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A Drunken Saturday Afternoon Blog

By: Bobby Finstock on 08/26/06 @ 6:07 pm

I love these little fuckers….

little league

Is it because I am from Georgia? Nope
Is it because I am a creepy child pedophile? Nope.

It’s because I just won $50 betting on the little league world series… Thank you internet. Although this might be a sign I have a slight sickness with gambling. But then again it isn’t gambling if you win. It is investing.

So I went to Kinkos to fax a contract. (We’ll get to that in a second.) Which since when does it cost $9.50 to fax a six page document? Kinkos is the ultimate ass raping business.

I digress….After I paid for a lapdance err… I mean my fax. I went to the sports bar to watch the US title game of the little league world series. Good times… The highlight had to have been when I actually went in and asked them to put the game on. There is no way I didn’t look like Jon Benet Ramsey’s ex lover…. er killer.

BTW… the guy didn’t do it. He is just a sick fuck that is obsessed with it.

Ok so Georgia won. I won 50 bucks… All is right in the world. Now I put the money back on the Colts in preseason football. Why? Because I have an addiction… er investment problem.

Now onto the contract thing. I can’t really go into detail at all yet until things are finalized but I got hired by a very large blogging network to write. Paid gig, signed contract, and all that jazz. It isn’t going to be anything like I currently write about it is actually going to be a business blog. But I am getting paid to write… So hide the hookers tonight… Kevin is going to celebrate (by watching Japan vs. Mexico little league baseball… I am going with the Japs on that one… I can say Japs only 1.4% of my readers are Asian) *

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5 Responses to “A Drunken Saturday Afternoon Blog”

  1. says:

    OK… so is ot okay if I hang out here since myspace is blocked? Yeah? Cool, I’ll interview the c listers, you know Fred Savage, K-Fed, Brooke Hogan.

    I agree about Eva, WTF? She looks like a pastry chef’s icing paper.

  2. says:

    it* not ot* Bama Edumacation and dyslexia strikes again…

  3. says:

    It is all good you can hang out here as long as you like.

  4. Jason says:

    Hasn’t the internet in tandem with a scanner made the fax machine pretty much obsolete? PDF’s are where its at. It’s kind of like having a regular land-line telephone. Who still does that besides my grandparents??

  5. michel says:

    pervert ass

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