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Two stories I couldn’t ignore

By: Bobby Finstock on 02/3/06 @ 3:50 pm

(There were two stories this week that I didn’t want to ignore so I am going to touch on them really quick. I just have to make a couple of snide remarks, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.)

So you may have heard about Jodie Sweetin formerly of Full House fame. She played Stephanie on the reality TV show and apparently she had a little child star gone bad issue. You see Jodie is a meth head.

I totally don’t understand meth to be honest with you. I know it is made with common things that people can buy in stores, it is highly combustible, it smells, and it is usually made somewhere in some trailer park out in the desert with guys with rat tails in their hair. It just wasn’t a big drug where I lived before I moved out here. So I never knew a meth head… I guess I just don’t get meth.

Anyways back to Jodie. To me there were really two things that were interesting about this story.

1) Her husband is on the LAPD and never figured out that she had an addiction. I hope he isn’t a detective.

2) That she had an intervention that Bob Sagat, John Stamos, and the Olson Twins created in order to help her. So those four figured out she had a problem but her cop husband didn’t? The only thing weirder then this would be like an action start becoming govern…. Oh wait….uh.. never mind. Where the hell were Dave Coulier and Candace Cameron? Did they have something better to do?

I would have loved to be a fly on that wall for the intervention. This is how I imagine it going…

Sagat: This guy walks into a talent agent’s office…

Stamos: Watch my show “Jake in Progress” Monday’s on ABC.

Sagat: He tells the talent agent he has a family act, a very original family act.

Mary Kate: I ate a sandwich once.

Stamos: Watch my show “Jake in Progress” Monday’s on ABC. Please it is the only thing I have left after Rebecca left me.

Ashley: I think you may have a problem Jodie….

The other story that got my attention this week…. The Anti-Christ was at it again…Oh yes Paris is in court and is showing off her intellect.

Paris is currently going through her case with Zeta Graff. Some of the transcripts were leaked and Paris showed off her high level of intelligence.When asked whether UK publications had reported on the incident, Paris responded: “No, there is stuff in London.” Her lawyer Larry Stein then points out that London is in the United Kingdom, prompting his client to concede: “Right… UK…whatever.”

Yeah I can see where you can get that mixed up.. UK… Europe.. Same thing right? Uh no but we’ll let this one slide.

Paris also showed her awareness of the diversity of languages spoken on this side of the Atlantic. “I was in Europe all summer, and all there is is, like, French” she remarked.

French is the national language of Europe? Ugh.. You would think with all over her travel she would have picked something up.

When the lawyer asked her about one of her companions, who was identified only as Terry, she commented: “It’s a weird Greek name, like Douglas.”

I guess Patrick is an Italian name?

Once again she has made me want to bash my head into a wall.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back Monday.. With the Parade Magazines Questions Answered…

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