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Well it looks like I can’t brush my teeth anymore

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/9/07 @ 7:51 am

Can tooth brushing cause seizures?

Mon Mar 5, 8:08 PM ET

In a report published this week, Australian doctors describe three individuals who suffered epileptic seizures induced by toothbrushing.

Imaging studies revealed small lesions in a region of the brain close to the hand and speech motor areas in all three individuals.

“The rhythmic act of brushing teeth may excite an already overly excitable area of the brain,” lead author Dr. Wendyl D’Souza, from the University of Melbourne in Australia, said in a statement.

“This is similar to photosensitive epilepsy, which involves seizures triggered by flashing lights and moving patterns.”

The seizures resolved with medications in one patient, surgery in another, and were still apparent in the third despite medical therapy, the researchers report.

SOURCE: Neurology March 6, 2007.


Out-fucking-standing looks like I am going to have to start wearing a helmet when I brush my teeth every morning, at least Natalie Portman looked cute wearing hers.

garden state

At this point I hate hearing about things that can cause us pain or that aren’t good for us. At this point I have heard about studies that have said:

-fish is bad
-milk is bad
-carbs are bad
-unprotected sex at glory holes is dangerous
-meat is bad
-fast food is bad
-fish good
-smoking is bad
-drinking is bad, unless you are having one glass of red wine while pregnant
-letting your dog lick peanut butter off of your nuts is dangerous
-fish is bad

The list goes on and on, at this point I think the only thing I can eat is garbanzo beans.

This whole thing irritates me to no end though because the press always puts out the reports and we never finally know which of these studies are right and which are wrong because it isn’t sexy for the press to clear things up.

One of the other things about these studies that annoy me is that they are usually conducted by Europeans. It isn’t that I think the schools or universities are sub par or anything like that, it’s just that some of the schools I have never heard of. How do I not know that a study is basically coming from the equivalent of some third rate college?

All I know is if Oxnard Community College released a study that said juggling guns with the safety off while doing crack and getting blow jobs from AIDS infested hookers is dangerous, I would be out there that night doing it because I know 90% of the people at that school are idiots.

So to the people in the press, next time Glasgow State, not be be confused with Glasgow U the more prestigious school, tells me that eating strawberry jam will make it so I have retarded kids please keep it to yourself until it is confirmed by another institution.

What have you been told about something being bad for you that probably isn’t or that you haven’t heard about a study it again?

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