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I Love Being Personally Attacked

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/26/06 @ 9:17 am

So I had a comment in the last blog with a link to this blog where Holly decided to express her opinion on my last blog. I didn’t want to write about this because nobody gives a shit about this thing. I just want to write fun stuff, that is it but I felt kind of thrown under the bus and I wanted to respond Tomorrow we will get back to the fun stuff I just wanted to respond to this:

The first part was originally posted here:

Holly’s Blog

So this is in reply to Kevin’s blog today.

I should have left this as a comment, but I don’t need billions of hate-mail letters clogging up my inbox. Which you know I would get for something like this.

I really wish I had the balls to link him to this blog, but I’m a chicken so I won’t and I know he will never read it.

That said:


You have got to be kidding me.

I am so rolling my eyes at you right now.

Why are you explaining yourself? Do you feel bad? Are these people paying customers of yours? Are these people friends, family members?

I know I; and everyone else SHOULD; read blogs for entertainment. Not to whore themselves out and try to get people to read YOUR blogs. Not to make it seem like some sort of business.

Why did you hide your subscriptions list? Do you not want people to be offended that Kevin isn’t reading their blogs any more? Everyone can figure out it’s the Pointless Banter folks (wich, by the way, would have been much cooler had you called it PointED Banter), plus a few choice others. Big names.

You’re acting like your the God of MySpace. I know plenty of people who have unsubscribed from YOU.

Also, now all these people that you’ve deleted know that you were reading them because it felt like an obligation, and not because you “enjoyed” them. They were part of your business venture, and brought you lots of readers, and now they know this.

“Instead of it being fun to read a ton of different blogs it turned into being work.”

Your audacity really surprises me. It’s MySpace, Kevin. I doubt any of these people that you’ve unsubscribed to are going to have their feelings hurt. Or cry and need to speak with their therapists.

Subscribers/Subscriptions… all this fuss over how many “Subscribers” the “top bloggers” have. It’s not the New York Times, for fucks sake.

I’m going to instantly regret writing this the second I click “post,” I know that. But I know there’s at least two people out there who are going to thank me for saying this and that’s worth it to me.

You were amusing. But then it turned into some kind of business for you, and it showed. Guest bloggers? Reposts? Come on.

If I hadn’t unsubscribed last month, I would surely have done it now.


(And for the record, I faithfully commented you for months, and the only time you commented back was when I emailed you and ASKED you to.)


Holly first of all I am a person. I don’t consider myself a “celebrity” or anything of that nature. Sure I want people reading my stuff because I enjoy making people laugh, that is it. What has blogging brought me? A new job? A new house? A new car? Nope, none of the above I do it for fun. I did it for fun when I started almost two years ago and had three people reading. So it took off. The effort and work I put in into paid off. Sorry

Why am I explaining myself?

When I woke up and had multiple messages in my inbox including the one that I reposted in my blog I felt bad. I felt like a dick because people spend their time reading mine and they want me to spend time reciprocating. I just can’t do it and I feel bad about it, I don’t want these people to feel rejected or that I just don’t like their stuff. I wouldn’t have written the blog at all if I didn’t have the messages in my mail box. But obviously people felt insulted by me unsubscribing so I felt bad. People obviously had their feelings hurt over it. Sorry that I have compassion. Yeah is it stupid to be upset about it, absolutely but I don’t want people having their feelings hurt at my expense. I didn’t want to respond to every message I got about it, I felt like a dick every time I had to reply.

I don’t consider blogging a business or anything. Sure I launched a website with other talented people, so we could gain exposure and maybe make a couple of dollars from ad revenue. I have done it out of a labor of love because if you break down the ad revenue I am getting paid about .02 an hour. I wanted people that weren’t on myspace to people to get into my blogs Sorry if you think it is my start to take over the world.

I hid my subscription list because I didn’t want people saying, well how come he is still subscribed to this person, or that, or turn it into an issue. I unsubscribed even from people that write for the site. I decided I wanted to enjoy reading blogs again, I want to read when Trendon posts. But when it gets buried and I can’t see it, what is the point of the subscriptions list. How many other people have their subscription lists hidden? A ton, it’s not like I crossed some line by doing it.

As far as people unsubscribing from mine it happens daily, when I post I automatically lose at least six subscribers for one reason or another. I don’t take it personal. Not everyone is going to like what I post, so be it. I hate poetry so I don’t read poetry it doesn’t make it not good, it’s just not my thing. I know I am not everyone’s thing. I don’t have grand delusions about it either.

The guest bloggers thing wasn’t a business thing I gave people that have very few readers (except in the case of lilnavywife) a chance to be read by more people. What’s wrong with that? What about the February top bloggers of myspace awards when I had people send me links to their favorite blogs and I posted lists of links to what people considered their best writing? I guess it was a business move. Me staying up to 2 am to compile the lists and code it in HTML. What did I have to gain from that? Nothing, I did it because I have a venue to be able to help promote other people, what a self serving prick I am.

As far as reposts, I have blogs that are two years old that nobody read that I liked. By reposting them I get a chance to give things that I wrote a new life. So I guess next time I go to a concert I should be pissed if they play an old song? How is that a “business” move?

You could have posted this in my blog as a comment and I would have been totally fine with it. It is your take and it is your opinion. I feel like I am being called out and thrown under the bus for no reason though. Would you like getting multiple messages telling you that you were an asshole for unsubscribing from a blog? Or people questioning why I unsubscribed? As far as the comments that people have left in this blog saying I suck or whatever, well that is just shitty. You can have your opinion and that is fine but I get invited and read a lot of blogs. I never have told anyone straight out that they suck, I never have gone out of my way to hurt legit people’s feelings. (except for perverts and celebrities)

I have never said I was a myspace celebrity. I have never said I am a better blogger than (insert someone’s name here). I think it is shitty to put words in my mouth saying that I think I am a celebrity. I post one blog a day about something I find funny, wow I guess I am an attention whore. I post a bulletin what once every five days? Yeah I am just all about attention.

And finally you sum everything up “(And for the record, I faithfully commented you for months, and the only time you commented back was when I emailed you and ASKED you to.)” So you only read and commented so I would comment back? That is why I wrote the blog, the whole idea of reciprocity I felt like I had to explain why I wasn’t able to reciprocate. Obviously you felt like I should have with the comments.

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