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Revenge of the dumbass

By: Bobby Finstock on 10/19/04 @ 10:23 am

Ok well we had our second round of speeches tonight. After last time I figured that the level of ignorance could not be topped by any human, oh how I was wrong.

First let me make this point clear…. Egypt is not a communist country. Apparently people in my public speaking class think it is.

Let’s talk about Maria… wait I should probably change her name just in case this gets out to her. Um let’s go with DUMBASS.

Last time DUMBASS gave a speech about politics. These were the points of her speech.

1) All republicans are against abortions
2) All democrats are for abortion
3) Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.

All these together mean you should vote for Bush.

Ok pretty ignorant and ill informed but whatever it is her opinion.

This time around she topped it. I didn’t think it possible but she did. This time around she gave a speech about Walt Disney. She kind of started talking about the company and then went into the history of Walt. Her first point was that Walt Disney didn’t have a birth certificate and that he looked nothing like his brother. Um… ok… Not sure where she is going with this.

Then she went onto say that Disney was a Satanist as you can tell by his pictures. “He has an evil look in his eye.” (Now I know there are some weird stories about good old Walt and he had some weird associations but an evil look in his eye as evidence?) Also she showed a picture of Walt sitting with numerous dolls of Mickey Mouse. One of the dolls didn’t have a normal smile, she said it was an evil doll.

Ok next up was the fact that all Disney cartoons promoted cruelty to animals and that all Priests had erections in his cartoons. (I heard about the little mermaid one in the end but all of them? Can we get some real background to this?)

Finally she tied it all together with a gay and lesbian day at Disneyland that happened last year. And it was Walt Disney’s fault that they were promoting a total lack of values. How she can tie that day to a dead guy is beyond me…

It is seven minutes of my life I will never get back…

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