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Another reason why I am starting to hate movies

By: Bobby Finstock on 07/28/05 @ 11:41 am

I am about to point something out that has been going on in films lately that has been annoying me beyond belief. Now let me first warn you if you are going to see any of the following movies:


The Machinist

Hide and Seek

The Secret Window

Then you probably shouldn’t read this blog after this paragraph. Also if you are considering watching these movies don’t because they suck, so read on because if I ruin them for you I am really doing you a favor.

OK… so now with that out of they way I want to talk about the new trend in Hollywood that is all the rage, the killer and the victim being the same person. I think one out of every four suspense or horror movies released in the last two years require that this happens.

The thing is once you see this “twist” in a movie it kills it for every other movie. Thus making it pointless and not shocking anymore. So when you see the movie heading down this path you automatically know that it is going to suck. Every single one of these movies use the same tactics as well.

They always have a red herring, usually it is a weak attempt to make you believe it is the wacky neighbor or ex husband or something. About an hour into the movie they start framing the clues like it could be them but it is way obvious so you know it isn’t…

Eh this isn’t going anywhere…. I am going to abort this blog and start a dance team called sparkle motion.

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