43. says:

    The popular stuff has eroded more and more.

  44. says:

    First off I am not a top blogger, I don’t blog on MySpace, I just link to my shit. As far as having an ego, I don’t think I compare to people on there. If I really had one I would be pretty upset that I don’t garner 300 comments anymore, but it blogging isn’t about an ego stroke for me. It is about having fun and entertaining people.

    As far as it being a tool to build an audience it without a doubt is, but people need to know what to do with that audience… Most people haven’t been smart enough to figure that out yet.

  45. says:

    I am so glad to be removed from there.

  46. says:

    I think you should, I enjoy reading you. I don’t always leave comments, because I have a FANTASTIC admirer that trolls through the blogs waiting for his chance to pounce.

    In defense of my friends that have been under attack as of late BECAUSE of the Drama Blogging, umm, it’s really NOT the blog. It’s the comments within the blog that generally set the gears in motion.

  47. says:

    i can totally live with that.

  48. says:

    Pffft. I knew you were going to act offended by that. You know what I meant. You =were= a top blogger on there, and if your name comes up on the network even now Im guessing more people remember you as a top blogger and someone who fought with Jabs. Heh.
    Those are the two things I remember.

    When did you leave anyway? It couldnt have been that long ago. August? I had noticed you were gone but dont remember when you left, and I want say that’s when a lot of people were starting to write for NervousBreakdown off of myspace,then i received the friend request from you and saw you were in fact gone.

    What is your goal with blogging over here, just to vent or are you hoping to get this site to take off? Where do you wanting your writing to go, as in goals? And why arent you on strike ;)

  49. says:

    I left like back in June or so.

    The site already has taken off, I have been getting various offers to write in other places and do some other things. Currently I write scripts for popcrunch.com.

    Honestly, I like writing just to write and entertain, if something comes out of this I will be happy but it isn’t like I am banking on it.

  50. says:

    Yeah I know I am not unique in my sentiment

  51. says:

    you shouldn’t do that… just tease with your myspace blogs because you are going to get impacted by “double content” a lot of the blogs won’t do well in search engines

  52. says:

    actually the funny thing is I am going to have a contest soon involving stickers

  53. says:

    I only keep up with the drama through your lens because you entertain me.

    I honestly don’t care, I have gotten messages from people asking me to weigh in on things and I don’t even know the people involved.

    Honestly, I knew it would draw a lot of people here today and I just wanted to puke after reading all the shit I did when citing all the hate blogs written about me.

  54. says:

    Oh there are some people on there that are worth reading, I just wish they weren’t on there.

  55. says:

    that is exactly what they want you to say

  56. says:

    Bukkake is always a good way to close a comment.

  57. says:

    you really should check out those other places

  58. says:

    You know where to find me.

  59. says:

    Lolz… i dontz knowzzzzzzz

  60. says:

    thank you… yeah I figured it was time to vent

  61. says:

    Glad you came back.. now get caught up :)

  62. says:

    Huh? I’m not understanding your reply. But not understanding things lately seems to be a theme with me…perhaps old timer’s disease is kicking in early?

  63. says:

    well i miss you on myspace. you were one i always subbed to along with Buddha Mama and Richard. I’ll be back over to read more of your blogs. Like the video too.

  64. says:

    well you have no problem with that. And I see that the blog here has been getting attention. See – when someone does open up they get people talking.

  65. says:

    And people whored it around for me, thank you for that.

  66. says:

    Thanks for the kind words, yeah don’t be a stranger over here… I mean it isn’t a bad place.

  67. says:

    oh I meant a lot of people feel the same way obviously

  68. says:

    I am relaxed

  69. says:

    well like I said, this isn’t really pointing at people that are just messing around and having fun, it is for the larger set.

  70. says:

    You are right partially with your assessment but you are wrong as well.

    Yes it is a great tool to promote, I do that, myspace is my second largest traffic source. But you have to use it as a tool, as a means to an ends, not your main source.

    For Jenna and Zach it makes sense for them to blog on there, they are celebrities, they have a huge fan base they don’t need to comment back or maintain their blog. They just write it, throw it up, and walk away.

    As far as becoming a writer and getting attention for publishers, if you are using MySpace to push traffic that is fine. But if you are writing on there and using that as your sole source of promotion and housing your content it is the absolute dumbest thing you can do. Look at their terms of service first of all. Also you lose out at building an audience off of there, you lose out at search engine positioning, and you lose out.

  71. says:

    Thanks Matt I appreciate it

  72. says:

    The key phrase here is “sole source.” Of course you wouldn’t use it as your only source. TV shows have commercials, books have reviews, ads in magazines, etc. I go on TV interviews, do NPR spots, book signings, etc.

    MySpace is just one piece of the marketing pie, but I think it’s a mistake to dismiss it just because they happen to house the content. It’s not like I’m posting book chapters on there. They house it for free, and I pick up a few readers here and there. Plus I meet lots of friends and interesting people.

    I wouldn’t have found this blog entry without it.

  73. says:

    Am I being brainwashed? Let’s talk about this offline. I have some questions for you…

  74. says:

    Richard, I never discounted myspace as a promotional tool. I mean I get paid to write about it as a promotional tool at buzznetworker.com.

    I use it as a promotional tool every day at work and for my own writing. What I am criticizing on this post is the people that blog on there for no other reason to blog on there and think they have accomplished something by having people read their myspace blog.

  75. says:

    Um no… I am criticizing for people caring about blogging on MySpace.

  76. says:

    lol same bat time… same bat channel

  77. says:

    you’re welcome. hee

  78. says:

    Glad you got something from this

  79. says:

    lol yup. I pimped this morning as well. People are fickle creatures though.

  80. says:

    You wouldn’t want those high school celebrity wannabes to think they are achieving the popularity they so desperately crave. The rubes.

  81. says:

    I’m confused, no love for myspace blogs or four dollar whores? What’s this world coming to?

  82. says:

    I don’t even think I’d have the gumption to delete everything. It’s too much a part of my profile, and I have gotten way too big of a kick out of reading the comments. My number one complaint about off-myspace blogging is following the comment line. It’s simply easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing on myspace than any other sites I’ve seen. Sounds trivial, but the responses to my blog are a big part of the reason I write them in the first place.

  83. says:

    Wow. I am checking myself into the old folks’ home immediately!

    What I meant was…are you saying that a lot of people share the same sentiment as you of wanting to call me a slutty little whore in private?

    Or that you have read my blog and agree with my sentiment? And if that is the case, then why didn’t you comment, fucker? ;)

    Or was it perhaps that many share the same sentiment of whoring on your blog?

    Ya gotta speak s – l – o- -w for us mentally challenged folk!

    I think my brain has most likely been infected by toxins from the myspace hate bloggers!

    Send in the Coast Guard – just make sure they are studs!

  84. says:

    One last quick thing, can you make the LOGIN a little more prominent on pages and how do I comment when I’m logged in here?

  85. says:

    Actually I am redoing the commenting system this weekend so it ties into the social networking portion of the site.

  86. says:

    Just moved to Blogspot – Niiice.

    I wasn’t keen on letting ALL of any potential Ad revenue (minuscule though it may be) go to a right-wing behemoth like Fox. Rather split it with Google than contribute to the bigger Evil Empire.

  87. says:

    I just looked at the terms of service again and it has been amended, but they still can do things with your content without permission. But you are right it is totally my bad.

    Yes you should back up your work, that goes without saying. Blogging away from there allows you to not only backup your work but your comments and so much more.

  88. says:

    No you are right about the TOS I replied to a comment about that, they have changed it from what I originally knew it to be. That is totally my bad.

    Think about how much better steam geek would come up in multiple search engines if you had control over your SEO.

    Also I agree with it being a good place to be a proving ground but I think people get way too attached there and their long range vision is compromised because of the ego stroke of blogging on there.

    Thanks for your kind words and your point of view.

  89. says:

    No… you fall into the group of people that are absolved from my bitching

  90. says:

    thanks for the comment… great point of view…

    the website building… that is an idea

  91. says:

    I think your post today is getting at the heart of the difference between Social Networking and the entirely different game of Self Publishing. There is room for both and in some cases the two overlap.

    The SteamGeek “brand” might one day go places and make a difference off-MySpace, in the mean time I’ve not only met you, but many other folks who have taught me things and forced me to think further and clearer than I would have on my own.

    That being said, the ‘next step for folks may well be off-MySpace, but if Im right I think MySpace will move toward the real world rather than away from it. I think most if the complaints or drawbacks are more rooted in “lack of maturity of the product” than by overt design.

    For folks like you and I who want to do more than the MySpace “tool” allows, we do in need to venture farther to auxiliary, yet Ive also blogged under the SteamGeek banner on (many) of the alternative prime time blog sites and none can compare to MySpace for the networking tools and potential target audience.

    So its a mixed bag, nothing can compare for someone starting out (free easy to use and effective tool), yet to really make a mark in the world one also needs to think beyond MySpace.

    We both will likely keep one foot in MySpace and one out in the rest of the world… and if I may be so bold as to assert there are huge advantages to both sides of that fence. I might also assert on some level both are mutually beneficial to the other.

    I think its great you’ve parlayed this self publishing game to the next levels, especially Grad School. The opportunities are huge, Im looking forward to playing the game along with you.

    As far as your research project / thesis, I would love to get your point(s) of view on some of my earlier work:

    MySpace, Fox, and the Coming Digital World

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