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I know we all want to know what happend to Foxy Brown

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/6/05 @ 3:04 pm

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Foxy Brown’s Deaf Jam
Tue Dec 06, 1:10 PM ET

Passing notes in school leads to detention. Passing notes in court leads to slightly more major revelations.

Foxy Brown’s assault trial was postponed until Dec. 23 Monday, after it was revealed in court that the rapper is almost completely deaf.

The news came about after Judge Melissa Jackson questioned why Brown and her attorney, Joseph Tacopina, spent the morning exchanging notes.

While the 25-year-old spoke of her hearing problems back in September, the extent and severity of the loss was previously unknown. Brown, who subsequently had surgery for the ailment, also refused to disclose the potential cause of the loss, though she has copped to a sensorineural disorder in the past.

Tacopina said that his client will undergo a second surgery to try to regain some of her hearing before her next court appearance later this month, though the chances of a full recovery are unclear.

“Hopefully [the condition] is reversible,” he said. “She has to undergo another surgery.”

Brown was in court Monday for what was to be the start of her criminal trial. The rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was arrested in August 2004 for misdemeanor assault and harassment stemming from a dispute at a New York nail salon.

Two workers at Manhattan’s Bloomie Nails claim that the rapper assaulted them after they refused to let her leave their salon without paying her manicure bill.

Prosecutors claim that the Def Jam artist attacked the workers, kicking one of them and punching another in the face with her cell phone.

For her part, Brown denies the allegations, but does say she was overcharged for the nail work.

“I’m innocent,” she said in her September hearing. “I feel like I’m being railroaded.”

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has twice turned down prosecution’s offer for a plea bargain in which the rapper would have received probation in exchange for accepting lesser charges.

Tracopino said Monday that he did not want to expose Brown to being named in a civil lawsuit by pleading guilty to assault. However, the attorney says he hopes to reach a better deal with prosecutors before the next court date.

“We’re concerned about the motives of others,” Tracopino said. “She’s been seen as a bull’s-eye for a quick payday.”

While both health and legal woes forced Brown to stop touring earlier this fall, she does have one project in the works.

Her anticipated new album, Black Roses, hits stores in 2006.

Wow not sure where to start here… .

Foxy Brown is deaf. That explains a lot I guess… You know like the quality of her shitty music. If she is dead how can she hear the playback of her albums? Does she just trust the producer? I guess if he fucks her over she could just beat the shit out of him with her cell phone.

Speaking of beating the shit out of people with a cell phone, what is her freaking deal in a nail salon? How much could they have possible charged her where she felt the need to kick the ever living shit out of someone? Ok yeah she might be not guilty but what fun is it to think that. The biggest question I have is was the nail salon owners Asian? I mean to racially profile but I just kind of want to know for entertainment value. Maybe they were talking shit about her in a foreign language, at that point I fully support the cell phone beating.

If you owned a business though and a rich rapper came in wouldn’t you just make up a wild story like that and sue them? Like if I owned a restaurant and Nas came in I would be like, “Yeah I served him mash potatoes and he called me back over to the table. He threw them in my face and shoved a gloc into my ass telling me that if I ever brought cold food to him again he would pull the trigger.”

At that point it would be your words against him and his posse whom probably all have criminal records. Then for evidence you just bring in any of his cds and be like… See he has violent tendencies, give me money. I think it is a full proof plan. Almost too perfect.

Oh btw, did you know he patched shit up with Jay-z? I know all of us were concerned.

I was losing sleep over it… Fuck Pakistan and India or Israel versus the arab world. Nas and Jay… well that is just a whole different level of hatred. If they can make peace, well what can’t happen.

(NOTE: After yesterday I couldn’t top the paris hilton questions, so I had to follow it up with this shit. They all can’t be gems.)

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