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Okay so what is the moral call on this?

By: Bobby Finstock on 08/9/07 @ 4:43 am

I’m kind of up in the air about something that happened to me last night and I figured I would let the people that read this blog decide on this issue. I seriously have been thinking about this and can’t decide what is the right course. For some reason I am allowing you to be my moral compass, which I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing after reading some of your comments and e-mails in general. (you sick and dirty bastards)

Last night I went to a concert, while in line waiting to get in there was an extremely drunk girl walking up and down the line talking shit and creating a commotion. She barely could walk and kept fighting with her friends and causing a scene, making it a little uncomfortable for everyone in line yet also making the wait vastly entertaining. Everyone in line was transfixed on this girl, who was in her early twenties, that obviously was not going to make it through the concert, as her legs were wobbly and she was acting like Courtney Love after a weekend bender.

I decided to whip out the cell phone camera and video tape it for a few seconds, more to get the audio than anything else. Her lectures, laced with profanity and tears, were delivered in a slurred speech that made the Gallagher Brothers from Oasis sound like James Earl Jones. The idea of doing a “what not to do at a concert” blog was in my mind and I figured it was time to get some content for it. For a few seconds I debated doing this but then I figured this girl was such a douche that it was too funny to not get on tape. Well of course one of the guys fighting with her caught this and did not like it in the least. He slammed my phone shut and said, “What you going to put this on youtube?” (This was followed by a two minute tirade that prominently involved my mom and his cock. I actually kind of wish I got this on tape instead.)

Camera Phone

I told him to get control of his friend and teach her to handle her drinks. His friend came up to me profusely apologizing for both of them, while the original guy was still in my face talking shit. The apologizer pushed his friend away, who was all riled up and was trying to start a fight.

The other people around me in line were laughing their asses off and a few people asked me if the video came out because they wanted a copy of it. (Sadly it didn’t come out at all as the one guy shut my camera basically when I started it.) A few other people commented that they would have my back if a fight broke out, so high school but nonetheless appreciated.

Since last night though I have thought about this event from both sides, I want to use my camera and camcorder option on my phone more to document the things around me that I am going to write about. At what point is it crossing the line in using it? Was I in the wrong last night? Here are the two arguments that have been going on in my head.

I was in the wrong

1) It was a total dick move to tape that, I don’t know how receptive I would be if someone was doing that to my friend
2) You have to establish limits and this might be finally crossing the line
3) There could be personal ramifications for this person if I don’t blur out their face when I edit the video
4) I didn’t have their permission to do this

I was in the right

1) You want to act like an asshole in public, this is a possible consequence
2) It is comedic material, a lot of comedy comes at the expense of others in some way
3) A “caught on tape” type viral video is usually not done with permission
4) I can blur out their faces ultimately protecting their identity

Where do you come down on this issue? What are your thoughts?

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77 Responses to “Okay so what is the moral call on this?”

  1. says:

    I say you post it, just because it can be up to the person who watches the tape, on what to do…

    1)just laugh and make it an instant

  2. says:

    YouTube classic…sorry about that

    2)pray for her

  3. says:

    I think you were lucky someone stepped in.

    A drunk kid in a wheel chair could kick your ass

  4. says:

    Uh…as far as I know, anything you do in a public place is fair game. At least that was the rule when I worked at the investigative firms. That’s what you get for acting like a total douche in public especially now that there is video mania taking over the planet. You act like that in public and you are just ASKING to be on YouTube.

  5. says:

    Everyone is fair game to this crap in this day and age. Like that dude who played Kraimer from Seinfield. Spilling racist remarks are not cool in any books. While he probably shouldn’t be blacklisted for the rest of his life it teaches everyone to show a bit more respect for one another before going into a tirade.

    Further…..My website wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for people shamelessly drinking themselves to oblivion!

  6. says:

    Personally, I don’t think I would have taped her.

    Now, I WOULD make mention of her antics in my blog, though.

  7. says:

    One time i caught some kid taking my picture, so i pulled over and not so politely asked him what he was doing! Turns out he liked my car, but i made him delete the pictures out of his phone anyway and explained to him that not everyone likes to have their picture taken.

  8. says:

    ha. Next time you’ll be more prepared to catch something. You should put your head over whomever you’re next “stupid people in public” blog stars (with all of the faces to go with it).

  9. says:

    You were definitly not in the wrong. When people act like assholes in public, it’s at their own risk.

    I wouldn’t have taped her only because it wouldn’t have occured to me. That guy didn’t have any business getting in your face the way he did.

  10. says:

    I’m torn on this one too. Sure, she was being an asshole, but I would wonder if maybe some co-workers could see the video online and she could end up getting fired. Then I don’t think it would be worth it. It would be sooo tempting to tape it though. Or if you just wanted the audio, like you said, you could have just taped the ground. It would have solved all the problems.

  11. says:

    Do it. Yes, blur the face to protect the stupid people, but video her and anyone else that chooses to put on a show for you and general public ;^P

  12. says:

    hmmm..i can see your dilemma…
    and i went back and forth a few times on this one.

    one the one hand…it IS a public place.
    but does that give us the right to video tape someone??
    yes she was acting like a tool…. but, still..

    is it comparable to say that if someone is dressed with little to no clothing “deserves” to be raped or molested or hit on??
    (hey! maybe she won’t dress that way again)

    i dunno…

    it was probably hilarious…
    i just can’t make up my mind.

  13. says:

    If adults are going to be acting a fool then such is life. My only concern is that someone’s kid could accidentally be taped. Of course you could blur all faces so it wouldn’t be an issue.

  14. says:

    Dude, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press…….For Christsakes there are Good Men and Women getting killed over in Iraq, for you to deliver this shit to us when we need it!!!!!! Go forth and Conquer!!!!!!!!

  15. says:

    You were not wrong,if you’re gonna act like an ass in public be prepared to face the music later and maybe it will teach you how to handle your drinks.

  16. says:

    Ummmmm, No. You were not in the wrong in my opinion. I would have totally recorded her, took it home and uploaded it. I would email it to all my friends, and hope someone knew the douche. I am always taking photos and videos of shit I find funny. I saw a woman walking in front of me on a sidewalk one day whose ass looked like it was trying to eat her craptastic stretchy too-freaking short for her chub-bub legs pants. I was sending that pic to people while walking behind her. Obviously I didn’t have her face on there, but I swear, her cellulite showing through her stretchy pants was probably as distinct as a fingerprint. I’m no skinnie minnie, either, so I can make fun of her.
    Anyway, if you act like that in public, you can pretty much expect someone to record it. I’m sure if you hadn’t done it, someone else probably would. And they probably did after dick head slammed your phone shut.

  17. says:

    You are legally within your rights to do it but this is a question of morality, right? I agree with someone else who said that if you are questioning whether it was right probably means it wasn’t. It’s not a very kind instinct and one that I’d hate to find myself at the receiving end of. I don’t recall acting like a drunken douchebag in a concert line before, but I’d appreciate the friend who tried to get the camera shut off.

    You know, I tried to take pictures with my cell phone at a bar a few weeks ago – nothing spectacular, just the sight of a group of older women in acid-wash, high-waisted jeans and teased, Aquanet hair rushing the dancefloor to rock out to “Shook Me All Night Long” struck me as being funny. I was going to write a blog about it and didn’t only because the picture didn’t come out. Guess the moral quagmire is crowded.

  18. says:

    Kevin, you can be the next generation of paparazzi. You’ll know you made it when Brittney throws her baby at you :)

  19. says:

    blah… you were in the right… people can’t complain when they’re making an ass of themselves because then it’s all public, so what if it goes on YouTube, at least it wasn’t an upskirt, then i’d think you were odd…

    Well, did it shut them all up? If so, then you made a good sacrifice for the people…

  20. says:

    Hey Kevin.

    There was nothing wrong with you videotaping her. Now, if you planned on going public with it (like putting it on a website or something of the sort)then you should have asked for her written consentment.

    Being that she wasn’t going to give it to you, you could have always done what people on T.V. do, just blurr out the eyes and save yourself from all sorts of legal mumbo jumbo.

    You shouldn’t be making a fool of yourself in public if you don’t want it shouted out in public.

  21. says:

    My mother always said don’t do anything you don’t want people to know about.

    Reminds me of this drunk girl at a Stevie Nicks show. She was being detained by security for being out of control but according to her they doing the O.J. on her. Yeah, she was white and she had one shoe in her hand and the other in her purse. She kept screaming at everyone don’t take your shoes off or they’ll do you like O.J. Simpson as she swung her shoe over head like it was a lasso. And she would try to point with shoe and hit herself in the head. It was classic, I soo wish I had that on video. I laughed so hard that I almost died.

  22. says:

    I know I’m a bit late, but I was out of town and just read this. I am normally the moral person that likes to do the right thing, but in this case I have to say recording that chick was fair game. If her friend was so concerned about her, he should have taken her home, instead of letting her go out in public like that. If you choose to drink that much, then go somewhere where you know there will be a lot of people you don’t know, you deserve any consequence that leads to. Now, if she hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been entertained, but that’s what happens. As far as making a joke at her expense, who cares? I can’t even count the jokes you tell at your expense, so as long as you can take what you are dishing out, I think its fine.

  23. says:

    I would go with a modified #2

    You’re in public so

    …. you are in the public eye anyway.

    It’s just less forgiving in this era of instant notoriety.

    As you know, there are now cameras everywhere in public spaces. However. Unless one has broken a law, one’s footage should have a publication ban. But realistically? In the age of teh interwebz? There is no longer any such thing as privacy whilst in the public arena. We need a new paradigm. Though that may be the wrong word…

    So I dunno. A good dose of empathy/moral awareness goes a long way, but that’s hard to teach isn’t it? It is indeed.

  24. says:

    I would like to modify my statement, “unless one has broken a law,” blah blah. I would like it to start with, “In my opinion,” for obvious reasons.

    Since it is just my opinion.


  25. says:

    She was kinda asking for it. If she is going to make that kind of display of herself in public, then she really deserves for it to make it’s way onto the internet.

    But at the same time. I kinda feel sorry for her. I have friends that act like that every time they drink. It’s embarassing, but I would totally defend their asses if someone tried to video tape them.

    I’m not sure if you were in the right or the wrong either.

  26. says:

    Seriously, this is totally a case of “If you were an asshole in public, you are screwed.” Taping it was really your only option.

  27. Kim says:

    I’m chomping at the bit to see this posted on youtube… SHE’S the drunken fool and you are completely within your rights to use her lack of good judgement to make us laugh. And it’s your MORAL OBLIGATION to teach the poor girl a lesson…. POST IT! POST IT! (betcha she’ll think twice next time she causes a scene in public) ;)

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