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Ask Fannie Number 2

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/31/06 @ 5:19 am

Well I am lazy and don’t feel like writing today so I talked to my personal assistant Fannie and she is going to write her second blog for me today.

If you don’t remember Fannie you can see her previous blog entry here.

So everyone I hope you all had a good weekend and I now leave you in the hands of Fannie, my personal assistant.


Hey everybody! I am back with another edition of ask Fannie. I am so happy to see you all. My first month working for Mr. Kevin went by so fast and it was so educational. I learned so many important things, like what a snuff film is. Who knew there was such a market for that? Mr. Kevin took over for Mr. Spelling and is the premiere producer of them. I wonder if he will be line for an Academy Award anytime soon?

Of course though my favorite part of the job is answering the ton of messages that Kevin receives. Let’s go through some of his frequently asked questions.

How do you make a subscribe to my blog button?

Mr. Kevin actually has hired a staff, well I shouldn’t say hired, imported would be a better word.

These boys work hard all day on the coding for his subscribe buttons and of course as key grips on his snuff films. Mr. Kevin believes in having his workers, or in this case “guest workers”, multi-task. Everybody that works for him wears more than one hat, I actually am not only his personal assistant but I rock him to sleep every night while reading Chicken Little to him. He loves my voice when I read the Goosey Loosey parts.

Why are you still single?

This is a big secret Mr. Kevin isn’t actually really single, he has a rather large family and has a lot of mouths to feed. Here is a picture of his children:

huge family

That is why Mr. Kevin is the new hardest working man in show business, he makes James Brown look like Chris Tucker with his output.

But it doesn’t stop Mr. Kevin from seeking some stuff out on the side. In fact last week he started having some correspondence with inmate number 324590.


Mr. Kevin showed me that picture and said, “Look at that ass.”

He is such a romantic.

Kevin has been in a lot of trouble as of late. He hasn’t been a stranger to controversy, what drama has he been in out there in Hollywood?

Mr. Kevin actually got into a huge fight last week with Frankie Muniz at a Jack in the Box.
frankie munoz

I asked Mr. Kevin to comment on it for this blog, “Fuck Malcolm, we all know the older brother is the one with the real talent on that show. And if I see his ass in the celebrity basketball league out here I am going to undercut him on the way to the basket. That is just the way I roll.”

Note: Mr. Kevin has never been asked to play in the celebrity basketball league. In fact Mr. Kevin has been banned from attending any celebrity basketball games because last time he ran up and down the side of the court yelling at Simon Rex.

simon rex

I guess they didn’t appreciate Mr. Kevin repeating, “You peaked on Rock N Jock basketball, bitch!”

Until next time everyone!

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One Response to “Ask Fannie Number 2”

  1. Kali says:

    Dear Fanny:
    Its not that I don’t like Kevin’s blog entries, its just that yours are so much easier to read. For someone with ADD, too much type means too much time. I like how you keep things simple. P.S. Were you a virgin when you were married? I wasn’t.

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