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If you read my blogs and agree with me you are going down

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/30/06 @ 6:19 pm

So it seems that my blog series about landing a chick in the pen has stirred some debate about the morality of it. Aric (with an A) respectfully made a point about the morality of toying with someone. That is all good, if someone makes a well thought out point I can respect that. On [...]

Convict Conversations

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/29/06 @ 6:11 am

(So today I venture out to get my post office box… What I need to do is come up with a persona as to not reveal any personal details. This is where you come in…)
NOTE: I will not be using real pictures of myself to send either they are just used for comedic effect in [...]

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Lessons that I have learned and want to pass on

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/27/06 @ 6:13 am

(Tomorrow we will construct our letter to my new convict love interest. Until then I have decided to share some of the advice that I have received over my lifetime. Here are some quotes that will stick in my head forever and how correct they actually are.)

On work and careers
The KH theory of work

“You but [...]

The Bachelorette: Prison Style

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/25/06 @ 9:19 pm

So here is the deal. It was a mixed bag between me going on match.com and writing a journal of my dates and corresponding with a few ladies behind bars. This week I am going to set up a PO BOX and start doing the prison thing. I don’t know where this is [...]

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Some Parade Magazine Questions Answered

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/24/06 @ 1:56 pm

Q. I hear that Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is working on a new book. What’s it about?
-Jay McDevitt, Denver, Colo.
A. It is a heartwarming story about how a guy used to be a on a shitty tabloid show called Inside Edition

and now people that are partially retarded take his word as political gospel. I [...]

It’s Like Shark Week Only With Hookers

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/22/06 @ 7:20 am

(Note: My e-mail on myspace is totally messed up right now. So if you have sent me a message in the last week I thought I replied but apparently it hasn’t been going through. If you check your mail through mail.myspace.com it shows up but from your homepage it doesn’t. I don’t get it either. [...]

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