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I totally forgot to check in about black history month

By: Bobby Finstock on 02/26/07 @ 7:43 am

The other day I was driving to school and I heard some clips from the Tyra Banks show and her “very special” show for black history month. First they played a clip where she was building up the show saying how important black history month is and that she wanted to celebrate a very special moment in black history. I was suckered in for a minute, I was wondering if Tyra had taken a turn and finally decided to do something worthwhile with her show.

Then they played the second clip where she said that she was the first black woman to ever pose on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and to celebrate her historic achievement she was going to wear the same bikini again and pose!

tyra banks

At that point I had to avoid an accident on the 101 freeway because I was about to swallow my tongue.

1) In less than a minute she devalued every accomplishment by an entire race- Let’s see- civil rights, fighting in wars, scientific discovery, creation of music, leadership, artwork, poetry…. oh and Tyra’s SI cover… Wait a second what doesn’t belong her? Black history, women’s history, and other accomplishments by other races that get ignored because of white domination in the writing of history should be celebrated. Putting a SI cover up against the accomplishments of others is just idiotic.

2) How self involved do you have to be to do this?
Even if it was a groundbreaking accomplishment do you really need to announce it yourself? I once at a cheeseburger 28 days in a row when I was 18 you don’t see me trying to get credit for it.

Apparently though this year this is all the rage for black history month, so I guess maybe Tyra really wasn’t that off base.

jim brown

Jim Brown whose groundbreaking love scene with a white woman decided to announce that he is going to recreate this moment by sleeping with every white women he meets in the month of February.


Lamar Latrell announced that he would recreate his limp wristed javelin throw from the Greek games by handling people’s javelins at major bath houses throughout the United States. He would like me to note that he doesn’t just do this for Black History month but year round.


And Queen Latifah announced that in order to celebrate her run in starring in the worst selection of movies since Eric Roberts that she would make a guest appearance on every show on BET to promote her proposed sequel to Taxi. However, this was rejected by BET as they announced nobody likes Queen Latifah.

Really does anyone like Queen Latifah? And is there a worst talk show host than Tyra Banks?

*** On a serious note: Bethany is doing a pretty ambitious project for Women’s History month, if you have ovaries you should go check it out here.

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