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Plan my cross country drive

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/17/07 @ 5:09 am

Kevin is coming to a town near you! Ok well maybe not but I could be.

I am planning my drive cross country to grad school and I am looking to make this trip as interesting as possible. I’m trying to plan my route and I am looking for places to stop at that are interesting… Be it a good place to eat, some odd place I have to stop, or a bar where you want to get me drunk and take advantage of me… Whatever works.

On the 23rd I leave the Los Angeles area for Phoenix, Arizona where I am going to go visit a few friends. After that I have to plan my route, should I go through Denver and the midwest? Or do I stay on the southern root and head through Oklahoma City? Both routes have pretty boring drives through some states and I am looking at any recommendations you want to make.

Know a good place where I can see a donkey show? Let me know.
Want to tell me about the strip club that has a one legged midget dancing there? Drop me an e-mail.
Is there a good county fair going on that has the largest pineapple in the world? Now is a good time to share the info.

I am planning to take my time driving and do some different things with my trip… Maybe do a Where’s Waldo type of thing?

waldo johnson

No not Waldo Johnson (this was one of the first pictures that came up when I googled Waldo)

More like this Waldo.


Lets hear the suggestions, either leave them in the comments or drop me an e-mail or a message on crapspace… Where should I go?

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52 Responses to “Plan my cross country drive”

  1. says:

    Just don’t come to Idaho, whatever you do. Can you say “hillbillies”?

  2. eelvich lee says:

    *trivia, would somebodies’ really want to prosecute for a pointless banter tour and never ever come home? point being, the last tour is so, quiet that no one will listen to me a’bout a wife who went for broke. so, come to pennsylvania, it is special.

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