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If I Ever Owned a Bar

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/2/05 @ 8:51 pm

If I ever owned a bar one of the walls I would have a bunch of celebrity mug shots. Why you ask? Is it because I like to gloat that famous people get in trouble? Not really. For some reason they entertain me to no end. It’s like if I am having a bad day, I look at a mug shot and I feel better instantly.

Let’s try it out.

Your dog has been hit by a car…

Vanilla Ice Mug Shot

There now don’t you feel better? A little Vanilla Ice goes a long way.

Your girlfriend just broke up with you……

Dana Plato Mug Shot

Ah it does take different strokes to move the world… Sigh I feel better.

You just lost your job… Oh that is a big one… You need to pull out something huge.

james brown mug shot

Oh the godfather of soul… gets me out of feeling blue. Thank you James Brown

What about when the days are really bad. Your car breaks down, you lose your job because you were late, you and your significant other breaks up, you get evicted, and your parakeet dies…. That is the shitty days of all days…. There is only one thing that will make you feel better.

nick nolte mug shot

A crazy looking Nolte….. Einstein is alive and doing well.

See now don’t you all feel so much better?

For more celebrity mug shots click here

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