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Flicking People On The Nose

By: Bobby Finstock on 11/5/04 @ 8:31 pm

I was thinking today that I wish I could just walk up to people and flick the tip of their nose. You see I have friends that get annoyed with people and they would say, “Too bad I can’t carry a gun.” Which I think is a little extreme. Sometimes they would say, “I wish I could walk up and punch them in the face.” To me I think that is a little too violent.

So I propose that I should be able to walk up and flick the tip of the noses of people that annoy me. You see while it doesn’t induce the pain of a gunshot wound or a punch to the face it still smarts. Go ahead take the time and flick yourself on the tip of your nose. It has to hit the very tip ahead of the nostril. See I told you it smarts.

The reason why I was thinking about this is that I was pretty pissed off last night. A person that is 22, with no high school diploma or GED called me stupid. Ok… alright I don’t want to judge there have been plenty of people that were considered genius with no formal education. This person also was attempting to be political because she figured it was the cool thing to do. You know that type. The type that tells you to go and vote but really doesn’t understand what either person stands for except what has been spoon fed to them. Before I go off on a rant here I am going to stop. Out of all the things you can call me boorish, tactless, maybe even an asshole… Stupid is not one of them. Ugh anyways I want to flick her on the nose.

Now back to the flicking of the nose concept. I think it would be great next time I am standing in front of someone saying something totally ignorant I will just reach out and flick their nose.

I think there is a lot promise here….

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