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Christmas Music and Steve Gutenberg

By: Bobby Finstock on 12/24/04 @ 11:02 am

I like Christmas time… I really do. But I have to say there is some awful Christmas music out there. I was listening to Yahoo Launchcast to see what Christmas music was on there. I chose the pop Christmas channel and this was some of the artists on there. Now they just don’t have singles they have entire albums… Ugh… why… why… why…

Celine Dione
Jessica Simpson
98 Degrees
American Idol
Rosie O’Donnell… yeah I know

Well these guys have albums but we will ignore bashing them because of the hot chick factor:

Destiny’s Child

And did you know:

Bob Marley- Winter Wonderland

Yeah that surprised me too…

So without further a due here is my list of songs I would want on a Christmas album:

Phantom Planet- Winter Wonderland
John Lennon- Happy X-mas
The Ramones- Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)
Weezer- The Christmas Song
Run DMC- Christmas in Hollis
U2- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Bruce Springsteen- Merry Christmas Baby
Dave Matthews Band-Christmas Song
The Beach Boys- Little Saint Nick
Tom Petty- Christmas All Over Again
Beck- The Little Drummer Boy
The Flaming Lips- Christmas at the Zoo
Brian Setzer- Jingle Bells
Chuck Berry- Run Rudolph Run

I have to say I love the cheesy ass Christmas movies that are like on the Hallmark channel. You get to see every big star that has fallen off the face of the earth in these.

One name will sum it all up:

Steve Gutenburg

Yeah quality… In a week I saw like a handful of people that I would have thought were dead. It warms the heart…

So on that note…. A merry Christmas to all… or whatever

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