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Get the Hell Out of My Anthro Class!

By: Bobby Finstock on 01/20/06 @ 7:17 am

First let me just say I appreciate that people have faiths and beliefs in something that can’t always be proven. I think it is admirable even though I might not share those beliefs or views, and as long as it is something that you don’t push onto others I am all for you having them. I am conflicted about my views on religion so I will not let them seep in here.

With that being said I must dive into today’s subject. If you are a hard core Christian why the hell would you take an anthropology class that deals primarily with human evolution? Furthermore why would you sit behind me and make comments the entire fucking class? On top of that why would you question everything the professor says? If you are that person and reading this, please go hang yourself.

On Wednesday nights I take an anthropology class, for no real reason other than the fact that it is an easy A and I might as well take a few classes as opposed to just the one I need. Last night I went to class and the professor began his long discussion of human evolution, beginning with Darwin, yada, yada, yada. Behind me sat this girl in her early twenties, huffing, puffing and commenting on everything the guy was saying under her breath. Now this pisses me off for a few reasons:

1- It’s like talking in the movies, if I wanted a running commentary I would rent the DVD and listen to the director’s commentary. Since you are not the director or in this case the professor shut the fuck up. You aren’t adding to the presentation you are taking away from it. I don’t want to hear you theories of who the killer is in a movie nor do I want to hear you talk about how this guy is wrong and is going to burn in hell. You are taking away from something I paid for. Your punishment is that I am going to sit right next to in class and keep saying, “Shut the fuck up or leave the class.” Every single time you open your mouth I will be doing this, which will lead to you being scared and not coming to the class or us launching into a vigorous debate with you leaving the room in tears. In other words I am going to get what I want.

2- I don’t think you are dumb for having a belief in intelligent design. My nephew thinks Santa delivers his Christmas presents, and I don’t think he is dumb. However, I wouldn’t want his views over a person with a doctorate when discussing a field of study he has no base in. Plus I would think my cousin wouldn’t want to engage me in an argument over his belief in Santa because since I know more about the subject then him it would be a rather one sided debate. So what I am basically saying is I would rather hear the points of someone with superior intellect then you. So again shut the fuck or leave the class. Or go and get a doctorate, then come back and debate him.

3- Most importantly, when you engage in a futile debate with a professor you are extending the time of his lecture. Which in turn keeps us there longer, which in turn makes me have to sit in a class room packed with people longer. Finally driving me insane. I have a life outside of class. You want to engage him in debate? Do it after class or in his office hours. It would be one thing if it added to the discussion but when it takes away from the discussion you make me want to stick a pen through my eye. I don’t want to sit in class longer then I have to.

You see it doesn’t really come down to whether I believe in intelligent design or not. It comes down to you being an idiot and wasting my time. Not to say that my time is more valuable then anyone else’s time but I can’t speak for the people in my class. In fact you might be doing the city of [tag]Oxnard[/tag] a service because I am sure some of the degenerates that I have class with would be raping and pillaging if you weren’t wasting their time and keeping them there. But I don’t want to sit there and listen to you give crappy, faulty, and not well thought out arguments or listen to your half baked comments.

Other things that totally waste my time:

-People writing checks in an express lane checkout. It drives me nuts to no end. The concept of the debit card is so easy and quick.

-That guy that cuts in the front of the line to ask a quick question and it turns into a ten minute long conversation. It is a skilled line cuter move and nobody ever recognizes it because they don’t want to be the jerk that tells them to get back in line. This drives me crazy though, someone in the front of the line needs to drop one of those, “I don’t think so guy” or “You can ask your question if you get everyone’s permission in the back of the line.”

-The person in the fast food restaurant that cuts ahead of everyone else to bitch about something. I get pissed when I ask for no pickles or onions on a burger and get them. But is it worth going up and bitching when you can take the five seconds out to just take them off the burger? If you do feel the need to go up and bitch why not grab someone else to help you besides the people that are taking orders?

-Rubbernecking- For the love of god we have all looked at accidents before. But when you slow down to look do you understand how that impacts traffic behind you? If it isn’t blocking a lane it shouldn’t be slowing down traffic. Turn on the news when you get home to see if they show how bad it is. If they didn’t, you didn’t miss anything.

-That person that forgot something at the check out and decides to hold up the process while they make their kid run through the store to get the one item they need. This holds up the line while the kid searches and grabs the wrong thing, which leads to kid going back out and having to grab a different item only to come back with the wrong item again. Finally after bringing back the wrong thing a second time the parent finally goes.

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