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The top three sickest things I have seen in my life

By: Bobby Finstock on 10/30/04 @ 10:33 am

Top three sickest things I have ever seen in my life.

(Movies, Television, and things along those lines do not count.)

3) I was playing in a “beer league” softball game like four years ago. My team was up to bat and one of the guys on our team hit a ball into the gap in right/center. Both the right fielder and the center went on a dead sprint after the ball. I was standing next to my friend Mark, both of us were looking right at the play and I blurted out, “Nobody called it did they?” Mark replied, “Nope.” The right fielder looked up at the last second and saw the center fielder coming right at him. He tried to just drop to the ground; the center fielder hit his knee on the shoulder of the kid dropping to the ground. Needless to say the following snapping noise was gross only topped by the screams of pain. The center fielder basically had his leg in an l-shape. That was pretty gross.

2) When I was little I was playing with a toy car on the railing of our porch. For some reason I decided to push it on the railing and see how far it would go. The care started to go and was going to fall off of the railing. I lunged forwarded catching the car. After catching the car my arm proceeded to go right through our front window, leaving my arm bloodied with shards of glass all over it. Today if you look at my arm you can see real tiny little scars when I get a tan.

And the new number 1…

1) My sister who is three years younger and I don’t talk anymore. I have good reasons for this. But anyways out of boredom I was checking out to see if I could find people I grew up with or are related to on myspace. I found my sisters profile and it is a typical total myspace whore profile. Scantily clad, suggestive looks, nothing really filled out on her profile and like 200 guys subscribed. I think I want to pull my eyes out with a melon baller. It is now the number one sickest thing I have seen.

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