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Who has the harder life?

By: Bobby Finstock on 06/23/06 @ 5:27 am

I can’t imagine being a star in Hollywood there is so much pressure to look right, act right, and be something that you are not. The pressure is even higher if you are a Wayans Brother.

As a Wayans you must do the following, which I admit is rather hard to do:

5) Set comedy back 5 years every time you make a movie.
4) Find a way to get one of your free loading siblings into a movie at all times.
3) Find the shittiest scripts and give it to your little brothers so they can continue to work:
wayans brothers
2) Watch old tapes of Damon and remember when he was funny.
1) Call Fox and beg them to bring “In Living Color” back on the air.

The only person with a harder life maybe Courtney Love:

courtney love

5) Ingest dangerous amounts of alcohol and drugs daily to keep your rep up.
4) Trot your daughter out for every magazine to take pictures of.
3) Fuck someone supremely more talented than you and ask them to help you do a record.
2) Convince producers that you can really act and that you really did deserve an Oscar nomination for “acting” as a strung out ex stripper that died of AIDS.
1) Apply makeup daily like you are Katherine Hepburn having an epileptic seizure while an earthquake is going on.

Can you guys think of any people that have it worse than them?

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One Response to “Who has the harder life?”

  1. If you were talking about Keenen Ivory when you said “Wayans”, I have something more to add to the list:

    3.5: Further diminish your already shit-stained rep by directing their latest piece of garbage, no matter how poorly thought out it is.

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