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Real Questions That Your Friends Want to Know About You

By: Bobby Finstock on 03/30/05 @ 11:13 am

1) Aren’t really tiny dogs annoying?

2) What is the biggest lie you were told while growing up? (ie; this will go down on your permanent record)

3) Is there a permanent record and what is on yours?

4) When was the last time you pissed your pants? Can you remember it?

5) Whatever happened to Richard Stabone? Do you really think he enlisted with the Marines or was it a lie to hide his feelings for Mike Seaver?

6) What trend had finally worn out its welcome: tats, piercing, carb free diets, or jellies?

7) Jenna Elfman versus that redhead from Will and Grace in a fight to the death. Who wins and why?

8) What should be legalized first prostitution, marijuana, or assisted suicide?

9) What is something that will never stop being funny? (like midgets)

10) If you could have any song be your entrance music for when you enter a room what song would it be?

11) For you women out there… (marry, screw, kill.. you have to assign one to each person)

a. David Hasselhoff
b. Scott Baio
c. John Stamos

12) At what age do you think Webster stopped being cute and became kind of creepy?

13) If Suge Knight would have dropped Vanilla Ice from the top of that hotel balcony at the height of his fame would Vanilla’s death propel him to legend status?

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