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I’m socially awkward, what would you do?

By: Bobby Finstock on 02/19/07 @ 6:51 am

Events happen in my life daily where I wonder if I acted the correct way, like how to deal with guys that invite me to their vans without windows, things like that. Recently I had a situation that I have no idea what should have been the correct course for me to take. Let me break this down for you and see what you think.

The situation-

I purchased an energy drink before class the other day so I wouldn’t fall asleep and create a pool of drool the size of a great lake. The total cost of the drink was $1.99, which I paid for with cash, I roll with the Washingtons baby. After I handed over the money I wasn’t sure what to do about the penny that I was going to get as change. Usually if I am getting under five cents back I just tell the cashier to throw it in the “need a penny take a penny” dish. There wasn’t a dish so that option was out, to make matters worse there was a line of people behind me, at this point I figured I had two options.


The options-

a) Leave without the penny. If I do that though do I look like a dick that thinks I am too good to wait for a penny? Like I am too much in a hurry or that money doesn’t mean anything to me…

b) Wait for the penny. If I do that do I look like a cheap skate that hordes all of my pennies to bath in? Although I would love to take a treasure bath like Dom DeLuise in “History of the World”.

treasure bath

I sat in class debating this in my head for at least half an hour. I guess it was good distraction because it kept me from focusing on my usual distraction of the guy with a huge amount of back hair. (Update: He wore a Jason Kidd jersey the other day to throw me off his tracks. But I haven’t seen him without a basketball jersey yet.)

So I ask you the good people of the world to explain what you would do in the penny situation and why?

Also I would like to announce this week is going to be a special week for my blogs, called Kevin’s “Freaking” Theories week. Here I will give you my theories on life including: the rice dick theory, fats chicks and blow jobs, my 3 vice theory, male fake tanning, and my complete theory on women.

Be prepared to be enlightened or totally hate me by the end of the week.

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5 Responses to “I’m socially awkward, what would you do?”

  1. says:

    That’s why I always use plastic!
    Seriously, I always walk away, and leave the penny. Why?
    The poor cashiers have to count out their drawer at the end of the shift, and if they’re too short, they have to pay the difference out of their pocket.

  2. says:

    Ah that makes logical sense… I can get behind that

  3. Tom says:

    I live in a country that doesn’t have pennies. And our secular nation certainly doesn’t have “In God We Trust” printed across the top of any coin.

    Maybe you should just move?

  4. Mel says:

    “In God We Trust” is a reminder of the principles with which the USA was founded. It was originally based on principles that came from the Christian faith. You don’t have to take the words to heart (“In God We Trust”). God can mean anything to anyone….Brahmen, Allah, force of nature, etc. Stop being so hateful. Besides, he was not asking for your left field deviation from his topic.

    (Back to topic) I like to use plastic myself for purchases, but when I do not I tell them to keep the change in a situation like you mentioned above.

  5. Jon says:

    Why couldn’t you tell the person to keep the change? That’s what I always do when I’m about to get change back that’s less than a quarter. Also, I don’t like using plastic for small purchases.

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