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I am Now at War With Beth Stolarczyk of The Real World

By: Bobby Finstock on 01/29/06 @ 7:10 am

I usually don’t write blogs on the weekend because I have other stuff to do. Not pressing stuff, not important stuff, just stuff. But today I was motivated by a message I received:

“F off. You are banned.”

Who did I get this from you ask? A moderator from myspace? Someone important?


I got it from: Beth Stolarczyk of Real World fame.

Beth Stolarczyk

I got banned from Beth S’s page…..Sweet……

What did I do so heinous you ask?

She had a blog titled “Does anyone want to name this blog?”

And I offered a suggestion, “Annoying overweight, over aged, no talent hack attention whore.”

Beth did not like that suggestion. I didn’t know that the suggestions had to be flattering… It wasn’t in the rules.

You see I have not liked Beth S for a long time ever since her debut on “The Real World: Los Angeles” you know where she was brought on as the annoying drama queen that was going to become an actress. Oh and just a note, Beth’s acting career did go well. She appeared in “Son in Law” as a women in a restaurant, it was uncredited of course. Way to go Beth! The sad thing is you probably had to suck this guy’s dick to get that part:

Pauly Shore

I hated Beth when she was on the Real World after the infamous blanket pulling incident where a male cast member was pulling off a blanket from another cast member who was in her bra and panties at the time. Beth was screaming rape, snd saying he was violating her…. Totally way past the point of what was really going on she blew it up way out of proportion. But I guess if you can’t act for a career you might as well act poorly on a reality show. From that day forwarded she annoyed the hell out of me.

It’s nice to see what Beth has accomplished in her career.

She is now 36 years old and has appeared on five seasons of the Road Rules/[tag]Real World[/tag] challenge type shows. Oh she posed in Playboy doing one of the most over exaggerated stomach suck-ins I have ever seen. And she is on myspace hocking a crappy calendar of reality show people. Way to accomplish your goal of becoming an actress Beth.

So now the list of people I have pissed off is:

-16 year old girls

-The Christian Right

-Country Music Fans


-Beth S from the Real World


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12 Responses to “I am Now at War With Beth Stolarczyk of The Real World”

  1. Nina says:

    You forgot “people who get their jollies by dressing up in diapers.”

  2. Britton says:

    Ha ha. This is funny stuff. Yeah The Real World is a crappy show made specially for the drama queens. Thats the sole reason why I dont watch it cause I have to listen to the unnessary crap they put people through.

  3. Scamp says:

    Beth S… bah the name says it all -puke- – seriously this woman is a dumbass, and I hope she’s not allowed to populate the earth. Do we really need more drama queen actress rejects?

  4. Tabitha says:

    You poor thing. I think the title fit rather nicely if you ask me.
    I remember seeing that episode and thinking the same thing… “What the hell is she talking about?”

    Please – if you are going to piss someone off it might as well be her cause really, I mean, who cares?

  5. Hi•C says:

    Thinking about that episode of Real (dumb) World still makes me angry. Both girls were laughing and having a good time, until later Beth starts trying to convince the other girl that it was assault. Not that I liked her, but it just pissed me off to see someone completely twist things like that. And why didn’t the producers step in? Why didn’t the guy ask for an instant replay? Ah, I hope they both get offed in a bizarre skiploader accident. That might boost Beth’s career.

  6. amy says:

    in college, beth would save the tags from her clothes, wear them for awhile, reattach the tags and return the items. TACKY. is and always has been a poser

  7. Kevin says:

    [quote comment="1308"]in college, beth would save the tags from her clothes, wear them for awhile, reattach the tags and return the items. TACKY. is and always has been a poser[/quote]

    That is the greatest information I have ever received in a comment before.

  8. Chad 360 says:


  9. Dave G says:

    This really is too funny. You shouldn’t flatter yourself. Beth never even read your message. Her account was managed at the time by an outside company.

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