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Yes these are my friends…

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/26/05 @ 12:49 pm

So I just figured I would share this with my myspace people… It was rather entertaining.

As most of you know I moved out here from Western, NY last year…. I don’t talk about my friends back there much on here but let’s just say it was never boring. So last night I called my friend Kurt aka Squirty just to talk a little bit about football. I ended up leaving a message because he didn’t answer the phone. I awoke this morning to hear the following message:

(In full squirty drunken slur.)

Squirty: Hey what’s up. Tomlinson is a witch…. I’m in New Jersey at a strip club. You know the Bada Bing from Soprano’s.

Me and JW were making out with a stripper in the bar. I think she wants to go home with us. But then again she just fell off of the stool, so I don’t think she is coming back with us. Anyways I don’t think I am an orgy guy. I will call you later

end of message

What a great message to start the day. Nevermind trying to figure out the entire call. I mean NJ is like 8 hours away from where we all live. I am waiting for the “can you bail me out of jail call” should be any minute now…

Yes these are my friends.

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