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Stamos vs. Baio

By: Bobby Finstock on 11/21/04 @ 8:26 pm

Stamos vs. Baio

My friend Chrissy started this so I have to end this:

I am going to do a tale of the tape type breakdown of John Stamos and Scotty Baio.

John Stamos



Scott Baio

Career Highlights:

Baio- Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chacchi, Charles in Charge

Stamos- General Hospital, Full House, Shitty TV Movies of the week

Both men were on television shows that were staples of sitcom television. One produced the Olson twins which will give us years of comedy with their eating disorders and general misfortunes. The other was on a show with the Fonz. Stamos mostly was in lame ass television movies but Baio went on to star in “Charles in Charge” with the like of Willie Ames. Two former child starts making it famous again come on that warms the heart.

Advantage: Baio

Cool Guest Star Appearances:

Baio- Full House, Out of This World, My Two Dads, The Fall Guy

Stamos- Friends, Hanging With Mr Cooper, Baywatch,The Larry Sanders Show

This kind of freaked me out. I mean they were on the same show together when Baio made a guest appearance on “Full House”. My question is do you think that Stamos hid in his dressing room with his girlfriend at that time because of the fear of Baio taking her? While Baio had some impressive guest appearances Stamos actually was on quality program like “The Larry Sanders Show”. Not to degrade “Out of This World” or anything.

Advantage: Stamos

Babes He Has Laid the Wood To:

Baio- Pam Anderson, Erika Eleniak, Nicole Eggert, Heather Locklear, Brooke Shields, Natalie Raitano, Nicolette Sheridan

Stamos- Rebecca Romijn, Lori Loughlin, Paula Abdul, Demi Moore

I don’t even think this is up for debate. Baio is a legend in Hollywood for this. In fact I am not going to dishonor the legend by even pretending this is a debate.

Advantage: No contest Baio.

Random Cool Fact


-Directed episodes of “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher”

-Was on the Battle of the Network Stars seven times


-Was considered for the roll of Cyclops in the X-men movie

-Was one of People’s 50 most beautiful people

This one I think is another runaway category for Baio. He was on “The Battle of the Network Stars” seven freaking times. He is like the Bo Jackson of Hollywood. Representing ABC in a way that Baio only could he was the man.

Advantage: Baio

When it is all said and done it isn’t even close. Baio proves that he is the greatest star in the last 30 years. Yeah I said it….

You all better recognize.

Scott Baio

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