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Should I become a dancer?

By: Bobby Finstock on 02/1/06 @ 3:42 pm

The great social experiment of 2006….let’s make it a contest for all you loyal blog readers out there and well anyone else stopping by.

Ok so as you guys know I blog… A lot. Everyday I religiously check the ratings on myspace to see if I have one of the top read blogs or not. I usually crack the top twenty as of late and I thank you all for that. But when I look at the blogs above me I rarely see anything that is actually worth reading. (Except yesterday when Trista, Pussy Galore, and Farmer Vincent’s Fritters were all above me, they are all quality bloggers.)

The people usually above me are either:

A) A bunch of kids role playing with Harry Potter themes.
B) A hot chick with a nice rack.

I get beat out by crap like this:

” THANK YOU! I really appreciate making your top 8.
If I’m on your top 8 please leave me a comment below so I can stop by your page and show you a little love.
Kristin ”

That was a top blog… yuck. Why was it a top blog? Because she looks like this:


With that being said I want to try an experiment. I am going to change my picture to a hot girl’s picture and change my name to a female’s name without changing anything else about my profile and I wonder if I will see that much of a spike in traffic to my blog.

I wonder how many:

Friend’s requests I will get
Blog Views I will get
Messages I get from horny guys that don’t even read my profile and realize I am a guy

Mind you all I am going to change is my picture, my name, and with this blog and it’s misleading title.

So let’s have a little fun with this. I am going to do a contest for everyone that wants in. It’s Superbowl week and I am in a gambling mood.

Here are the contest details:
I am going to change my name and picture at midnight when I go to bed. I am going keep my sex male, all my pictures in my additional pictures section, nothing else is going to change. Now I usually get about 800-1000 blog views a day and about ten friends requests so that gives you a starting point to estimate what my numbers are going to be.

Below in the comments offer up a prediction, give me three numbers; Friends requests, Blog Views, and for the tie breaker perverted messages (which of course I will republish).

For each person closest to the number of Friend’s requests and Blog Views without going over I will buy them a cd of their choice from Amazon.com. So there are two cds up for grabs with the amount of perverted messages being the tiebreaker if two people guess the same thing.

Now let me lay down the ground rules.

I will change my picture and name at midnight tonight. It will stay that way until the next day at the same time. So it is going to run as a 24 hour contest. You need to post a comment in the comments section below, DON’T MESSAGE ME with your guesses. Please just list your three numbers in the comments below in one message, if you are going to make a comment about the contest create another comment for that. It will be easier for me to track and it pushes the number of comments up ensuring I will have a top blog tomorrow for this to get the most exposure. (I know I am a dirty publicity whore.)

Go ahead and tell your friends about it. The more predictions we get, the better because it should propel the blog into the top spot plus it will be much more competitive. We probably need about 5-7 pages worth of comments so get your friends out there to throw in their two cents…. I will announce the results in my blog on Friday and order your CD that day.

This should be a fun little experiment. By doing this we get to see that a nice set of tits overrules talent and how far it goes. Plus we will get to see the pervs come out of the closest and make fun of them which is always a fun blog to write!

Best of luck to all!!!!!

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