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F, Marry, Kill… I can’t believe I put actual time into this

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/15/05 @ 3:09 pm

(This was posted as a bulletin today… I actually sat down and gave it actual thought… which is so sad… I even wrote out a list of pros and cons… )

This was a big debate with the boys today…

if you don’t know how to play these are the rules: you get 3 choices. you pick one to f. one to marry. and one to kill.

todays picks are:

Britney Spears

Cristina Aguilera

Jessica Simpson

feel free to state why..i am always interested why people chose the one to kill


Brittany Spears- Kill… you know she has put on weight since the baby so she isn’t as hot, you know she has a white trash quality around her which would annoy the fuck out of you if you married her. The southern twang is annoying, and in the interviews I have seen she comes off as an idiot. She also support Bush… would could cause domestic issues. Plus she married K-fed… so she can’t be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Cristina Aguilera- Marry -She is hot in a trashy way at times, but cleans up well. Actually has vocal talent, and will never get fat even after knocking out kids, she just doesn’t have the frame. I don’t know about the intelligence level which is the knock on jessica simpson and Brittany but I mean she married a talent rep with money that has no entertainment aspirations which is rather intelligent. Can be a little too wanna be ghetto at times… But doesn’t come with the family baggage that Jessica Simpson has.

Jessica Simpson-fuck- Even though I think she might be the worst lay out of the three, being a virgin the entire time up to her marriage. She is hot, but dumb.. And has a body frame that will put on weight when she has kids, she used to be a little bit puffy but slimmed down. Her family makes it so you can’t marry her… With her annoying ass parents involved in all her choices, and her fucking sister…I would have to drink to the point of black out at every holiday function. But a good roll around in the hay I could handle.

I think it is a logical choice… I wonder who has the most money out of the three? Probably B. Spears but you know K-fed has wasted it away on the finest reefer money can buy… And child support…

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