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I’m not artistic enough

By: Bobby Finstock on 08/30/07 @ 4:27 am

This week I finally started class, I am going for my MFA in Digital Media Studies along with a certificate in New Media. What that means, well I have no idea but it sure as hell sounds impressive.

All my classes are located in the Fine Arts building, so there is a hodge podge of actors/actresses, artists, and the like. The thing is I stick out like a sore thumb in there, I feel like I don’t blend in at all, especially since I am going to class after work. So in order to feel a little bit more comfortable in my surroundings I have come up with a list of potential changes I can make.

Dress in all black- Nothing says artistic more than dressing in all black and walking around like the garbage man rolled over your new puppy. Of course I run the risk of people thinking that I am a ninja or a 15 year old goth girl.


Changing the color of my hair- There is an undergrad group that a my friend Erin and I noticed after our orientation, at first we thought they were high schoolers touring the campus but now we realize that they live in the Fine Arts building. Perhaps they have a dungeon below the theater, I don’t know. Anyways, they all have fantastic hair styles and colors, when they walk around they make me think of a pack of skittles.

Sit in the corner and write in a notebook- Now the notebook can’t be like a 5 star notebook or anything with lines in it, it has to be a bound book. If I do get one, I have to sit in a very defensive position and only look up out of my notebook to give the world a look of disdain.


Wear a Cure t-shirt- Wait, that doesn’t work anymore?

Gain thirty pounds and don’t shave my armpits- Wait if I keep eating wings every other day that first thing could happen sooner rather than later…. This might happen if I want to or not.

What suggestions do you have to make me fit into this artistic community a little better?

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46 Responses to “I’m not artistic enough”

  1. says:

    You could alwasy start your own trend. YOu know wear all white and get a hair style like Grath Brooks/Chris Gaines and ..

    wait a minute – you SHAVE YOUR ARM PITS?! Seriously?

    ok bak to the suggestions. Maybe dress like you have some idea that there is a life outside of school and the parents money.

    Serioulsy? I thought only chicks did that.

  2. says:

    dang three days in a row I am first. I need a life

  3. says:

    No I don’t shave my armpits, but it really wasn’t clear in there was it?

  4. says:

    I think you covered the bases. Glasses might help though.

    (pssst…I think this lawyer dude is stalking you)

  5. says:

    I think you need the Chris Gaines hair thing. That was sooo cool and pre emo emo.

    On the bright side there is no more Kobe jersey guy in class.

  6. says:

    Get pierced, everywhere….. then take pictures…

  7. says:

    I was going to say get pierced everywhere, but someone beat me to it…..

  8. says:

    [quote comment="4918"]I was going to say get pierced everywhere, but someone beat me to it…..[/quote]


  9. says:

    I want you to make sure that you have your black Chuck Taylor’s on as well.

  10. says:

    honestly, i think you should just be yourself. that’s the way God made you. all the best & ENJOY!

  11. says:

    i just posted my response and it said i did it at 5:40 am but it’s 9:40 am here in ny at this moment, NOT 5… duh… lol…

  12. says:

    Wear Birkenstocks and somehow grow a lot of feet hair. And make sure your shirt is wrinkled and either miss a button, or leave the top four open. Carry a “murse” (man purse) diagonally draped from shoulder to hip. Don’t wash your hair for four and a half days. Paint your fingernails black. You’d fit in pretty good in Seattle then, so I figure that would make you look at least somewhat artsy…

  13. says:

    go for the johnny depp hairsyle in edward scirrorheads.

  14. says:

    I think in some places wearing a Cure T-shirt might still work.

  15. says:

    Oh the good old days of the art building. I also lived there and loved it. Of course, I didn’t dress like any of the above. I did have an eyebrow ring and then a nose ring and wore lots of beaded shirts. I am not sure if it would work for you though. :)

    Just be yourself. Being an artist is being true to yourself and if anyone asks.. you are saving all the artistic expression for your work and don’t need to dress like an artist to be recognized as one.

  16. says:

    There’s never anything wrong with being mistaken for a ninja.

  17. says:

    wait….YOU SHAVE YOUR ARMPITS??????? hahahahahahah. wow, that was better than anything you’ve ever written. i suggest fuck ‘em, just be yourself. do you really care about fitting in? (i’m sure most of the men don’t shave their armpits so you’re already different from them in that respect).

  18. says:

    [quote comment="4914"]I think you covered the bases. Glasses might help though.

    (pssst…I think this lawyer dude is stalking you)[/quote]

    I can’t wear glasses I would be too annoyed that something is touching my nose

  19. says:

    [quote comment="4915"]I think you need the Chris Gaines hair thing. That was sooo cool and pre emo emo.

    On the bright side there is no more Kobe jersey guy in class.[/quote]

    I miss Kobe jersey guy

  20. says:

    [quote comment="4920"]I want you to make sure that you have your black Chuck Taylor’s on as well.[/quote]

    I have never owned a pair of Chucks… I suck

  21. says:

    I have this SAME problem! The school I attend is veryyyy artsy and I am your typical girly girl who wears a pink North Face fleece and carries around a Prada bag. I feel like I never fit in but learned that it helps if you don’t smile a whole lot and just sort of nod at people. Also, I bring a change of shoes for after work so I’m not walking around in heels. You’d be surprised by how much a pair of sneakers or Uggs can transform a perfectly nice work outfit.

  22. says:

    “The thing is I stick out like a sore thumb in there, I feel like I don’t blend in at all….”

    Don’t you know sticking out and feeling like you don’t blend in is the hallmark of a true artist?

    I’m sure all those black garment wearing, multicolored hair dying, non-shaved or bathed types feel exactly the same. But you really do stick out, which makes you more authentic. Superior. And superiority is also a criterion for artistic types.

    If you feel you must do something to appear more “artsy” I suggest wearing a scarf. You should get either a garishly bright colored one from your local Goodwill or one that looks like piano keys (remember Bruno on “Fame?” He rocked the piano key scarf). Then at opportune moments toss the scarf over your shoulder and walk away in a huff. Undergraduates will seek you out in hopes that your coolness rubs off on them.

  23. says:

    Nothing says “Hey! I’m an artist” like a good old-fashion futt-bucking! I attended high school and college at an Arts Conservatory. It’s gay.

    Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay!

    How gay? I was Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen AND…I have a weiner.

    Boink a boy and become an artist!

    Your Favorite Demi-Blone,

    The Divine Grace

  24. says:

    “Wear a Cure t-shirt- Wait, that doesn’t work anymore?”

    ROFL! And if it doesn’t work, just speak with your European accent of choice. Some one should really dig that. ;)

  25. says:

    You should walk around loudly singing phantom of the opera songs, especially if you pass by any sort of music room.

  26. says:

    Safety pins. Get about 150 and try to use them all on one outfit, or just get a red pin and make faux wrist slashes. Nothing says, “I’m original” like a cutter.

  27. says:

    you could always protest about whatever the goverment has been doing wrong over the past weeks, students love all that.

  28. says:

    Be sure to create an air of mystery about you by sitting on your own at all times, while mumbling to yourself.

    This also works if you wish to be committed to an asylum.

  29. says:

    the guy in the picture has such pretty hair…

  30. says:

    Well, combine all the above and get multiple piercings of course!

    sigh. I envy you. I miss art school so much! Just walking in the building and getting smacked with the smell of oil paints, darkroom chemicals, clay … it’s enough to make a girl cream her pants.

  31. says:

    Guyliner. You have to do the guyliner, mess up your air so it sticks straight up like perma-bed head and wear one of those mychemical romance type jackets like the high school kids wear. You can pull it off.

  32. says:

    The guy in the picture looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in a week.

    BTW see you in fuckin 3 hours. awesome.

  33. says:

    Face paint. You need face paint.

  34. says:

    Dude, two words (or maybe three) tye-dye t-shirt!!

  35. says:

    Here’s what worked for me-

    Every piece of clothing must have at least one stain. Bonus points if that stain is paint that stays within the color scheme of your shirt. Extra bonus if that color scheme is a split complementary triad.

    Go around saying you’re the one who’s going to bring back “yellow”.

    Speaking like a character from Twin Peaks. Any reference to a David Lynch movie besides “The straight story”, also doesn’t hurt.

    Stop sleeping. This helps take care of the more subtle aspects of the art “mood”, such as not making complete sense, or talking to things that are inanimate.

    I feel for you, I graduated with a degree in Time Based Media. uh, what the hell is that? Film? no. Animation? no. Web design? no. photography? no. It’s all of it put together!

    So what I really want to do is direct? yes.

  36. says:

    I think you can argue that you are making the ultimate artistic statement by conforming to societal norms rather than being a non-conformist. As the only one who looks “normal” you stand out amongst these people. That means you win!

  37. says:

    I think yoiu should go for a blue mohawk! that could be hawt! lol

  38. says:

    hmmmm….. combat boots with black faded jeans tucked into them. a t-shirt that says “shakespeare hates your emo poems” and greasy black hair with blue streaks. oh and eyeliner always helps. :)

  39. says:

    Wear a beret and an unwashed T-shirt with the print “will strip for food” or write your own recipe book “101 ways with baked beans” and distribute it to your fellow students.

  40. says:

    get some body piercings and tattoos.

  41. says:

    I just went back to college this week to after “years” of unfinished business. I took a New Media class. You are going to love it! What school you attending?

  42. says:

    Get a tweed jacket and let them all think you are one of the instructors. There is a high fun factor in there… of course, this could get complicated.

    Failing that, start wearing your fro again.

    Thank you for the great read, Kevin!

  43. says:

    I think you should “just be yourself”….you know how creative you are, and it’s not like your applying for a job, you are getting the credit to move on. Focus on passing the class with an “A”. If you have to be something, then be mysterious, watch and learn from others, observe what you don’t want to be. And, everytime you get the graded paper with the highest grade, just sit back and smile :) they will all envy you when it is over.

  44. says:

    I am testing this out

  45. says:

    I am testing this yet again

  46. says:

    Make it one of the Panic at the Disco guys jackets. The Emo-Sgt. Pepper look.

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