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The second time this happened to me…. not cool

By: Bobby Finstock on 09/24/05 @ 12:47 pm

hottiebootie001: hey
hottiebootie001: sup?
kp2575: hey
hottiebootie001: SUP?
kp2575: what
hottiebootie001: u in oxnard?
kp2575: yes
kp2575: why
kp2575: ?

Ok in less then two months time I have had two random people IM me and offer to blow me on yahoo messenger. If it were women I would be proud, sadly no… They both were guys… Once again for entertainment purposes I have included the entire conversation

hottiebootie001: what part of oxnard?
kp2575: colonia (for those of you who don’t know colonia is a ghetto with gangsters all over the place… so yeah funny answer)
hottiebootie001: cool
hottiebootie001: u feel like horny?
kp2575: is that even english?
hottiebootie001: u want to get a head?
kp2575: I already have a head
hottiebootie001: get sucked deep throat
kp2575: wtf
kp2575: a) you are a guy and I am straight
kp2575: b) I am not interested
kp2575: c) you have no grasp of the english language
hottiebootie001: i will do u good man
kp2575: yeah but I have gential warts
kp2575: will you lick the puss out of them?
hottiebootie001: sure
kp2575: you need serious help
kp2575: I think I need to vomit

(So at this point I decide to give him my co-worker’s number because I am an asshole)

kp2575: actually you know what let’s meet up here is my number 805-906–9313 my name is Leo
hottiebootie001: haha with your girl?
hottiebootie001: sure
kp2575: no you and me big guy

I wonder if Leo is going to get a call???

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  1. Tal says:



  2. Jason says:

    It is strange – unwanted and stupid, but I am reminded…all men, even gay ones are pigs. A chance to get some action is a chance to get some action. No offense to you but with a world of much better looking gay guys willing to fool around with these dudes I’m not sure why they are even bothering you at all.

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