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Neo Myspace Celebs

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/29/05 @ 11:43 am

You know something that really has been bugging me is the whole myspace pseudo celebrity thing.

I just don’t understand how people have become like web celebrities off of posting a few whorish pictures on myspace? I mean it has turned into a cottage industry. Maybe I am just jealous because I didn’t think of it first. Or maybe I feel inadequate because I don’t have 350000 friends.

Let’s start with this skank, Forbidden:


Ugh I don’t even know where to start. I know she is at a lot of LA shows and I have heard stories about her. Not very flattering… Plus just wears too much makeup but whatever. I don’t understand how all these people flock to her site and give her comments, like she really cares what these people think.

What really bugs me is her lame as poetry she has posted on her site. I am not saying I am an amazing writer or anything like that but how come any girl that gets a journal and writes suddenly think that they are a poet? Please keep this shit to yourself. This is the major downfall of the blog era… To much shitty poetry being spewed about… Not a good thing.

Well the good news is she is building her own website! So all the underage boys can go and drool over her on her own page. And guess what she isn’t going to make it a paysite. (Of course when she needs money the nude pics will go up in a pay section.)

Next up on my list, Tila Tequila aka Media Whore.:

Tila Tequila

Now this girl looks like a train wreck without makeup. Her music blows big time… Yet she is on like on every freaking webpage. It drives me nuts. I guess her saving grace is that she was on “Surviving Nugent” So basically she was a realty show whore that has branched out into other media. I guess it is kind of like diversifying your investments.

I feel bad for people with real talent that aren’t media whores…

Finally Brian From Myspace:

Brian From MySpace

I guess he is the stamp of approval if you are a hot girl. He is on every decent looking girl’s webpage on myspace. If you don’t have him on your page apparently you aren’t hot. I just don’t like him for any real valid reason. Maybe it is shitty ink? Or the smarmy type of face he makes. Harmless? Maybe. Annoying? Yes.

Ok…. I feel so much better that I ripped on people I don’t know…. Oh wait that isn’t a good thing…

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5 Responses to “Neo Myspace Celebs”

  1. PsYcHo BiTcH says:




  2. :O says:

    What’s the name of the girl in the first picture? :D

  3. jeffpeach says:

    you’re just a hater looking for something to complain about cause theres nothing wrong with tila tequila. she is sexy.

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