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Pure Filth

By: Bobby Finstock on 06/16/06 @ 5:17 pm

Well as most of you know this image was deemed too hot for myspace: (the funny thing is they deleted it from my profile yet are still hosting it. Thanks myspace!)

(image lost in the annals of time)

Really the puppy is trying to bite the other dog in the face they aren’t humping and if you used logic you can see the angle just wouldn’t work.

But I figured… Since I am now considered the leader in animal porn I might as well go the full nine.

Here is some pussy: (In honor of Bill Dawes the first man ever to display pussy all over his blog)


Here is some hardcore inter-species action:

dog humping cat

For you Australian readers:


Maybe we should be really dangerous and put some underage pussy in here:

kitten names


My trouser snake:

trouser snake

So there you have it you perverts. Something to flog your bishop to or play with the little man in the boat over.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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