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An Interview (reposted with permission)

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/4/06 @ 8:18 pm

(This interview was done and posted by Joseph’s “Probably” Gone 4 Real on myspace. He asked some good serious questions and in order to share it I figured I would post it here.)

Kevin’s “Freaking” Down to Earth
If you didn’t know, you will

Today Kevin agreed to do an interview and in the process I faced one of my fears – rejection from a top blogger – but it didn’t happen because Kevin is a great guy. If you haven’t read his blogs or spoke with him personally yet you wouldn’t know.

He also is allowing me to post the interview.

I did this because I formed my own opinions about those bloggers who constantly grace the “Most Popular Blogs” listing. For some of them it was because of personal experiences with them but for others it was because of jealousy and the fear I mentioned.

Here is the interview.

1. How many profiles do you currently operate and do you have different uses for each of them?

I have three. My profile, the pointlessbanter.net profile, and a third that I used to use when I was a mod in the business forums so that my real profile wouldn’t get spammed to death. That third profile I will send blog invites out from once and awhile.

2. For those people who, like me, think that top bloggers are arrogant and/or “better” than them, can you try to explain how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the messages, friend requests, blog comments and etc. that you receive?

I have rewritten this answer like nine times. After thinking about it I am only going to speak for myself. While I know a lot of top bloggers (which is such a bullshit label) and they are all down to earth and nice people but I don’t want to speak for them.

I am no different than anyone that reads my blogs. I don’t think I am better than anyone that reads my blogs or that writes blogs. Everyday I get up and go to work. Just because I have a lot of people reading my blog it doesn’t change my status in life. I don’t all of a sudden live in a mansion and have nubile young virgins cleaning my sack. People forget that I have been blogging on Myspace for close to two years now. For the entire first year I didn’t have more than 50 people reading my blogs if that. It’s not like I am celebrity. Also I think people have a misunderstanding about me. People will come across my blog in the rankings and it will read in their mind as something very arrogant and they will form their opinion of me but the people that read my blog day in and day out know that I am either being really sarcastic or very self deprecating. So I think there are a bunch of people out there that think I am an arrogant bastard but in all reality I am the brunt of the jokes in my blog most of the time.

The thing about being one of the more read people is that things change quickly on Myspace. Daily I receive about thirty blog invites, multiple messages for me to read a specific blog entry, about ten html questions, and just various messages. Not that I mind but people don’t realize that it takes time to handle all this. There have been days where I have gone through my message allotment. That is something like 300 plus messages. I think though that some people at feel disconnected from me because I dont go and comment their blog after they comment mine or I dont go and comment after I receive an invite. If I could read thousands of blogs a day I would but I cant, I am human. People though get offended over it. I have had people write me messages upset that they saw me comment one persons blog and not theirs. Or people send me messages because I didnt join their group or comment their page after they did mine. Its mind-boggling.

I dont say this as like a woe is me type of thing. I am grateful that I have as many people reading my garbage as I do and I love talking to people. Commenting back to people on my blogs throughout the day is what gets me through work. I really enjoy doing it otherwise I wouldnt be on Myspace anymore.

3. What was your reason for joining MySpace and how has that direction changed since you gained more readers?

I joined Myspace almost two years ago after I moved to California from New York. At my job everyone was on Myspace and they talked about it all the time. I made fun of it and would have never have joined it but the fact that I could meet people to talk to on there and I could write a blog that my friends back east could read made me change my mind.

I dont know that the direction has changed all that much. I still enjoy interacting and talking to people including my friends from back east. I have to approach it a bit differently just because of the numbers but I still enjoy it.

The only thing that has changed is that there have been some things that really turn me off about the site. How I handle the things I dont like has had to change because of that. In six week period I had like seven blogs written about me from people that dont know me at all, ripping me for different reasons for nothing that I had done personally to them. It brought out something about myspace that I didnt like and at first I blasted back but I learned that it was pointless to do it. It was really hard to see people attack me without them knowing a lick about me, never having interacted with me at all. I am getting better dealing with it but it still is the one thing I really dislike about Myspace. The two blogs I have ever written specifically about people were in direct reply to blogs insulting me. Ive learned that I cant do that.

4. PointlessBanter.net has come under fire from many bloggers outside of its own writers and one blog I saw attacking the premise of the site received an appearance from you. You made some great points about your site and even changed my mind about it. How do you choose, or who chooses, the writers who appear on the site?

Basically I started pointless banter to get people exposure off of Myspace in an effort to have their writing read by more people. At first I didnt think that many people would be into it or would want to write for the site. I started out with like 7 people and it grew to 23. After that it grew in about spurts of ten and we currently have 52 writers or so on the site. Most of the people that started with the site were people that I was friends with on Myspace.

As the site has grown I have added people that I thought brought different types of views and writing styles to the site. I have taken a lot of flack because people think we are elitist or some type of club. But what they dont understand is I have coded 95 percent of the site and I work on it close to 20-30 hours a week doing different things. On Saturday I was in front of the computer for 15 hours making upgrades and changing some of the way things work in the backend of the site. I can only handle so many pages at one time. So I have to set limits on how many people can write for the site.

The site is just a way for people to get exposure off of Myspace, which it has accomplished. People have twisted what the site is about and have even written nasty messages to people that write for the site trying to draw them into a debate on what the site is about. If anyone has questions about it I invite them to send me a message.

Thanks to Kevin for doing this. Thanks to my readers for reading and thanks to George Washington and [those] asshole kings [who pissed him off] for my free ass.

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Bobby Finstock

Finstock is founder of Pointlessbanter.net. He is known for his encyclopedia like knowledge on the life and times of Scott Baio. In the future he hopes to write again under his own name in order to impress the ladies and build his celebrity to the levels of other failed internet writers.

4 Responses to “An Interview (reposted with permission)”

  1. says:

    It’s “freaking” awesome that Kevin agreed to participate in this interview. What exactly is a top blogger, and how does one measure that? How does one compare blogs about relationships and life, pubic hair and poop, religion and spirituality, sex and drugs, and life and learning? With millions of users, it’s impossible to compare anyone to anyone else. The main reason I love Kevin is because he’s just another person inflicted with IAD like the rest of us. We all have seperate lives, with one thing in common, internet addiction disorder. But internet addiction disorder can really change your outlook on life, if used wisely. It is because of that diversity that I have been able to meet such awesome people, and I have found so many peeps who I know truly consider a friend

  2. says:

    I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this.

    I want you to know that it was there was only a teensy bit of jealousy involved in my decision to create TheNotYetReadyForPointlessBanter.netPlayers blog group. Mostly, I was looking to do what you folks had already done, which was to attract a group of people who were starting out on this fascinating journey to support each other.

    I enjoy your blogs. I enjoy knowing that pb.net is here in case MySpace blows up.

    Thank you for the time and effort you have put into creating a community for writers.

  3. says:

    the interview was great, you answered each question well, thus proving you are nothing more than a cyborg sent to us from the future, to addict us to blogs to further perpetuate the idea that robots will someday take over the earth.

  4. says:

    I thought this was an outstanding interview, nicely done Kevin. I’m getting more and more into reading on this site and think you have picked some great writers for sure. Keep up the good work.

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