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The 4 Most Uncomfortable Movies to Watch With Your Family

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/2/07 @ 5:00 am

Back in high school I had a female friend whose parents had a descrambler, which was a blessing and a curse. Because of the little black box I was able to see the Howard Stern New Years Eve special, which back then was a major moment in my young life. However, it also led to some really uncomfortable situations because my friends father would constantly watch porn.

I would be hanging out with his daughter then walk out in the living room to leave and go home and he would be sitting there watching a girl get plowed. Now there is nothing wrong with porn, but at that age it was utterly uncomfortable because he would start having a conversation with me and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to look at him, the tv, or at the wall. It was just really odd…

A couple of days ago my friend and I brought this up and talked about it, cracking some jokes. It got me thinking about what movies would be the most uncomfortable to watch with your extended family, be it parents, your significant others parents, children, or whatever…

The 4 Most Uncomfortable Movies to Watch With Your Family

4) Natural Born Killers

natural born killers

I have never gone to a movie and left the end of it not knowing what the hell I just watched. When I saw this movie in the theater I couldn’t tell if I liked it or hated it, my friend Heather who I saw it with, had the facial expression of someone that just watched their dog get hit by a car over and over again.

While the over the top violence has lost some of the edge it had when the movie first came out it still is slightly disturbing to watch. Bonus uncomfortable points if you sit through the Rodney Dangerfield scene with your daughter.

3) Caligula

Anytime the head of Penthouse Magazine helps finance a film you know that it isn’t going to be something that is exactly family friendly. This movie was supposed to be a grand telling of the story of the Roman leader Caligula but instead turned into a political and sexual nightmare. The movie was plagued by shooting problems, and Roger Ebert lists it as one of his least favorite movies ever. He dropped this gem about the movie, “This movie,” said the lady in front of me at the drinking fountain,”is the worst piece of shit I have ever seen.”

In the unrated version, which was also it’s most profitable, there were scenes that depicted anal fisting, sibling incest, urination, and castration. I am sure Malcolm McDowell, Peter O’Toole, and Helen Mirren list this high up on their resumes, this is without a doubt Christmas time viewing material for when the entire family is around.

2) Spanking the Monkey

spanking the monkey

I am sure nobody has watched this movie that is reading this blog, to sum it up… Boy comes home from college for summer, boy loses internship and girlfriend, his mother breaks her leg, boy takes care of mother, then boy has an incestuous relationship with mother.

My friend’s mother used to rent just about every new release that came out no matter what it was. When this came out my friend and her watched it together, not knowing what the movie was about before hand, which was the most excruciating moment of his life. I stopped by their house before a summer baseball game to pick him up after they had just finished watching it. Walking into the house, I felt like someone had just died because it was so quiet, I asked my friend what was going on and he told me they had just finished watching a movie.

Me: What movie did you guys watch?

Friend: Spanking the Monkey.

Me: Uh, never heard of it, what is that about?

Friend: (looks over at his mother then quickly moves his eyes to the floor) Um… I’ll tell you in the car…

Of course he told me the story and I couldn’t stop laughing, we got to the game and as we begun to stretch we all started talking. I of course had to say, “Hey tell them about the movie you just watched.” He didn’t hear the end of it the entire summer.

1) Crash


I am not talking about the movie that won the Oscar, dealing with racial tension in the Los Angeles area. No I am talking about the other Crash, here is a plot summary from IMDB.com:

Since a road accident left him with serious facial and bodily scarring,
a former ‘TV scientist’ has become obsessed by the marriage of motor
car technology with what he sees as the ‘raw sexuality’ of car-crash
victims. The scientist, along with a crash victim he has recently
befriended, sets about performing a series of sexual acts in a variety
of motor vehicles, either with other crash victims or with prostitutes
who they contort into the shape of trapped-corpses. Ultimately, the
scientist craves a suicidal union of blood, semen and engine coolant, a
union with which he becomes dangerously obsessed.

This film ended up with an NC-17 rating and rightfully so, with scenes that some would label as disturbing. It is like a combination of Red Asphalt and uh… some movie where people get turned on by touching scars of people that had auto accidents.

I know when I watched it I wasn’t sure if I should scrub myself with bleach or look for hot, blonde, car crash victims that were into kinky sex.

What movie have you found uncomfortable to watch with family?

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64 Responses to “The 4 Most Uncomfortable Movies to Watch With Your Family”

  1. says:

    i wanted to see borat because all my friends we’re raving about it. i rented it and my parents decided to watch it with me. when it got to the naked fighting scene, my dad actually turned off the movie. i still haven’t seen the end.

  2. says:

    I watched Spanking the Monkey with my mom, stepdad and stepbrother. I think we were all contemplating suicide by the time it was done. Seriously the most horrifying experience ever.

  3. says:

    The Brown Bunny…

  4. says:

    The Brown Bunny… Chloe Sevigney’s Bj of Vincent Gallo is a masterpiece

  5. says:

    [quote comment="2899"]The Brown Bunny… Chloe Sevigney’s Bj of Vincent Gallo is a masterpiece[/quote]\par
    Oh… good call

  6. says:

    The Ballad of Jack and Rose is not a movie to watch with your father. There is some weird incest stuff in it, with other sex scenes thrown it. It’s just…awkward.

  7. says:

    Very Bad Things! \par
    Watched it with my parents and fiance’

  8. says:

    [...] Howard Stern New Years Eve special, which back then was a major moment in my young life source: The 4 Most Uncomfortable Movies to Watch With…, [...]

  9. Beth says:

    Boxing Helena was pretty weird to watch with the Family..that was a long time ago..lol…And..Oh, American Gothic…that was also another.

  10. Jess says:

    I would definitely NOT recommend “The Last House on the Left” and/or “The Island of Death” (if that’s the name of it.) It doesn’t get much better than sibling sex with a little murder, goat fucking, and being raped by a goat herder that can’t speak English.

  11. Oliver says:

    “Happiness”… by far one of the hardest movies to watch. Also, “Rules of Attraction”… just the beginning scene alone when Shannyon Shassomon’s character is being raped and then thrown up on. And “Your Friends And Neighbors”… that whole scene with Jason Patric talking about raping that guy is hella disturbing.

  12. Dana says:

    Funny story…I was looking around the local porn store and guess what I find? Caligula. NATURALLY, I have to watch it. NEVER AGAIN. immensly horrible. As creepy as this is to say, the only time I found myself paying attention was during the “sex” scenes. I did however HAVE to look away when Caligula decided to anal fist a man with some lard that was handy. On the other hand, I also watched Natural Born Killers. I thought it was a great movie. Maybe a little misguided, but nonetheless, it was a messed up Love Story. I thought it was a different twist to even the movies today. I enjoyed this one. I need to see the other two. just for “seeing it’s” sake.

  13. Colin says:

    Once i had some friends over to watch “Planet Terror”, and during the fake commercial for Machete, there’s about all of 2 seconds of full frontal nudity. Of course, that’s the moment my mom decides to come in with a bowl of popcorn for us. I will never forget how hard we laughed after she left.

  14. Sheeenstor says:

    Ehm, try watching ‘Feeders’… I watched it with 4 other 18 y/o people…

    We all have strong stomaches, but, Feeder just… Go watch it, you’ll be grossed out.

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