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Hodge Podge

By: Bobby Finstock on 06/21/06 @ 5:20 pm

(This is kind of two blogs in one. I was thinking about a few things. The first part is about my blog yesterday and the other part is a social experiment.)

After yesterday’s blog there were suggestions in the comments of other words people would like to bring back to the everyday vernacular.

In case you didn’t read it I said my number one goal in life is to bring back the use of skullduggery, a word that is vastly underused.

On person wanted to bring back moded. I don’t know if I can get behind that one.

Warning Signs wanted to bring back tomfoolery, which I think is a great idea but I am torn. While I love the word tomfoolery but if we bring tomfoolery back one of my other favorite words might not make it back.

You see I am a fan of shenanigans. I like the word shenanigans a lot. Super Troopers kind of brought it back enough but I think we need to step up the effort of bringing shenanigans back. Shenanigans rules because it is a multi purpose word.

“Oh honey I know you whipped out the snorkel and marmalade but I am not down for any shenanigans this evening.”

“Joey stop trying to jab your brother in the ass with that rake. I don’t believe that you were trying to scratch his ass with it, I am calling shenanigans on you.”

I was thinking about other words that I like as well. While in general I find people from England annoying when they talk (don’t worry I think Southerners in US sound like retards), especially if they are from Manchester what version of English do they speak there?

I do think they have some words and phrases that I like.

Git- Total and utter tosser who is incapable of doing anything other than annoying people, and not in a way that is funny to others. Best used idly. e.g. “Git.” “You useless git.”

I like git. Short simple, blunt and it has a t in it. Insults sound better with hard sounds, that is why I use twat a lot.

Here is something else I wanted to touch on that wasn’t really blog worthy:

PETA targets Beyonce at Dinner

Apparently PETA secretly won an auction on E-bay that got them a dinner with Beyonce where they questioned her on the use of fur in her clothing line and in her wardrobe.

What they aren’t reporting is that Beyonce put both of her legs on the table and spread them open pointing to her unshaven no no touchy spot and said, “As you can see I am big fan of fur. I suppose I can’t wear this around.” Ok I made that up but I think it would be great to start a massive celebrity rumor.

Remember years back when there was a rumor about Richard Gere having to go to a hospital to have a gerbil removed from his ass? Everyone and their mother had a friend of a friend or a cousin of a friend that worked in that hospital. I want to start a rumor of that magnitude and I want you all to be a part of it.

Here is my theory on the whole rumor thing:
1) We need it to be a star that is big but not that big. Someone that is always followed by paparazzi is no good. We need someone that isn’t always plastered on US Weekly or anything like that.
2) The rumor needs to occur where somebody legitimate witnessed it. With the hospital thing you have doctors, nurses, and other professional people, which gives it an air of legitimacy.
3) We need the rumor to be something outlandish but not out of the realm of complete possibility.

So let’s put our heads together and throw some rumors around. We can vote on the best ones tomorrow and then I will post a blog on Thursday about it in story form. After I do that you can copy and repost the blog as your own or throw bulletins up linking to my blog or other blogs that people have written.

We can call this a social experiment. Let’s see if we fan a flame that it will spiral out of control and become fact. I wonder how many people need to say something before it is picked up as fact.

So let’s hear some ideas, are you guys in?

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