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The aftermath, what happened after the end of Big?

By: Bobby Finstock on 05/15/07 @ 5:41 am

The other night I watched the movie “Big” for approximately the 150th time. It is one of my favorite movies of all time because it is easily quotable, it holds up well, and there are some subtle things that really make it funny. Most of all though, Tom Hanks used to be utterly hilarious before he started playing AIDS ridden Astronauts that served during D-Day while trying to figure out the Da Vinci code.

One thing that always bugged me is that we never knew what happened to the people after the movie ended. I have my theories…

elizabeth perkins


After her romance with Josh and her realization that him telling her that he is just a kid wasn’t a metaphor for the little frightened child in all of us, she goes on a drinking binge for months. During this time she regularly drives by Josh’s house with fantasies in her head about her seeing if she can make him “big” again. (If you get my drift.)

Her psychosis leads to her going by the school a little too often, culminating in her sitting in the front row and flashing Josh during a school choral production. Arrested and placed on the New Jersey sex offender’s list, her executive career at MacMillan toys was ruined. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


MacMillan Toy Company-

The IRS comes down hard on the MacMillan toy company, as they find out the social security number that Josh used belonged to an 85 year old lady from Albuquerque. MacMillan, now convinced that Josh was a corporate spy, begins to slip slowly into a Howard Hughes type state. This includes him pissing into empty bottles of Gerber baby food and storing them in his office refrigerator.

After the failure of their computerized choose your own adventure comic book, the last toy idea that Susan and Josh came up with, they repackaged it and made a fortune selling it as an adult choose your own adventure. The novelty eventually wore off because every single one started out with, “Where would you like to stick it: mouth, ass, or vag?”

Shortly thereafter MacMillan toys went out of business.


Josh Baskin-

Josh does make the high school baseball team as he gets older after years of refining his skills by playing stickball with Billy. While on the team he continually brags about sleeping with an older woman, even though he is unable to land any girls his current age.

Made fun of by his peers, Josh slowly begins to put on weight and spends more time playing video games. He goes to college to become a computer programmer and continues to be a shut in. Currently he lives in an apartment in New Jersey where he programs slot machine games. At night he plays a lot of Halo on X-box Live, talking shit to kids about how he owns them. He only wants two things in life, to become a professional video game player and to feel the touch of a women again without having to pay for it.

He has not tried to look up his former sex offender love interest, Susan.

What are your thoughts on the movie “Big” and what do you think happened?

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7 Responses to “The aftermath, what happened after the end of Big?”

  1. Travis says:

    Josh’s weird friend, from what I’ve read on the internet, goes on several drug fueled rampages with the Corries from eighties fame. He was last seen doing a shitload of opiates in a trailer with Dana Plato from Diffr’nt Strokes.

  2. Kevin says:

    Maybe he helped direct “Blown Away” the highpoint in the Cories acting careers.

  3. randi says:

    I would love to get inside that brain of yours…

  4. melissa says:

    i haven’t seen that movie in a while. it used to be one of my faves. but now i don’t think i will be able to look at it the same way again.

  5. Dee says:

    You know how making fun of movies are in now, why don’t you write and direct the screenplay Big 2: the aftermath, what they didn’t tell you. I got the biggest laugh because it happens to all of us that wonders in some movies, what happens next? I loved it.

  6. Kevin says:

    Thanks, I am going to pull all the strings I can and make this happen

  7. niall says:

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